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Publicerades den 15 jun 2018
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  • Why do some people treat youtubers like gods? They're normal people just like all of us.

  • 0:16 all might

  • Dom: "Oh, then what do you have?" Fan (or most fans): "I have a SnapChat." 😂😂😂

  • technically domics actually did do a shoutout of that guy asking for a shoutout by putting him in this video... uhhh

  • The shoutout guy: 👁👄👁

  • Have you ever been to India? You have a lot of fans here as well 😀

  • Triple like from me

  • Donics read with smug voice how dare you not give me a shout out when I asked for one I will make sure everyone unsubscribe from you also I am joking I’m not serious about any of this so please do not take any of this to offense just trying to make you laugh

  • Nice Subaru Impresa drawing

  • im waiting for a comment to be lik "that was MEEEEEEE! i asked for that shout out, domics sucks, i hate him because he didnt give me a shout out in return of nothing"

  • 8:30 thats a chubby bird

  • Why did no one here talking about the 2020 thing he said

  • Sorry dom for being an asshole I promise I have changed

  • Dick

  • nice detroit

  • That guy who wanted the shoutout is probably watching and saying Huh huh, that’s me

  • wait is that my hero acadamia

  • 7:17

  • 7:20

  • 720

  • 7:22 why 2020 when its uplaod on 2017

  • 2:34 28 stab wounds!

  • 1:43 That one friend in the group



  • Domics, there are 2 people that are really underrated, TJ Toons and Haminations.

  • I'm a fan

  • Me me me

  • Smash bros on an arcade machine *wheres this arcade*

  • I'm also a type 9 Dom!! .. It is really hard to say no because I don't want to argue or to just end the conversations. Haha

  • dbh

  • 6:10 wait you watch darling in the franxx

  • I don’t get it

  • Hold up.... Did he just draw Jaidens hair?

  • * helping a woman give birth * lol

  • It sounds like Domics gets recognized more often than TheOdd1sOut. Strange

  • boku no pico insert the song

  • Am I missing something? I’m kind of a new fan and I watch anime so “detroit” is All Might?

  • this is the link of my channel.

  • Technically, he DID get a shoutout!!!!!

  • i just want fame so then people will want to be friends with me

  • Im from Denmark so its pretty hard to meet you

  • Who came down to the comments to see if the guy commented Lol

  • Hi

  • 0:50 I didn't get enough time to note that down

  • first frame bakugo and all might (dont go crazy) why didnt he have shoto. or deku atleast

  • I love the game reference

  • So we were just awkwardly bummed out together

  • Ive literally never been to a convention i wanna go 😂

  • So what do you do for a liv- 6:41

  • Hi, my name is Dom. I’m the android sent by Cyberlife

  • sighn

  • wowoka

  • Why would you want to promote your snapchat?... oh I see

  • Hey I live in Florida

  • The Shoutout Guy looks like John Egbert

  • If I was that guy the one how asked him to give me a shoutout and you know wut dom said ya if you have a youtube channel I would say yes it is christoblasto and if you wont to see my vids click on me and see the cringe in my videos

  • Great video!

  • Domics: well what can i say im a people pleaser me: Neighbors pt 2. if u know what i mean

  • I don’t want to use my face or voice on SEnewss because I just want to have a normal life Incase I blow up

  • in grocery store me: ''OMG Domic what are you duing hear?!!!!! you: '' you expect me to starve ''

  • "Yea.i guess a few people are aware if me" Yea!! 5.3 million people are DEFFINITELY a few ,

  • Me: If you have 1 MIL subs, Your fameus (?) In my book Me: **sees he has 7 mil subs** Me: Ye p.

  • When the guy said "Could you give me a shoutout in your next video?" you should've just said "No" You could've avoided the whole thing if you just said "No"

  • Let us discuss 1:17

  • Enneagram...? I'm a 7w6

  • 0:19 Mineta really be vibin

  • 6:30 "Egotistic king" Me: 👁👄👁haikyu

  • “Leaving Home”? I know of no such thing

  • Привет из России)

  • Who watching in 2020 other than me

  • Instead of a shoutout he got a story.

  • Imagine Dom actually reading this comment, he said he does in a newer vid, so Domics you rule and I only dream of having a fan interaction with you or you even replying to this,

  • Whos the guy who wanted to be the video replay to this comment.

  • Omg I did not know that dominic watched darling in the franxx !!!!

  • Did anyone watch the subtitles You choose wisely butt 😂😂

  • 5:29. am i going mad, or is this the dance from that one CalebCity video???

  • 2020: 4148

  • Dom Did you really meet a fan in the toilet

  • “I guess a *FEW* people are aware of me”

  • the sad thing is the fan got ( kinda..not really ) shamed on youtube.... but at least he got his shoutout ima right?? *ba dum tsss*

  • Why does he sell out so much.

  • I love the detroit become human referance

  • Ya know, it's funny to think that the fans he mentioned in his video are watching this video.

  • 2:31 aayyee a Detroit: Become Human fan!

  • Is that the option thing from Detroit become human


  • So basically we're allowed to walk up to him if he's dying and ask for a photo?

  • I liked the dude that wanted the shootouts sweatshirts

  • i wish i could see you but a these times we can't you're the best Domics

  • hi

  • U r enneagram type 9!?wow that's y..

  • My inner Detroit become human fangirl is coming out

  • 5:25 why is there a Smash Bros arcade behind Dom

  • 4:40 well isn't that what you did plus animating?

  • 2:31 lol

  • Am I the only one who thinks the shoutout guy looks like John Egbert-- idk if it’s on purpose

  • Well...atleast he got a shout out ig

  • *Dom give me my shoutout.*

  • Who else was hoping the drive thru guy commented on this. Where you at drive thru guy