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  • As an introvert i can agree with every bit But i usually don't give a damn about what other think about me

  • What did steve do

  • My friends can quit a job in the morning and have a new one before lunch that day but I pass out resumes and applications like a rich guy at a strip joint and get NOTHING!!!

  • My new cach fraze. You sonofamother eat wafels biach

  • Why I do I always feel you are not you but me...

  • This guy should be my therapist

  • The blanket

  • wht is up to people that watch anime you dont even understand the word they are saying

  • I just got rejected by my crush lol and this is in my recommendations

  • *I pray whoever reads this becomes successful*

  • I love your videos ;D

  • This video made my day. Thanks!

  • Me:I want go ask someone for R.L SEnewss:Recomend this to me


  • You got your isolation, everyone got their isolation.

  • "I am upset that you earn money for providing me with free content."

  • Lmaooooooo I didn't get rejected today 😁

  • The rejection left be broken hearted. Why vending machine why

  • I am upset that you earn money for providing me with very great content Actually no I am very happy with this content

  • Dom: “Don’t you dare close the door on me you son of a mother” Bus driver: uno reverse card

  • These videos have raised my self esteem by a lot, I recently came out as bi and this channel has mad me feel good about getting into a relationship in the near future.

  • Reminds me about Hanazuki Full of Treasures

  • That dude is funny as f*%^*😂😂

  • When you play the video and your wifi cuts off

  • To me the fear of rejection lies in yes the pain for a bit but really it’s the fact that you see this person everyday and it can get kinda weird and awkward

  • Guys I think I’m gonna tell my crush I like him, we have liked each other twice before and knew about it and texted a bit but never were official and idk if the vibes with them are still there so I’m just gonna say I think I still like him and I wanna see how it goes cause he’s told me he has liked me twice and Like 4 other guys have told me they have liked me so I’m not gonna be a push over and say it to him and I just wanna be a motivation for other to go for it. I’ll edit the comment after he replies and tell you what he says 😰🤞

  • my phone just fell on the floor can we get an f in the chat

  • Dear sir please find the attached file thanks 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 have a heart 💞💞 ttttg tttgggtf and then we can try to poo

  • this guy: The worst thing she can say is '"no" her: ew

  • his vids are always interesting and i like it

  • I don't get rejection, I get punishment. For eg: Girls of my class don't say anything about her boyfriend but say everything to teacher . Teacher: Nani???

  • as an introvert don't even talk to me :D

  • I send hearts to a boy and this was the conversation; me: ❤️❤️ him: No. me: what? Him: No ‘❤️❤️’

    • @Cynthia on a serious note, youll find love soon enough. Don't rush it

    • @ai ty

    • F

  • You are a damn good story teller

  • i just got rejected by my crush i am so sad 😞

    • Eliza Flix its ok

    • Nathan _20 i’m sorry bout that 🥺

  • I got rejected by my crush today! :) don't worry I'm fine!

  • I found a girl that I like a lot but when I asked her out she said that she is not ready for a relationship but she will tell me when she is Is that rejection ?

  • I think there are more introverts on SEnewss than extro verts

  • code vein

  • I got rejected from art school, I am austrian and I have a moustache.

  • I get rejected in my home soooooo....

  • Legend says you cannot get rejected if u don't ask


  • Does anyone else think the barista looks like Rachel from Friends?

  • "Get your ass back here and love me"🤣🤣

  • Everyone says they got rejected by others but they don't notice that they have rejected others too

  • Heres a very epic public speaking attempt.

  • That Tetris piece does not fit there Dom

  • This slme deep shit

  • 1:38 run to the bus you fking idiot

  • Nice

  • Today i confessed my crush on whatsapp.. I know.. i will get rejected tomorrow... And I am ready to get rejected... I m fine and... I will be fine! I hope...

