I am hosting a Smash Ultimate online tournament! JUNE 19-21

Publicerades den 8 jun 2020
REGISTER/vote/buy merch AT smash.gg/domics
WHEN: June 19-21
WATCH: www.twitch.tv/d0mics | www.twitch.tv/greatergamingca
Domics: OmNomDomz
GreaterGaming: GreaterGamingCA
Smashin n Relaxin: SnRelaxin
Ruleset: bit.ly/2ASfYZ0


  • I hate sonic players


  • Can you do another one

  • Can You Do a Sm4sh Tournament Too? please .

    • Why would he? Smash 4 is just an objectively worse game.

  • But who mains sonic honestly

  • Can you do another

  • I’m late

  • .

  • Thanks for banning my main Domics! 😂

  • Ok who was the characters that were banned?

  • i like ike

  • Im european T•T

    • The event is two months old I think you’re in the clear

  • When you don't have smash or a nintendo switch but you know you will be good at it: 😭NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Ye bastards are gonna lose

  • I wish i subbed because i had no idea about this until now and im too late also i main greninja

  • Hey guys and you find it unfair that Sonic is banned then maybe stop running after you win a stock and still fight

  • “Sonic is banned” Me: well I used to spamm when using sonic in times that I play smash

  • Wait a second! Maybe he plays as sonic and he doesn't want anybody playing as HIS main character

  • Bruhhh I’m so mad I missed this 😭. I hope everything went smoothly though

  • yes ı found again

  • Who won. I must know for no apparent reason but to satisfy my nagging unnecessary voice in my head.

  • Wait why was town and city a starter stage? Is that not a counter pick stage? I don’t think it’s neutral enough for it to be starter

  • Dom u should host sub battles if u stream that would be tight i just wanna play u in a friendly man

  • Who won?


  • Play brawlhalla lol jk(i play brawlhalla lel)

  • host another

  • Everybody Gangsta Till Sonic Main’s Find Out *That Sonic Is Banned*

  • Me: *Cries In Europe* Me: *Cries In No Nintendo Console* Me: *Cries on 1K Ping*

  • I could have been there but Nintendo is cheap

  • Keep kirby

  • huh did you here the news with zero hmmmm


  • Do i have to have the game to play?

  • ban ness

  • Dang, I missed it

  • PLEASE BAN INKLING (im probably late)

  • Why did i not see this

  • 0:46 Sonic is my favorite smash character (I don’t even play the game) I play mortal kombat

  • Why sonic tho

  • TnT I missed it

  • But I love/main sonic

  • i dont have a switch or consoles and i dont have smash i have already lost be fore i entered

  • wrong timing my dude, smash community got real toxic from 0 to 100

  • Sonic Is The Best

  • Should do other games

  • Sorry guys but... i main kirby

  • My friend won a smash tournament and won a body pillow once lol

  • Well let me just get signed up then aaaaaaand it's the 4th of July 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Lol he should ban Min Min xD

  • Oh No The Internet

  • dang I missed it I don't got a switch anyway

  • How am I just learning about this...

  • I guess my boi sonic is too good

  • Bruuh I messed up

  • pichu

  • My brother has super smash ult but I have nothing ;-;

  • Wow I didn't know you like smash!?


  • Please make another I missed this one maybe starting at July 3rd or 6th also please don’t ban pit or Kirby

  • MAN, im to late

  • Dom when are u going to make another vid?

  • Vi prego ditemi che c'è qualche italiano 🇮🇹

  • Excuse me. Domics my classmate has a the last name of panganiban

  • 69

  • Noo my post notification wore not on

  • Mr.DOMIC are u alive . Why no new video 😭? I really miss your videos 😭

  • if domic does respond or he wear a wig

  • hello mr pungebob "panganiban"

  • Hello Domics, I Am from Italy, me and my friends love to much your videos😘😉 thank you for entertaining us👍👍👍

  • Why was Sonic ban?

  • hi Domics, sorry if my writing is not perfect but I'm Japanese so I'm not very good at writing in English. anyway ... I wanted to tell you that I love your animations and know that I am giving you a lot of support even if from another country (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧ Keep it up because you are a phenomenon.(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) XOXO ❤️ -Your Japanese fan number 1 (Ok I'll stop)

  • senewss.info/slow/mLvYd9F9qb2Sa9Q/video

  • Só eu que vim aqui por causa do drawn mask?

  • Im a pilipino i like adobo snigasng and munggo olso i living un pilipinse in 9 years

  • Are you going to post the gameplay on SEnewss?

  • Me realising I forgot to sub to Domics so I missed this: Fffffu-!

  • Why is sonic banned

  • If peach gets banned I'm not playing

  • No hate but can you lessen the Nord VPN cos it gets in the way of the vid

  • Mg I was banned from playing sonic at my school bc I was too good 😎, now this...

  • Kirby. Oh wait, too late

  • Sonic is ban

  • Alex the youtuber said thank you

  • Shtuff

  • damn i dont have smash

  • senewss.info/slow/ipnWgtCGbKiSZZU/video

  • Alex Clark made a video about Domics wants to give Domics a free copy of his card game.

  • Some great content from Domics as always! If you like this Domics vid that im sure you'll like this one aswell: senewss.info/slow/gLXIpbeob8uxmsw/video

  • Min min just out

  • Hey you should watch Finland saga it's such a good anime I really like and you should watch tower of god

  • Alex wants to say thank u and give u a free copy of sugar Heist

  • I’m really good at Kirby Charizard Mewtwo and fox greninja Mario Luigi

    • There is more then seven characters that I’m good at

  • Can u make a video

  • Alex said thank you for everything

  • Alex wants to give you a card game so yeah

  • I saw you on face book can i add you plz

  • Have you see it is alex video he said thanks for everythings

  • Hahaa I knew this would happen one day you were rushing and used the odd1sout style dont worry we dont care and sorry iam late for this one and your last vid

  • senewss.info/slow/ipnWgtCGbKiSZZU/video from Alexclark