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  • Ko

  • I have a friend who have played smash ultimate for 7451hours.

  • I ve actually spent 1300 hours on league of legends...

  • Minecraft

    • Minecraft!! Book you said that I could by 50 billion chickens busking chicken Island him 550 billion basket of chicken noodle soup and my billion day drive you know my 97 year-old grandmother couldn't even make chicken noodle soup for me when I die because I was dead and she said that she wasn't going to make any food for anybody who created Olivewood it who wouldn't couldn't star said lalalala lalalala Elmo's World f*** you b**** Elmo's World. And then and then and then and then can a demi-god Jimmy con me. You know what he is. He is you know what he is Maui from Moana is a demigod so how about you go go go go go go this is indeed and if you cute with this comment before I delete it who's like using chat to text and I am not joking no punctuation 1A but cheeks my face but like hold up wait a and then beat my face because that's a true statement put option and we appear for 1 minute and it's actually going to delete it right after I posted it but you know you know Atlanta versus Sleep Number bed right now I am eating oysters pretzels lean on my bed right now don't know what that other word is like people trying to text to speech again I mean I mean I mean speech to text you know you know who plays Talking Tom 2 and my light and so much better than the first one JK JK JK JK JK JK JK JK JK just kidding just kidding just kidding just kidding just kidding oh my gosh the god word is inappropriate I am not allowed to say it a good punished once as a young I'm trying to get to the end and I just keep talkin and talkin and talkin and talkin and talkin! Let's get back to where I was trying to fix a hole whole 100 words ago but yeah yeah yeah now now now so without further Ado Noma into options no more interruptions La Di Da Di Da Di Da Di Da Di Da Di Da oops that's an interruption okay okay okay no now so I was actually going to soon as I posted it turn around and delete it but I know it's going to give it like 10 minutes so yeah and if you see this please like it :-) send send send you know you can say the word smiley face but I said them farther apart so it didn't make one dang it I just ate a whole bunch of salt yucky

  • I grew up with maple story too. I'm an American.

  • thousand hours in gmod. fight me

  • i soloQ all the way

  • My play time in pokemon Omega Ruby is 406:29, beat that(imma Pokemon fan)

  • I have 3 years on ark and I’m only 10 years old and i know so much things about ark

  • I have spent 705 hours on Animal Crossing New Horizons

  • Dom i have spent to long on games i have spent 600 hours on this game Me umm ive spent 70 days on roblox

  • Hey Dom can you teach me how to knit?

  • people who don't understand Cookie Clicker don't understand how weird the story of Cookie Clicker is: just look up "cookie clicker "wrinklers"" (unless you're easily disturbed) and you'll see how goddamn weird that game's story is Edit: well, I guess you could say fucked up and not weird but ok

  • Elementary: Hip-hop/Rap Middle School :Christmas (I literally listened to this year round High school: EvErYtHiNg

  • Team fortress 2 Me:cool Him:383 Me:O_O

  • 91 days fortnite

  • I learned typong fast by cheat codes in GTA

  • Is it just me or does his intro sound like the P hub intro

  • I love tf2

  • ME TOO

  • I’m very young and really enjoy knitting/ crocheting 🧶:)

  • I didn't learn any English from school

  • lol 400 hrs i had 2000 by the time you posted this vid now i have 20000 hrs in tf2 BTW i do not recommend playing 1 game for that long i main scout so i have to use my thumb for s and spase because my middel finger is so destroyd that it takes almost 2/10 of 1 second to reach S and that is enough time to loose half your health and i have servere artheritis and carple tunnel so i dont recommend it at all

  • WHICH CLASS DID YOU PLAY IN TF2?! mine is pyro :)

  • Just have about 3000 hours of minecraft between 2014 an 2020 and I can't even remember killing the ender dragon without cheating 😂

  • I’ve been practicing violin for a month now and I’m addicted to it

  • Is being addicted to Domics okay?

  • Is it bad i learned spanish thru porn

  • my guy used to play tf2! I've telepored bread


  • .

  • 0:20 Agree

  • I love gambling my tokens away and try to get more tokens ._.

