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  • If I become a parent then I would probably use the pay me back at 18 but as a joke yet taken seriously.

  • Parenting information-

  • Wait. Ancop is in your country too? Amazing!

  • $700 dollars for a new born baby. North American. Buy 1 Get 1 deal

  • I remember back when I was 7, I was on my bed crying, my dad screaming at me. Now, when I was 5, my parents got divorced, and was and still am a stubborn person. So when my dad started dating and remarried JUST 2 years latter, I would be crying out of nowhere saying "Daddy, mommy, marry again please!" and my dad would take me to my room where he would scream at me, "MOVE ON!" or "NO!" I was 7. Btw, my dad is a great dad, I'm 15 and I know that, but yeh. That was just something that came to mind.

  • Me in quarantine:tries to pull all-nighter My parents:why do you want to do that? Me:my goals are beyond your understanding

  • My religon actuly say that you actuly wanted to being alive

  • I put the milk first

  • My brother always runs, if we chase him he will think that we are playing tag so we dont chase him

  • Cereal first my man... Cereal first...

  • I had a monkey book bag and there was a tail on it and it was a leash

  • Dude it's milk then cereal

  • I do milk first Because I heat up the milk before pouring the cereal

  • People always said i was came from dads side but every time we got in a argument he always won so maybe not for all.

  • Days theres not a problem in a year for me: 364... wait thats when i fight with my family days theres not a problem in a year 4 me are: 1 wait thats per month well inthink yall know math so solve this and tell me how much is it per year :V (Its 12 i know but let me be stupid)

  • Imagine your parents taught you to pour the milk first and then the cereal. Your friends would think it’s weird and then you were living in a lie...... I personally pour them both at the same time for no reason.

  • Alternative title: Life Lessons with Dominic!

  • 5:01 pause and u will see sweat at one of the circles 😂

  • Well said, youve enlightened me

  • My parents concern is for me to look good in the stories they tell about that’s how I pay for food, home and good room tf I am scared

  • When I was little my dad use to hit me. He's better but when I was 3-7 oo boyyy. Not a spanking. (Though he did do that.) Just a extream slap on the head. He wasn't in a good place, he was a acholic, and we were broke. He use to call me a brat, lazy etc. etc. This lead me into hurting others, hurting myself, and my mentality. (At a very early age.) He's better but the reason for all the trauma was because of this: His mom never raised him properly. His dad was the only one who kinda cared. Both of his parents died when he was 13. He lived in a awful condition. So this lead to him hurting me. He's better now, but he still needs to work on himself. I still love him as a father figure. But he made me grow up to early. My mom and my dad. This trapped me into not making friends I could relate to.

  • 0:50 my mom dose this and I am pretty sure she ganna give us this when we adults she even has a list for my dead uncle 😂

  • my mum tells me I need to take care of her when she is older.

  • he would be such a good father

  • how is this the only one of your undownloadable videos???

  • i'm 8 but ive seen some stuff

  • True

  • True

  • Watching this before having a child was something else but NOW after having a child this is just so depressing....

  • Plot twist :That was a magical torch that absorbs fire

  • i love mama and papa

  • Theres a lot of personel beliefs that go into parenting thats hard to balance out with logic. as parents we should have some expectations for our kid (not to say i had one...). we expect them to be good, humble, and to be comprimising with us instead of one or the other side putting their foot down. Only problem with that is age, common sense, enviroment, context, poverty, richness, school, home, freetime, scedule,~~~. You name it. It is these things and situations that can ve controlled to a point until its impossible. Like that kid on the airline, the mom may have gone through extensive time explaining what is annoying and what isnt before the flight. In knowing she was wrong, the kid stopped.

    • My point is, theres more than one way to raise a respectable human being. And many other ways, that may seem good, to raise a bad person.

  • Thanks, I’ll take it from a stranger on the internet with no kids :D

  • My mom never wants to admit she’s wrong so I try to admit when I’m wrong especially with my brothers lol :)

  • That day is my 11th birthday!

  • yes they do *fictionally* in a show for awareness i clearly remeber the father keeping tabs on his daughter

  • Usually you put milk first before cereal BECAUSEE some people put chocomil it's like chocolate powder. If you but cereal first the chocolate get stuck to the cereal. I personally like that I just wanted to share why SOme people might think so as do I.

  • Milk first *theeen* cereal Why do people have something against that

  • When parents say that they will not buy their children's toys then they know they are going to be f**ked

  • "IM MARY POPPINS Y'ALL" -Yondu R.I.P Also I once waited 3 hours for a plane. That was amazing. Shortest wait ever.

  • My grandma always talks to her dog like he's a person, just calmly saying things like, "You really shouldn't be on the table, you know that's not for you." and he ACTUALLY understands and gets off the table... idk how she trained him without even trying

  • Two days ago I went to the mall with my mom to go buy gifts for my cousins and we were buying some necklaces ina jewelry store that’s in the middle of the hallway for them and there was a dad a mom and a young boy buying jewelry as well. and the parents were wearing a mask but the kid wasn’t and I was that was a little strange. so my mom was talking to the lady and then the kid started like blowing on the glass and like putting his mouth on the glass where they show cased the necklaces and rings etc are and my mom said “ stop doing that “ but the kid didn’t listen and the parents on the other side doing absolutely nothing and was minding they’re own business like that kid didn’t belong to them and when my mom was done with the transaction the kid was next to the parents doing the same thing just on a different area of the small store table thing and the parents was still talking to the person who worked at the jewelry store and I was like “ I feel terribly bad for that kid “ and was worried for his well being but since I’m too shy to tell the parents yo just give your kid a mask we just left the mall.

