Breaking Up

Publicerades den 15 dec 2018
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  • joyner lucas

  • Breaking up is nothing to me I'll be famous rapper then I'll choose a GF from my fan girls

  • more subs than views check

  • K00l

  • i feel like getting more mature in relationships in this video rather than having a girlfriend 😂

  • Yesterday I had the best date ever! Wait no, I didn’t eat a date yesterday, was it last week?

  • Imagine being loved

  • Thanks for the advice. You’ve given me the courage to ask tomorrow what I did wrong in my previous relationship to learn from my mistakes. Well she cheated on me, so there might not be an explanation, but you never know.

  • he really just named her karen

  • Thanks

  • A break up wish no closure is basically just like how marvel fans felt at the end of infinity war

  • My friend I just met: I've had 20 girlfriends so far. And 10 of them are 5 years older than me. Me being nice: Yeah...

  • Is it only me or anyone else is suffering from breakup pain lately

  • i geuss i'll never have to experience a breakup cuz i will be alone forever

  • Is it just me or do i feel like the girl in 1:08 is saying "f u"? ;-;

  • Bro domics can become a frickin psycholigist

  • Meh well only problem is there's a odd # of people so I'm the odd 1 left out in this world.

  • Hey you, yes you! Here's a trick to not have any ex's: You don't need to deal with an x if you did not even date in the first place. So I don't have to deal with an ex

  • Domics: this is grudges are born man! Meanwhile Domics's ex in the taekwondo dojo

  • Any nerd/weibos siting in covid with nothing to wach wondering what is like to be in a relationship

  • This is how grudges are born, more like This is how you win an argument when telling a teacher

  • 1 thing I can add to it that never ever have a long distance relationship

  • Nice

  • Me: *laughs in single

  • I was definitely a coward. It was when I was in middle school, the girl who liked me and her friend came to me and her friend asks me "do you think she's pretty? Would you date someone like her?" I'm just awkwardly saying "I guess" while not really comprehending what is happening. Next thing I know bam I'm in a relationship. It was especially weird since it was my closest friend's ex. (I didn't find until after) So, I didn't do anything with her. I was still nice to her but I knew that time would eventually make her want to break up. Lo and behold, she broke up with me a week later. More of a childish version of it, but I think I did it in the nicest way possible given the circumstances.

  • Whats the problem with being homophobic ?

  • Im pretty sure he wont see this but i wonder if its good to blame you ex for why the break up happens?(im asking because my ex did it)

  • Huh, thanks for this video Dom. I got broken up with someone a year and a half ago, and whilst it's been difficult to get over, I could never put a finger on why. To me, I never realized how I jump into relationships with a crazy assumption of what it should be like. So, uhh, thanks for pointing that out 😅

  • Fun fact when this video came out I watched it and didnt think much if it bc i wasnt in a relationship but about a month ago when I got with someone 2 weeks inti the relationship I wanted ti end it. But I was scared ti hurt them. So I asked my firends and sister for advice and they both saud ti stay with him fir a little longer ti confirm your feelings and decsions so I stayed with him but I started to lag on him i would go the whole day without answering his messages and bc rn is covid 19 I havent seen him. I regret the descion so ghost him but i eneded up breaking things off bc this video was in the back of my head playing on loop. So I broke up with him the reason was bc I was uncomfetable. Idk why i was he didnt do anything in particular to make me nervous but i later found out is that rn i feel lile dating girls more. I am bisexual i know now that I feel lile dating girls rn

  • Dom: makes a video related to romantic love Virgins in the comments: *CONQUER*

  • If you break up, don’t feel sad about it, because most relationships aren’t made to last. Consider it an opportunity to be able to meet the one who’s really right for you


  • #heisnotsubscribedtojaiden

  • Is a father being racist always gonna end a relationship? Asking for a friend

  • This doesn't relate to me because I'm a kid

  • I got out of a relationship, i still feel awkward talking about it and its weird having someone ask about ny ex and me having to tell them were no longer together

