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Hello and welcome to my channel! Here you'll find a plethora of anecdotal animations pertaining to the many bothers of life that I have both fortunately and unfortunately experienced. Enjoy your stay!
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0:41I'm in the Cafe Chaos card game!
I'm in the Cafe Chaos card game!visningar 411tnMånad sedan
Pandavisningar 1,2mn2 månader sedan
8:51The Media Badge
The Media Badgevisningar 1,3mn2 månader sedan
Boredvisningar 4mn5 månader sedan
8:30Liking Things
Liking Thingsvisningar 2,9mn6 månader sedan
8:49Sober Convos 4: Crushes and The Perfect Relationship
8:20Sober Convos 3: Jobs & Restaurants
Sober Convos 3: Jobs & Restaurantsvisningar 2,4mn8 månader sedan
8:08Sober Convos: Prisoners & Trolleys
Sober Convos: Prisoners & Trolleysvisningar 2,6mn9 månader sedan
9:23Sober Convos
Sober Convosvisningar 3,8mn10 månader sedan
PB&Jvisningar 3,8mn11 månader sedan
9:09My Video Making Process
My Video Making Processvisningar 1,8mn11 månader sedan
9:05My Dreams
My Dreamsvisningar 4,4mnÅr sedan
8:11I started playing Pokemon Go...
I started playing Pokemon Go...visningar 6mnÅr sedan
Idiomsvisningar 5mnÅr sedan
Parentingvisningar 4,8mnÅr sedan
10:32Growing Up With Video Games
Growing Up With Video Gamesvisningar 5mnÅr sedan
1:12:18Dr. STONE Watchalong w/ JacksFilms
Dr. STONE Watchalong w/ JacksFilmsvisningar 676tnÅr sedan
9:01Getting My Driver's License
Getting My Driver's Licensevisningar 4mnÅr sedan
Angervisningar 7mnÅr sedan
8:48Childhood Memories
Childhood Memoriesvisningar 6mnÅr sedan
9:06Dumb Arguments
Dumb Argumentsvisningar 6mnÅr sedan
7:59Fan Meetups
Fan Meetupsvisningar 2,3mnÅr sedan
7:14The Art of Flaking
The Art of Flakingvisningar 6mnÅr sedan
12:59Hypotheticals: The Wagyu Program
Hypotheticals: The Wagyu Programvisningar 6mnÅr sedan
8:04Disney World
Disney Worldvisningar 5mnÅr sedan
9:06Breaking Up
Breaking Upvisningar 6mnÅr sedan
Cashiervisningar 8mnÅr sedan
Fearsvisningar 9mn2 år sedan
10:35The New Kid
The New Kidvisningar 7mn2 år sedan
Birthdaysvisningar 6mn2 år sedan
7:54Speeding Ticket
Speeding Ticketvisningar 7mn2 år sedan
11:06Back To School
Back To Schoolvisningar 10mn2 år sedan
8:23Stranger's Thing
Stranger's Thingvisningar 11mn2 år sedan
14:03Growing Up Asian
Growing Up Asianvisningar 13mn2 år sedan
9:02Fan Interactions
Fan Interactionsvisningar 5mn2 år sedan
6:46My First Gambling Experience
My First Gambling Experiencevisningar 6mn2 år sedan
10:27Buying Used Things 2
Buying Used Things 2visningar 12mn2 år sedan
12:11Parked In My Spot
Parked In My Spotvisningar 7mn2 år sedan
2:03I opened a board game cafe!
I opened a board game cafe!visningar 1,4mn2 år sedan
7:35Buying Used Things
Buying Used Thingsvisningar 20mn2 år sedan
9:34My B-Boy Days
My B-Boy Daysvisningar 8mn2 år sedan
Patiencevisningar 5mn2 år sedan
6:55Last Names
Last Namesvisningar 11mn2 år sedan
Luckvisningar 6mn2 år sedan
Giftsvisningar 8mn2 år sedan
2:08:56Live Watchalong! Hunter x Hunter on Crunchyroll!
9:13Neighbours [Part 2]
Neighbours [Part 2]visningar 11mn2 år sedan
7:36Neighbours [Part 1]
Neighbours [Part 1]visningar 10mn2 år sedan
Discretionvisningar 5mn3 år sedan
9:32Am I A Cyborg?
Am I A Cyborg?visningar 7mn3 år sedan
1:23:18Live Watchalong! LASTMAN on VRV
Live Watchalong! LASTMAN on VRVvisningar 322tn3 år sedan
2:06LASTMAN WATCHALONG w/ Jacksfilms on VRV
15:00DRAWING TABLET REVIEW// Gaomon M106K  (Part 2)
11:58DRAWING TABLET REVIEW// Gaomon S56K  (Part 1)
4:05PEEVES 2
PEEVES 2visningar 9mn3 år sedan
1:31Watchalong + Crunchyroll Expo
Watchalong + Crunchyroll Expovisningar 125tn3 år sedan
Hoardingvisningar 8mn3 år sedan
4:57Alumni Sticker
Alumni Stickervisningar 2,9mn3 år sedan
7:14Moving Out
Moving Outvisningar 9mn3 år sedan
Oldvisningar 7mn3 år sedan
Cheatingvisningar 13mn3 år sedan
2:10:40Live Watchalong! Attack on Titan Season Two
Exercisevisningar 9mn3 år sedan
6:54You Should Probably Break Up
You Should Probably Break Upvisningar 10mn3 år sedan
Competitionvisningar 8mn3 år sedan
1:41:02JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Watchalong w/ JacksFilms
Rejectionvisningar 10mn3 år sedan
5:55Cosplay Shenanigans
Cosplay Shenanigansvisningar 5mn3 år sedan
10:20My Ancestry Results!
My Ancestry Results!visningar 2,8mn3 år sedan
6:57Visiting Home
Visiting Homevisningar 8mn3 år sedan
Addictionvisningar 10mn3 år sedan
Ambitionvisningar 7mn4 år sedan
Sleepvisningar 14mn4 år sedan
Halloweenvisningar 8mn4 år sedan
Shortvisningar 14mn4 år sedan
Crushesvisningar 30mn4 år sedan
Bugsvisningar 11mn4 år sedan
Procrastinationvisningar 8mn4 år sedan
Hairstylevisningar 12mn4 år sedan
8:45Public Transit
Public Transitvisningar 10mn4 år sedan
1:18:31Re:Zero Watchalong w/ JacksFilms
Re:Zero Watchalong w/ JacksFilmsvisningar 1,3mn4 år sedan
3:58Time Waster of the Day 3
Time Waster of the Day 3visningar 3,9mn4 år sedan
Sweatvisningar 10mn4 år sedan
7:09High School Track Team
High School Track Teamvisningar 9mn4 år sedan
Unclosetedvisningar 8mn4 år sedan
5:47My Art Teacher
My Art Teachervisningar 12mn4 år sedan
PEEVESvisningar 11mn4 år sedan
3:29New Shoes
New Shoesvisningar 7mn5 år sedan
MOVE!visningar 11mn5 år sedan
Kulturavisningar 6mn5 år sedan
3:01ReTales: Closing
ReTales: Closingvisningar 9mn5 år sedan