  • Dom, a few of the things you listed that your not interested in that other men would be interested in, such as drinking, and sports, hey, I'm behind you on that, I'm not interested in the idea either.

  • [Weird flex warning!!!] Theres this one game that i have 2000 hours played on it lol. And a web game that i play ALOT, probably like more than 7000 hours at least.

  • I started playing a game and started to do digital art editing a year ago. It is a hobby but also an addiction because it is distracting me from what really is important :( I would rather play that game instead of doing school work. I know it is a problem and have countless times tried to stop but I keep going back ;-;


  • My Game log on GTA V says i've spent atlesst 2.9k hours of playing.... _D A M N_

  • You know I should be studying

  • crochet is better than knitting

  • Me how got 16k hours in csgo , pathatic

  • Nice on Venus on piano look it up og gamers you’re welcome

  • Geez is domics 80? Whats with the gray hair? Just asking..

  • *flexes in 22 hours a day on genshin impact since the day it came oue (28th)*

  • I have a xbox 360 for 7 years and now it is part of my LIFE. I have played CoD MW2 ever sience and now i am addicted to CoD, no joke. And i think i need help in multiple things, like always triyng pulling another white night every day, for no reason and this just a fraction.

  • 520 hours in two months

  • Erich Honecker, the old school DDR pro.

  • When Dom says he’s barely seen daylight but only puts 283 hours in to GTA V. “You gotta bump those up those are rookie numbers”.

  • Teacher: Don’t be addicted Ted, a child in the class: 👁👄👁

  • This is very nice... I have 1500 fortnite hours

  • Nitting sounds fun

  • Me watching this video: interesting Me finding out he played ark:HOLY F### HE PLAYS ARK IM A DINOSAUR BOIIII!!!!

  • james: _talks about dumb stuff_ jaiden: _talks abt her crippling depression/anxiety_ domics: *wanna learn a life lesson?*

  • Bro I used to love ark back in the day 😂


  • Same

  • I just did some math because in the video he talked about ARK and I did some math and I have 1884 hours or 78.5 days worth of gameplay. I don’t know how to react to this

  • Dota 2 players: 5000hours

  • Is no one gonna talk about the kendama in the beginning of the video

  • for 10 mil sibs you have to reveal how many hours of maple story you've played

  • Dom try sewing it’s like knitting

  • 2:48 same

  • 0:25 me when I literally just got minecraft on my computer

  • I have over 1000 hours in destiny 2 and I started playing some months ago...

  • I love minecraft,freefire and survival games

  • In gaming othrr games actually teach you something like minecraft you want diamamomds work hard just how you get money

  • what's maple story? is that P?

  • *cough* SAO *cough*

  • I learned english from SEnewss.

  • Me seeing the thumbnail: oh it’s about knitting :) Me seeing the title:👁👄👁

  • When I headed kpop YASSSS

  • 4:46 he getin stabbed by link straight to the butt

  • That maplestory bit gave me flashbacks

  • Netflix and knit hit close to home, I'm lietterally crocheting the last row of my shawl for the winter.It is black and I'm doing double and tripple croshets every other row. 🖤 Crocheting while watching stuff makes me feel better about watching stuff, becasue then I feel more productive.

  • I just got addicted to cookie cliker

  • Wow tf2

  • I have 20000 h on cs

  • Honestly I can see weightlifting being way more helpful on a stranded island situation.


  • Woah domics you have seen daylight

  • Hi

  • I learned Einglish by watch SEnewss for 3week

  • #9?8" @

  • dom you succ

  • Just got maple story and im not dissapoint

  • I love video games but my mom took my ps4 cause she said its a hobby for boys 😔

  • I propose productivity be measured in happiness

  • Football and beer, a true American past time

  • Knitting and Netflix 😂😂

  • I play games 10 hours a day and that’s my average

  • Why i need maple story 3 year time

  • Asian Kung Fu Generation

  • Insert funny comment here

  • What adds did everyone get? Tell me here | \/

  • What adds did everyone get?

  • 2:29 I really resonate with this point the songs I enjoy are mostly tied to memories for me


  • One of the most nostalgic and useless games for me is maje it rain (mobile)

  • I think dom has over 1000 hours ob maple story

  • Im Addicted To Kpop.