  • No 😮

  • My girlfriend broke up with me because her parents found out about me and they didn’t like that. She broke up with me because they won’t allow her to see me and shit. We both still love each other but it’s not gonna work. We dated for 8 months. And now I’m forced to go to sleep in complete silence without hearing her light breathing over FaceTime. My heart aches

  • 0:16 Ahah ahaha the subtitle tho

  • I have a ex and when he broke up with me I wasn’t sad but then when I found someone else I feel so happy and my nickname is bee and his is flower, it feels like it was meant to me

  • This is all fine and dandy Domics, but how the FUCK do I get a girlfriend in the first place??

  • Watching this from when I was single is very different from watching this now being in a relationship

  • aight' i'mma stay single then

  • Cant break up if theres no one to break up with

  • Dude I was rejected like 3 or 2 times in 1 week lol I also get thourgh it tho cause I'm used to it

  • Ok... now that ive seen this i feel like a coward now.... aight imma not do that1:05

    • but ofc i wasdnt that such a dick but something close

  • Break up with them by sending them this video, easy🙃

  • the weirdest thin in a relationship is asking for a prenub cause its like telling them well im ready to split when you are.

  • You never told us why she broke up with you😐

  • If you listen to Domics vids while doing the dishes, It sounds like Chinese documentary

  • I was recently broken up with and they wanna get back together, the reasoning was they couldn't figure out how to balance me with other responsibilities which I understand but he hit me with the I still love u, I didnt want to break up with you, it hurt because I loved him and he didnt give me the time I needed to be left alone and tried talking to me the next day about getting back together, also saying how they felt awful for how they handled it and the fact they hurt me, they ended up getting a friend to force me to talk to them with phrases that make me anxious such as "they need to talk to you" "they need to get something off their chest" "just listen to what they have to say" etc. Personally I feel my way of coping and healing as well as feelings werent taken into consideration. It was all about how they felt, I expressed this, as well as that I wouldve felt less hurt with time left alone to heal by myself, and they apologised. It's ok, I forgive them but i saw them for the first time since the breakup this week. I felt nauseous for the rest of the day bc they again said" I love u, I missed you, I want to be with u but it's up to u if you still want to be with me" and idk what to currently do, it's a mature situation but I'm afraid of going back to that person or relationships in general... thanks for listening to my Ted talk

  • here's a neat little trick: you can't have a break up if you never get into a relationship

  • Your

  • Honestly I wanna break up with this dude but I can't because I'm scared to hurt him.. were in our 3yr relationship but honestly I felt like my feeling for him became more of a bestfriend like.. I'm so comfortable that I know I would hate myself if I break up with him. So now idk what to do. Edit:And he's going through alot right now due to covid which is really a bad timing to tell him to break it off.

  • Your ex being your bestfriend after is my best case scenario.

  • "im sorry if you partner breaks up with you later tonight" -domics

  • 2:26 *Arranged marriage*

  • Should I ask my crush out or no

  • Me and my ex, Jada B broke up 2 years ago. It wasn’t hard but it was a great experience while it lasted.

  • Can't break up of you don't date 🤣😂😁🙂😟😢😭😭😭

  • 2:30 - 2:40 Laughs in indian

  • We just had a Skype call and realized neither of us felt exactly right, especially ever since quarantine. So no we have decoded on being friends again, and are going dark for a week to rest our minds for a while. It isn't easy, but talking it out is the best option imo. We did not think ahead, and at this point in our lives, we realized that this, the relationship we were having, just wasn't it.

