Sober Convos 3: Jobs & Restaurants

Publicerades den 29 feb 2020
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  • Videos are basically coupons for Raycon ear buds the one with the highest discount will be the superior

  • Denny's: The place you go for birthdays you don't know how to celebrate.

  • I saw the bunny at the end and instantly tuned out what Dom was saying-

  • Raycon is garbage

  • Johms mom is a Karen.

  • Bruh that blank paper tho.

  • Domics flexing on us with his pet rabbit

  • Whenever I hear the word Carbonara I think of Jimin saying Lachimolala

  • i swear to god Domics looks like my godfather if he was much shorter

  • You're running weird so the shooter misses ..... so in other words you threw them off their rhythm....

  • 2:39 LOL **aids** **pregnant**

  • I don’t know if it’s my ears or I don’t know how they’re sapposed to be positioned but no matter what I do I can not move my jaw back and up (such as yawning or making a wide smile) without them falling out, even if I change the size.

  • I love in la aha flex beach

  • Is no one going to notice the literal hight difference between dom and his friend like I knew he was short but like dang

  • So Reycon shadow legends

  • Dam all these dislikes this is funny funnnnny😂😂😂 please repliy

  • Jomms mom is a badass

  • Why do I get a uhh... Hub music vibe from your intro

  • (¬◞ ¬)---------------l ᕙ-lᕗ /\ \ \ _ _

  • Omfg why am I not getting notifications for 6 monthssss

  • is this from a podcast or something?

  • 0:52 oh no a cyborg! Or is it?

  • Reycon feels like a $25 earbuds. AirPods are better and by the way Only one earbud can last 6 hours if you use them both They last three hours

  • **inserts comment for no reason**

  • Raycon is the new Raid

  • More sober convos pls

  • The いいえ face part radiates asobiasobase aura

  • I want some raycon ear buds so I can hide em under my hoodie so I can listen to music in school

  • I love how his intro hasn’t changed a bit since he started

  • Why would udon carbonara taste different when it’s take-out...? I can only imagine that the yolk not being whole would be the only difference...


  • anyone birthday on feb 29

  • random lady"im not ready for this'

  • Raycon is becoming the new raid shadow legends they both start with r and you dread hearing someone say “this video is sponsored by ra....

  • The robbet was a cyborg xD

  • Raycons are trash

  • Ok but you guys could have a podcast and it would be supper interesting

  • Okay but when I was a host people just choosing their own tables was the worst


  • 8:18 for peeves heheheheheh

  • i acctually walked the wrong way when was grade 3 and indin't know until my fam told me btw i walk nomally now hahah

  • Who is the guy in the end of the video? He seems cute😂

  • Chad mom

  • Damn, your mums a karen

  • what if he just narutoruns so he dosent have to move his arms

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  • Can we just mention that in 5 months u got 2M views like ??????? WOW

  • Raycons are a joke. Just an fyi

  • Lol the gun on domucs is taped! He's a cyborg

  • It was Jomm.... Mom's face reveal at the end 7:44...

  • uhhhhh you have a... pregnant?

  • Make videos with you in real life more often

  • !taerg er'uoy

  • I love that trio (no homo)

  • Hyun

  • O



  • **immediately stands and tries to run with my hands parallel to my legs and almost trips**

  • Life hack for the walking one: Put your hands in your pockets

  • Oh, hello, there, hope I will have a lot of money soon as well.

  • R and L stands for right and left ears

  • Jomm’s mom story makes me angry

  • *what is up people*

  • Someone call failboat!

  • 😂😂😂

  • What's a sober?

  • Oooh rose gold mmmmmhhhnnmmm

  • i love dennys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You guys should make Sober Convos into a podcast and put it on Spotify so you don’t have to animate and you can spend more time on other videos.

  • Why is raycon sponsoring all the asians

  • I love udon 🍜

  • Dom: you go for like events but like ones you sorry Jomm: 😑

  • 4:23 he broke the Matrix

  • 2020: 3936

  • Domics is kinda cute... P.S. I'm a boy and im not gay. Im straight

  • face reveal


  • Why didnt they just take the table from the bathroom and put it together to wherever the other table was? they really just want to shit on people at that point lmao

  • I love this

  • Concussion AIDS Pregnant Paper-cut Hypothermia Why do I think my past ER doctor had that chart😂🤣

  • seeing the real domics rather than the animated domics makes me think of the times I watch live action anime

  • Jommeh looks crazy tall there , still cute tho lol 😊

  • Ourmine

  • chonky domic

  • Guys,ran con earbuds are just rebranded Chinese earbuds The mic is terrible The bass is really loud It doesn’t have attention to detail Do not buy them

  • face reveal!??

  • so no one is gonna talk about how smooth dom's moves are?

  • #I'm a cyborg mwahahahahaha -Domics

  • Why is all his videos sponsored

  • I didn't know he had a keyboard

  • 1:53 Dom: He put in too much effort, I rescpet U-U Kress: Literally running in a way that will make him loose his job

  • would you rather live or lose your job like: lose your job scroll: die i hope no one likes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I hate Denny's

  • the way i have seen all ur hypotheticals and click watch again anyways

  • Cyborg dom trying to shoot him

  • Damn u type so fast

  • Raycon is becoming the next raid shadow legends

  • these hit different at 5 in fhe morning w no one else awake w u

  • “50% off that’s almost the half” Guess what film is it

  • 1:46 like Speedwagon from JoJo