  • I mentioned moving out to my asian mom once and she said: “I raised you and now that you’ve grown up, you’re just gonna abandon me?”💀

  • I’m not sure why this video isn’t as popular as his other ones. It’s so interesting to watch the process of how he makes amazing animations for us to watch!

  • I really love mint chocolate ,and thats my opinion

  • Wait, I've always used "it's all downhill from here" to mean that things will be easier from here on out, that the hard part of something was over and you can relax a little. Nobody has ever corrected me, so I thought that was right! Am I the only one who uses it like that???

  • 4:47 *im a gamer* And being a gamer, its easy to F up in school :/

  • In the netherlands ‘ng’ is a sount we use in a word😂

  • Lol! The Steve is me.😂😂

  • Domics is dead.

  • is it a canadian thing to call gifts, gifs

    • its a joke

  • Kids in 1999: I want to be a police man Kids in 2020: I want to be a youTuber

  • Can someone tell me if my last name is hard to pronounce for you guys?

  • I used to watch this when I was 6 and die of laughing

  • True , Filipinos just don't care about pain

  • Steve😂😂😂

  • Dommy dommy, their saying turn a blind eye as in, even if you didnt see me murder that guy, your eye is blind so you DEFINITELY didn't see me put a stick of dynamite in that guys a**

  • Damn I love pineapples on pizza

  • When iwas in new born ipeed on my mom and the nurse who was teacing her about dealing with babies and ipeed on 5pepole in the car when iwas 1 so my fogoten history is peeing on pepole

  • Bro erased was so good

  • I can’t tell if she’s fat or pregnant

  • ima bout to kill every single person who is afraid of spiders, every year you eat about 8 spiders in you sleep (they crawl into your mouth and get digested due to it being to slippery to crawl back out)

  • *We Asians eat and respect American food but they don’t respect Asian food*

  • I was always confused by the expression “fight fire with fire” because... wouldn’t that just make more fire? Or do I have everything very wrong 😅

  • Can I get your trainer code so we can be froendsb

  • Z

  • i know im weird for this but i like school sometimes ok dont judge me

  • this was on my bday

  • I would like you to know that you are the reason that I did not do my homework Because your videos are way to funny and interesting

  • I thought I was the only one with pencil lead in my hand

  • Could not relate until I liked Fire Emblem

  • omg they know what aha is!!!