  • This hapend to me: Me: sorry but I think we should break up, i'm sorry Him: no we're not Me: uhm but I want to break up Him: no we're not breaking up Me: let me break up with you! Him: no After 2 weeks he still was like: Yeah we're still together! *a week later* Him: I want to break up with you tbh..... Me: WE BROKE UP 3 WEEKS AGO! Him: no we didn't! Than i blocked him.... Stuck in my mind for ever

  • Doms can have as many break up videos as he want and I'll watch all of them

  • Look we my bf and I broke up because we're a million worlds apart. We're both fine. Except I feel like an asshole for it. I hurt his feelings. I know he really did liek me, and I liked him too. We just outgrew each other. I mean sometime ago he asked me about a girl he liked. Now that we broke up, to be honest, we've been a bit closer than before. And if you're reading this, it's ok to be to have to break up. Sometimes, it can be a bit hurtful. And sometimes inconsiderate. But people change and outgrow each other. So yeah. I'm single. But I'm kind of happy this way. I'm not saying break up with your partner, I'm saying it's alright if you do.

  • 0:21

  • oh yeah i just remember that i wait for 1month in a relationship to break up she almost died

  • Wow. Yep.

  • Unless that person was being a bitch to you and literally make you feel forced then you can be mean back to them but don’t do this to all girls only the ones who deserve it

  • 'This is how grudges are born' I get that movie reference. That Korean movie about the 7 hells yeah?

  • Dom is nordvpn himself

  • i need a lesbian version because quite frankly us and our exes are actually insane

  • yea i date: dont

  • Her father’s racist... WOW. 1:48

  • Yea, I have a girlfriend *G* dad *i* that *r* beats *l* me *f* *r* *i* *e* *n* *d*

  • This video is no help I’m single but I love his videos

  • about 2 weeks ago i broke up with my gf and she took it really well, we still hang out now and always have a great time, but when i was younger, i would get dumped by a lot and just like you say later, i got scarred pretty badly.

  • But dom... you... you didn’t tell us the reason “Karen” broke up with you...

  • Me at the end of the video: She'll never break up with me Me realising: She doesn't exist

  • Well I’m probably gonna be single for the rest of my life

  • A girl dated me for 2 months because she felt like she owed me one cause I helped her study french and she passed When her freind told me that she isn't actually interested I was sad but I also asked her if it was true It was and I was kinda mad cause I thought we had something but were great freinds and she's a really nice person

  • As he said "watching a movie and cut it mid way" the video froze...

  • I kinda stopped feeling emotions after some many years of distancing myself from my true self I’ve lost all emotion and trust with anyone thus has seriously affected me but I am getting more in touch with emotions slowly so it’s ok

  • I understand that being the asshole to get her to dump you is bad but I HAD to. So I was dating a nice girl who really cared about me and I cared about her but one day her friends told me that she thought I didn’t love her so she started cutting herself. So obviously I wanted to break up but I was afraid that she might really hurt herself. While I did want to break up with her I still cared about her and didn’t want her to get hurt. So started acting like an asshole and eventually she broke up with me. I think it was for the best. Right?

  • Fuck me, was chilling with my Gf on my room watching ur vids on autoplay and this showed up. She’s been thinking WAY to much for my comfort .

  • L

  • Jesus if he animated him sweating, Karen's reason must have been either too serious to share or he's embarrassed of something he didn't catch on.

  • She pulled a Karen on me

  • I am very happy that I don’t want a girlfriend.

  • (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  • I asked my ex girlfriend why and she just kept saying I dont know. That hurt more than anything. Please explain why if you do

  • Relationship? ME?!?! Never heard of such a thing.

  • Can't have a breakup if you don't date lmao.

  • Easiest way to break up is not to date in the first place. Problem solved.

  • Single x Pringles

  • I wouldn’t know what this is like. I’ve never been in a relationship.

  • I have many exes and most of them liked me and I tried and failed. I think I have 4. I am going into middle school and don't see myself as attractive. Uh... :/ Bye

    • R u talking about like where little kids will 'date' but only for popularity or srs dating. Also I'm in the middle of junior high and have never had a date 😐 and Idc

  • My girlfriend broke up with me because I support all lives matter instead of black lives matter.

  • I cant break up with my girlfriend.... Its because i dont have one

  • I just broke up with my girl.🙂yrs are nthg thy all fade away.