Sober Convos: Prisoners & Trolleys

Publicerades den 27 jan 2020
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  • the words happy and 2020 don't belong together

  • if you released 100 criminals they would kill many innocent people so you might aswell jail one innocent person

  • Words said moments before disaster "Happy 2020"

  • "Happy 2020" me- no dom it's not happy 2020 isn't happy

  • Fact you are more likley to die if youre leg gets sliced in half because the bigest atari

  • Lol shinobu 😂

  • 6:25 ever heard of terry fox?

  • Kreesh is a man of culture.

  • ‘Happy 2020’ Me: *scoffs*

  • I can't fail my Revolution cuz I never made one

  • For my answer, I would take the innocent person and put them in jail for life. For the criminals all being released, itd be much harder to catch them all because they were likely caught 1 by 1. Having this many deadly criminals at once released would be very dangerous

  • Hahahahahha he said happy 2020... ha ha... ;(

  • Happy.....

  • Who's watching the "Happy 2020" part while its September 2020 and you have already gone through months of quarantine.

  • ha-HA-PPY-2-wen-ty-20 be4 da dizaster occured :3!!

  • God, the trolley problem sounds like something out of the Life is Strange series.

    • @Michael Dede hehe no ur a dumdum not me u

    • I never said that they made it up, dumdum.

    • ummm they did not make it up the idea been around for decades

  • *SPOILERS FOR THE DEMON SLAYER MANGA* 3:24 Foreshadowing at its finest

  • Who wants sober convos 11

  • death battle

  • Dom: “Happy 2020!” Me: “Woo 2020!” Me 8 months later rewatching this: “HAPPY 2020 MY ASS”

  • Jail one innocent old man or lady who has only a while left to live

  • 2020 in a blizz 1st WHOOO 2019 IS OVER NEW DECADE 2nd okay theres a virus it will go before march! 3rd ww3 threats what!? 4th Jorge floyed died if i got the name wrong im sry- 5th riots of 2020 BLM!!!! 6th more ww3 threats 7th mega tsunamis 8th global worming to the next level 9th kobe is dead RIP 10th are loving chadwick is gone :c

  • Why would they be on the train tracks

  • Me an overwatch player on the train thing: "I'm on fire!" Only people who play overwatch will get this.

  • it just came to me now that the trolly problem is a perfect analogy for the US and covid lmao

  • HA he said happy 2020

  • Lol happy 2020

  • Haha happy 2020. Good one 😢

  • Little did they know, It wouldn't matter if he pulled the switch or not. They would probably die from covid anyway. Poor dom. Enjoying 2020 now?!?!?

  • 😂" You don't know my new year's resolutions! "

  • Who’s watching this in 2020? Omg when he said “happy 2020” I was like psych nope

  • Why didn't you stop the trolley

  • "It's a variety pack"

  • 2020 New Years resolution: SURVIVE

  • “Happy 2020” I’m in October of 2020 and that is hilarious

  • "Happy 2020". lol dom

  • Am I the only person who cracks up when i hear like "happy 2020" "hope it's a good year!"

  • "Happy New year!" *It Was At This Moment He knew He fucked up*

  • Re zero

  • Dom, you mean shitty 2020 because 2020 is just a dumpsters fire of a year

  • Oooof i havent been watching domics lately and hid voice is sooo nostalgic

  • Dom: would you release 100 prisoners? 2020: watch me!

  • How counted 99 reds and 1 green

  • Watching this video again... And losing myself when dom said HAPPY 2020

  • "Happy 2020!" .Dom said 2020 " yesss happy "

  • Jomm “I’m just goin to walk away” Dominic “They still feel pain” Jomm “Not my problem”

  • You jinxed it 7:05

  • My New Years goal is not to get covid

  • i would jail the person in among us who always calls innocent people "sus"

  • Happy 2020 Hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very fun

  • Wow

  • i also do taekwondo, just sharing tho, :/

  • just tell the train conductor to stop the train

  • If you did choose to kill the four people, you could've got that mass murder

  • Little does he know Shinobu dies

  • “Happy 2020” 😳😬

  • Happy 2020... yea sure

  • At 8:00 you can hear a guy in the background saying bye

  • *Happy 2020*

  • 2020 sucks 1One Kobe Bryant died Coronavirus My dad’s house flooded Black panther died in real life What else happens now!?

  • 0:40 California’s doing that anyways :(

  • Haha “happy” 2020 haha you had no idea Dom

  • If u lose ur leg won’t u die form blood lose?

  • I like how he said "happy 2020". 9 months in and no one is happy

  • Tech tip: If you time the Lever pull correctly you can derail the train

  • "Happy 2020" I wish

  • Another thing with the Trolley Problem to escalate the situation is that the one person is a loved one

  • if i choose the one person in the trolly problem will it be legal

  • “Happy 2020!” Oh, the before times. (,:

  • I would send one innocent person to jail I would choose that homeless guy bc then he got food a place to stay and a toilet the man needs a toilet

  • 7:05 “Happy 2020!” *famous last words*

  • These conversations are so much fun and I actually feel like I'm talking to you guys.

  • Nice

  • Almost 3 more months til 2021

  • I saw my name in the book of people who will fie

  • dom: he cant hear you if he has airpods on !! raycon: 👁👄👁

  • 4:40 is this pewds?!?!?!?!??!

  • Pain doesn’t matter if you can’t die

  • 5:30 Me: eni meni myni mo..

  • happy 2020 he said

  • Stay in 2019 don't go to 2020

  • 2020 isn’t so happy anymore

  • Ok but what if it was 4 elderly people vs one healthy bright kid who has the cure to cancer in their future as a scientist for example. 😂

  • Wait, is all a leave call? Always have been

  • Happy 2020 more like happy corona

  • Even though we all wanted to die, we could not die, eventually we all stopped thinking.

  • Were just not gonna talk about how he's wearing yeezys even though he has legs

  • I feel like Jomm (the guy in the middle) would be great friends with Stephen from DanPlan...

  • jail innocent then pay bail

  • The ”quadra kill” really got me😂😂

  • I would release the 100 criminals for sure.

  • Haha happy 2020 that's funny

  • With the train all you do is change the way the train is heading wile the train in an the mover so it will drift and hit all of the people

  • Ill choose to imprison one Innocent dude, knowing that they will be bailed out

  • ... hehe... happy 2020

  • Я русич

  • Me a person never even know about the rumor and never even been in Chucky cheese before: ........??

  • My answer to that prison problem is to release the 100 criminals, since even though some of the criminals could be murderers and stuff, but there is a chance that most of them would be arrested for petty crimes like vandalism or smoking weed

  • "Happy 2020" -Dom 2020

  • things that aged like milk: “happy 2020”