  • *gurgles at 12am*

  • Me eating sweet corn and saw this lmao filipino be like we love favor corn hehe

  • I'm free! Hahahahaha! Later bitch

  • I'm aspiring to be a game designer/developer when I grow up. I'm going to a Science High School that gives more merit when going to Colleges. Wish me luck!

  • i like a lot of basic girly things and i used to pretend i hated things because of the people who like making fun of people for doing anything but quite frankly i dont care anymore if some gut thinks im basic, cause i mean now i get to actually enjoy things

  • wait what did steve do lol

  • I think you are over thinking this

  • Minecraft

    • Minecraft!! Book you said that I could by 50 billion chickens busking chicken Island him 550 billion basket of chicken noodle soup and my billion day drive you know my 97 year-old grandmother couldn't even make chicken noodle soup for me when I die because I was dead and she said that she wasn't going to make any food for anybody who created Olivewood it who wouldn't couldn't star said lalalala lalalala Elmo's World f*** you b**** Elmo's World. And then and then and then and then can a demi-god Jimmy con me. You know what he is. He is you know what he is Maui from Moana is a demigod so how about you go go go go go go this is indeed and if you cute with this comment before I delete it who's like using chat to text and I am not joking no punctuation 1A but cheeks my face but like hold up wait a and then beat my face because that's a true statement put option and we appear for 1 minute and it's actually going to delete it right after I posted it but you know you know Atlanta versus Sleep Number bed right now I am eating oysters pretzels lean on my bed right now don't know what that other word is like people trying to text to speech again I mean I mean I mean speech to text you know you know who plays Talking Tom 2 and my light and so much better than the first one JK JK JK JK JK JK JK JK JK just kidding just kidding just kidding just kidding just kidding oh my gosh the god word is inappropriate I am not allowed to say it a good punished once as a young I'm trying to get to the end and I just keep talkin and talkin and talkin and talkin and talkin! Let's get back to where I was trying to fix a hole whole 100 words ago but yeah yeah yeah now now now so without further Ado Noma into options no more interruptions La Di Da Di Da Di Da Di Da Di Da Di Da oops that's an interruption okay okay okay no now so I was actually going to soon as I posted it turn around and delete it but I know it's going to give it like 10 minutes so yeah and if you see this please like it :-) send send send you know you can say the word smiley face but I said them farther apart so it didn't make one dang it I just ate a whole bunch of salt yucky

  • But but but but but but but but but but but

  • Yeah your famicom was definitely modded

  • it's pretty accurate for someone who doesn't know Vietnamese btw it's the nguyen part

  • 2:08 when the school nurse is cheap

  • the number of views at this time is a e perfectly even number lol 29,700,020

  • bruh shrimp chips are the best imp

  • My mother is half thailand half japanese and my father is half american half russian

  • I was eating while watching this 😭

  • The tri sponsor trio, NORD VPN! CHUNCHYROLL! AND AUDIBLE!!!!!!!

  • EGG

  • everybody Gansta until the credit card say's "unavailibe funds

  • I'm 4'11 and 15 ahhh it sucks im hoping that i'd grew taller when im 18

  • how is wap not age restricted and this video is?

  • When we live in a world where your opinion doesn't matter but someone else opinion is more superior then yours

  • Here in brazil... basicly haven’t Halloween;-;

  • I still see that pogs and I didn't know how to use it so I didn't lmao

  • Wait? I thought all the world but the US used the metric system, not the Imperial system?

  • Jift

    • i t s a j o k e

  • my dad would never let me draw when i was little but my sister got away with it and now she want's to be an artist ;-;

  • YES !!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • i have tears of joy know

  • Dom no post for a month dom dead

  • Do. Dead

  • Dom dead

  • How to pronounce my name is kiya-chon Quiachon

  • This was 3 years ago that means domics is 30 years old

  • I like pineapple pizza you know what doesn’t belong on pizza? Nothin anything can be on pizza. Unless it’s rice. Or anything that’s no meat or any fruit besides pineapple etc.

  • domics if you read this and repond ill like all of ur vids

  • It's basically like when white people say anime is bad when they havent watched a single episode.

  • I don't know any of this stuff but I do know the Wii......i love the wii

  • I only kinda relate, cuz i'm half asian

  • DoMIcs

  • You can like anything .... BUT PINEAPPLE PIZZA!!!

  • me: im lesbian my gf: what else is new

  • Domics, "I have a media badge" TimTom, Laughs


  • I have had pencil led in my knee for a about a year, my lil bro decided to stab me with a mechanical pencil Let's just say it didn't end well for him either

  • That one guy sounds like steven from danplan

  • I liked the video when he said "u dumb bitch" lmao

  • His one mention of a Gundam got me into the hobby for some reason

  • 6:11

  • Seniors can make fun of sophomores since they are older than them