  • watching this randomly (24th Sep 2020) we all are afraid of getting rejected at times and some of us don't even make a move Note - The word rejection goes with everything not only relationship 🤷‍♂️

  • who likes it when domics does the sponsor talk after the video

  • Domic: Get your ass back here and love me. Me: That’s what I said to my girlfriend before she left me.

  • Your my idol ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

  • 4:45 hahahaha that's a joke right?

  • Why this coming up after 3 years?

  • Go to crunchyroll and watch high school dxd

  • Another recommendation for the title of this vide is me

  • Thank you for this :')

  • As an extrovert for me being alone is tiring and being with people gives me energy

  • Hello Domics... Loved the way you make the videos... Thank You buddy....

  • I think he really had a crush with that cafe girl

  • Who else came here after getting rejected?

  • Can somebody tell me who is steve?

  • I have anxiety anf its really bad, ill talk to my friends and they'll be kind but as soon as i go on my xbox with them they make fun of my disability (IBD) and they only do this on xbox is because of my weight and i have broud shoulders so they are scared of doing it in person so i thibk of everyone having a fake kind personality even though i know they dont so i try to give people a chance but most of the time it doesnt work

  • Don’t worry COVID

  • 1:56 I felt cold 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Stop whining!

  • "Get your ass back here and love me" me to everyone ever

  • 3:43 something similar happened to me in like the 3rd grade. It was some history bee and I somehow happens to qualify. That's when I realized, "Wow, people are stupid." Nobody ever studies in elementary school but I was still surprised when I got a top test score and qualified. I got into the inter-school bee after I got through the school bee by 1 point. They said to study but I didn't... I got eliminated the first round... I didn't really care though because I got Chick-fil-A.

  • ya yeet

  • Stage fright for me mostly takes place if I’m not familiar with the crowd. If it’s at my school where I’m not sure everyone accepts me or even knows who I am, then I’ll be nervous as hell. But if the crowd is my family and friends, then not so much. I think that’s where overcoming my fear kicks in, it’s not so much the going on stage and speaking part, it’s going on stage in front of an audience you’re unsure of. Everyone can talk in front of a bunch of people who’s predetermined to like them, it’s hard when they’re not.


  • I don't have to worry about the blanket because I don't have a girlfriend and probably never will

  • “I need my isolation every now and then.” -2020 gang says oof

  • i never get rejected its only happend like a couple 100 times but i tell them that im spongebob and there like nvm we can go out and im like yesssss

  • watching this in 2020 while feeling a bit lonely

  • I just got rejected and this is hurt till im crying😭

  • This video is very fun i should subscribe

  • Anyone else hear the word quirk and think of you know... 🙄😒🤗😅. Dang I'm a weeb

  • who else liked "get your ass back here and love me"

  • I was never rejected PS - I never asked ahhahahahahhahahhahahT_T

  • The number1 is your crush

  • Obito got it bad

  • 0:43 sad dude sad

  • The great thing about dominic is i also get lesson on his videos...

  • I am upset that you earn money for providing me with free content

  • Get all the isolation in world in 2020

  • Love your VIDS and I sub😘

  • when your crush says they dont like you: 1:19

  • /domics make me fell like i am younger

  • I hate it when people get mad at the fact that they have to do their job. I went to a 7 11 a couple months ago and wanted a medium slurpee because that was the only thing I could get with the money my grandma gave me. Also I needed to get the medium because I had a buy one get one free coupon and it only worked for medium slurpees. There weren’t any more medium slurpee cups left so I went to a worker and asked for some medium cups. For some reason she started yelling at me at the fact that there weren’t any more medium cups left like I was meant to go in the back of the store and grab it myself. after that I never saw here at that 7 11 again, idk what happened to her but I’m glad not to see her again

  • 4:01 that man looked like the cop from speeding ticket srry I’m late

  • When your crunchyroll wont work "Anime has rejected me ;("

  • Rejection is hear to learn you that life is a challenge!!

  • You got your isalation in 2020

  • 1:15 same, me, also yes