Publicerades den 25 aug 2020
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This is the first time we recorded a Sober Convo live, and it was on my twitch channel!
Jomm: FlashJomm | jommish
Pluto: seanpIuto
Claire: chikarabbit
Additional Animators:
Aaron Estrada: aeron_estrada
Domi: greedomie
Christopher Carlone YT: Website:
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  • wow


  • how many different times has he been sponsored by audible

  • my husband said "What if we could cut a toaster sized hole in our stomachs and then we can add a toaster and then we can just make toast laying down whenever we want, he mentioned pooping the toast out when toasted but he likes the original better

  • Ugh talking to your friend again this is kinda boring

  • Ever notice how Domics intro kinda sounds like the PHub intro?

  • Domics is dead.

  • I would like you to know that you are the reason that I did not do my homework Because your videos are way to funny and interesting

  • I was eating while watching this 😭

  • Dom dead

  • this was so misleading XD was thinking it was about pandas but got poop for a Tesla.

  • panda

  • why not shit a year for the tesla, sell the tesla, buy a tesla... isn't it safe from the shit work?

  • Do drunk convos

  • Panga

  • I came here for a panda but I got the after math of Taco Bell.

  • This video... man 😂😂😂

  • poopda

  • if these are the sober combos, I wanna see the unsober ones.

  • This is probably one of the best sober convos


  • I was literally eating bro...and you are chilling your poop story🤮🤮

  • 2:50

  • In india you are inspiration for hundreds of people and I am one of them anyone from India watching this? Than like this to let me know

  • When your moms birthday is feb 13

  • I expected this to be about pandas... It was not

  • What if you eat something you become more fit and if you don't eat you become fat.

  • No do not eat devil fruits double fruits are actually disgusting

  • Anyone else saw that Monster Hunter reference

  • Domics : you have to poop out a panda to own a Tesla Me : you have to win a Mr beast challenge to own a Tesla

  • They're forgetting that the poop-scenario for the Tesla has an extra benefit of not having to poop again for the rest of the year. That in itself is probably worth it.

  • This is quality content 😂😂

  • Why am I watching this while eating

  • Dom: Introduces Pluto and Claire Jomm: sO cAn i eAt nOn eXiStAncE fOoD oR liKe... HuMan mEaT?

  • Lol Rathalos

  • What did i just watch for 10 mins?

  • 0:12 watch DOMICS intro in x1.5 😻

  • And it’s called panda

  • how often do you make videos?

  • *me eating while watching this* *Poop conversation comes in* ._.

  • Hi Domics, I met you thanks to the Italian dubbing channel Orion Web Dubbing, I love your work and I'm happy to have discovered it 🤗

  • I'm here from the italian translation of your video (i do a maratoon about that, thx orion) and than i think: wow, i can improve my english and listen in original language.... My god I'm so bad I don't understand so much 😭 i feel dumb and idiot But I wanna try and your videos ar so good ^^ love it

  • Тут есть русские?

  • but if you want to buy food, LIKE ANY NORMAL PERSON, will it then give a stomach ache? but what if you ate bad tasting food, would it then give pleasure?

  • This is lactose intolerance in a nutshell

  • Assuming you poop for 15 minutes per day then your yearly time for poop =15*365=5475minutes Number of hours you poop for a year=5475/60=91.25hours Number of days you poop for a year=91.25/24=3.802days So, technically if you have to poop your yearly poop on 1 day then when you start you will be continuously pooping for 3 days (approximately)

  • Are you alive

  • My FAVOURITE Animator on SEnewss. I am also Filo

  • Can u sell the food and make a multi-billion business out of it

  • what about i take a shit and a menu appears and it shows which food i can get

  • Panda

  • you should rename your channel to domination(dom + animation)

  • Why did I watch this while pooping-

  • "eat note" joke XDDDDD i love it.

  • Thankyou for all of your videos. I was looking for some good animations, and some good humor. And on top of that some really important and meaningful lessons to be learned. Still lime your video on anger

  • I work once a day 6:02 I’m pretty sure most people do that dom

  • 0:00 to 1:30 really hit me. I have ibs and it’s basically that except I have to pay for my ish

  • You should make a video about space

  • You know how raw your cheeks would be

  • Xd

  • 1:45 rathalos is scared.

  • Why not just shit out a panda

  • When r u gonna make your next video?!

  • I love your video, i'm italian

  • 8:11 what if there’s a party.

  • Stop these I'm donw with these convos I want the old domics backk

  • *s o b e r ?*

  • Devil fruit 👌 1.40

  • Now I know why this is called panda

  • I cant believe I've been watching domics for 8 years

  • Pleeees make podcasts !!! This is sooo good brooo!

  • This video was not what I expected.The name......lets just say it was "Misleading"

  • What are period cramps?

    • @Kozi theres a period key on a keyboard?

    • its when the period key on your keyboard stops working

  • What if u don’t stop eating so u don’t get die

  • .

  • nice title

  • I should not have eaten brownies while watching this video

  • bruh Dom there is a sponsor for every video of yours.

  • Everyone:watching the video Me:how many people are talking here??

  • Dom plays valorant Watches food wars And is sober This man is perfect

  • Hi I'm Steve

  • Baby panda free food tesla poop

  • Hey dom I have a idea for a hypotheticals it’s that every thing you see in a book you pick out so if you see a banana you can pick out that banana then you have a banana to eat and pick out anything anything

  • if you can poop a panda you guys can revive the panda speices

  • Do you actually like animating because it looks like a lot of work

  • Hey! I always watch your videos but from the Italian Orion Web Dubbing channel, I have a lot of fun! (I know, it's not perfect english) Bye!

  • Play some domination

  • dEATh NOTE

  • 간장게장 is soooooo good😍

  • Chi è che aspetta Orion? No davvero voglio saperlo

  • hi

  • this is the best thing i ever saw on youtube

  • Are you sure you need to eat a rathalos you need water weapons dud


  • i need valorant skins

  • I want more panda

  • Best 10 minutes of my life-

  • Yo this dude is great lol

  • I just had a thought about poop thing What if you had a years worth of freaking C o n s t i p a t i o n

  • eyyyyyy its pluto!