  • do i like kids? yes. would i want one? nope. literally the appeal of taking care of kids is being able to return it to their parents.

  • Sense my grandma patented me Am I different or irrelevant to my family?

  • Congratulations Dominic's is it a boy or girl

  • I gave this kid my old iPhone 5 and he said to me a 5 why this junk I want that big one I’m your backpack I was just like wtf it an iPad he tried to break the 5 like fcking snap it in half he’s like a 50 pound kid trying to break it

  • 5:27 How NOT to raise Hitler Page 1 better say, stop them from wanting to become artist

  • 6:53 now I know how Dom was born

  • I'm a kid but i am not the no patience kid at flight i really patience waiting the plane Edit: i'm a good kid

  • I get it but you gotta have kids before judgement

  • 3:34

  • 3:24 OMG, A FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The other girl: ItS oK, dOnT wOrRy, I hAvE a TORCH ....

  • 3:23 This got me good..

  • I lost it at the giggly baby lamo

  • 5 year old me: *falls off a tree and breaks my arm* My mom: you’ll be alright

  • I tried to show this to my mother, and now she's mad at me. Like she thinks I'm giving her a a lesson😑 never again.

  • It's milk then ceral

  • *laughs in orphan*

  • whatever the hello you want

  • Did that book at 5 27 say how to raise Hitler

  • Notice dom just called his parents stubborn

  • Cereal then milk!? Personally go universe, solar system, earth, water, country, state, town, house, table, bowl, cereal, milk, then spoon

  • is your sister jaiden animators

  • *When I have been bullied* Me : dad someone bully me at the road :( Dad : Me : what a good dad he never be mad at me ಥ‿ಥ

  • Hello everyone. I have put together a course starting on the 24th of October for 7 to 17 year olds every Saturday on how to create and edit videos using the freeware Shotcut. The program is program is roughly a month and will be 2 hours a week. We also teach how to use platforms like You Tube or LBRY (decentralised crypto version of You Tube. It is pretty cool platform where you can be tipped in crypto by users for content you upload). To sign up go to

  • Hello everyone. I have put together a course starting on the 24th of October for 7 to 17 year olds every Saturday on how to create and edit videos using the freeware Shotcut. The program is program is roughly a month and will be 2 hours a week. We also teach how to use platforms like You Tube or LBRY (decentralised crypto version of You Tube. It is pretty cool platform where you can be tipped in crypto by users for content you upload). To sign up go to

  • Ancop Walk!!

  • The spanking flashbacks are coming back

  • hi Domics

  • My SEnewss channel can answer some parenting questions. Please guys check my channel and subscribe. Thanks

  • Your mom is _always_ gonna win

  • People are so against a child leash because of the whole dog comparison but I’ve seen too many stories of kids who slipped out of their parents hands in a crowd and the kid went missing. Kids are slippery little buggers. My little sister who is two loves being outside but we live right next to a busy road. She is a master of wiggling out of your grip because she hates holding hands she was even almost hit by a car once because I had her and the dog which I know now was a stupid idea but I think she’d benefit from a child leash, one built for children so she can enjoy being out and I don’t have to be on edge with that little speed runner escape artist trying to make a beeline for the road.

  • cereal--->

  • Floof that's it Read more

    • Did I get you

  • Idk why it’s just seance my mom puts the cearleal last and milk first I grew up doing that

  • I wonder what Domic view on abortion

  • Parents: (Yells at their kids for doing something wrong) Kids: (Starts crying) Also parents: *wHy aRE yOU cRyiNG?!*

  • 3:35 Every Filipino Weapon

  • Parenting is hard as $ith simply just don’t have children

  • me; hmmm...... dos that mean i can do whatevr i wont domics;KIDS that dos NOT mean u can do the hell-o- u wont me; ;c [being angry] but im just kiding guys ;3

  • im gonna show this vid to my kids if i get them

  • 2:17 you mean bowl first

  • Parents shouldn't expect kids to give back of course, but they also shouldn't expect the rest of the world to treat them like they are making the biggest sacrifice ever. You are the one who decided to have a kid, stop bitching about how hard it is ffs

  • the closed captions when Samuel talks are fancy O-O

  • When that guys father brought out the bill, I just laughed. 😂

  • I like this video because, if I became a parent when I'm a adult it could help me how to parent your kids. Thanks Dom.

  • Epic domic theme

  • 2:10 Skkrrrrr, EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP

  • 5:26 {\___/} {\___/} (・ .・) ( ^ . ^) />❤

  • I bet that girl was Asian


  • 3:35 *Asian Mom intensifies

  • 2:11 Everybody do the flop **flop**

  • 6:24 WAIT WHAT

  • 4:28 switch on the subtitles (NOT the auto-generated one)

  • Milk before cereal. If you put the cereal first, it gets extra soggy

  • 2:17 😡

  • Dom i when i was a kid my dad sied i was a demon

  • "Why would I want to argue with myself? No-one's ever gonna win" The problem is that when I learned about gay rights online, I changed myself to support them and not judge people for being different, so why the fuck can't my parents do the same?? I must have learned acceptance and empathy from them and yet somehow they don't seem to have it. This is something that I've been angry about for years. By now it just got too exhausting so I've stopped trying to make them better.