I started playing Pokemon Go...

Publicerades den 26 sep 2019
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  • 3 years late but I feel like it's the best time to play now :D

  • Team valor all the way

  • What team are you on

  • I played in 2016

  • 3426 7256 1094

  • i got a 100% iv Shundo Charizard & Hundo and its a female

  • Please ad me Next video il leave my friend code 😁

  • Your a bich a hole

  • add me 951194233384

  • when u said u get 50 coins in a day if your talking the full 24 hours then sorry your wrong but if your talking about else then idk but here is a full day of getting coins: since a day is 24 hours duh then since u said for every 10 min. u get a coin then in a full day you get 144 coins

  • My parents play. I have my own squad going. Im powerful as i can be. Dare to challenge me?

  • Can I get your trainer code so we can be froendsb

  • Hay Alaska’s winter starts in Late sep early oct

  • I play splitscreen and i got shiny darkrai on both accounts ✌🌟

  • Wait you own a game store

  • 2020 is the best version of Pokémon go

  • 1:41 lmao instal and open

  • I got this recomended after 3 weeks of downloading it and i found my old acc with rayquaza

  • i never got to play. i never had data in my lifeXD tho i did hack it once to play on wifi but ehh it got patched shorty after xD

  • I play and when I was 6 when it started

  • I still play it

  • I have only played 2 months and i have mewtwo


  • ahhh memories

  • Honestly it is a adult game lol ☠️

  • i still play it

  • Who else has a 2 shiny Charizards

  • C C C C Covid19

  • I love how in the story about the shady drug dealer people the lavender town theme plays in the background

  • add me pls 2770 7915 0498

  • 1:53 Bruh I live in Utah and it snowed today... Its october

  • Did this just randomly show up in anyone’s recommendations today

  • Pokemon go more like pokemon no

  • What will happen if I got a gym but there is a rade

  • I played this game for 3 years

  • can someone be my friend please? :3 it's 346790405157 thanks

  • 7238 9849 8663 this is my trainer code

  • Fun fact: team rocket doesn't care about the other pokemon they been trying to capture Pikachu for 10 or 13 or idk

  • Poor jiggly puff 🥺


    • More like the best, *ahem darkrai raids*

  • Pokémon go

  • Yay Pokémon fo

  • Any og pokemon go players with me (2016) like if u are og

  • What lvl are you noe

  • Most recent comment.

  • Cen we be freands

  • Im a zapdos team

  • i pLaY pOkEmOn gO , eVeRy dAy

  • I'm kid I play Pokemon go

  • I thought the adable was a pokeman

  • I think you can't nominate pokestops yet because of your level! Right now I believe you have to be level 40 to nominate

  • Don wat ur lvl I’m 34

  • you cant nominate until you are level 50 or 60 I think

  • 1:41 Install, *Open*

  • i still play , got it in '16, team valor pride

  • I have been playing pokemon go for 4 years straight

  • The reason noobs are overpowered is because of Corona… There are so many events

  • Piggy

  • Did Domics just animate himself installing an app he could already open....??

  • If anyone still plays pokemon go im looking for friends

  • Yo add my code 8841 8336 2088

  • The raiku is a shiny Pokémon

  • Where my Instinct team at?

  • I feel old it’s been a year since u posted this and it feels like just 2 months ago this was still considered a new video 💔

  • 1:41 Install and open Wha what!??

  • Naw red team

  • I don't think pokemon go is good I MEAN IT'S GOOD but I would most likely not play it on my bad phone

  • u h4v3 2 B lvl 40 2 nomin8 m8

  • Go was no

  • I love the gane now

  • I’m so close to level 24 and I had the game over 1 year

  • I play it👍

  • i have a suicune i dont have enough candies to purify it. so i have to battle to get those candies that can be used on any pokemon just so i can purify it. btw i got the suicune after i beat giovanni

  • One time the fb raid chat brought 20 cars to a completely empty parking lot. It can be creepy but it can be nice too

  • What sucks is for some reason I can play Wizards Unite perfectly fine but Pokemon Go gives me the stupid I can't be found error. How does that make any sense??? Asshole niantic

  • You flexing quite a bit in this vid. It's a little off putting.

  • Well not only kids play cause pokemon is an old game

  • Im a lazy walker and DAMN pokemon go made me walk 5km like every day (might not be much, but definetely an improvement)

  • :domics heahahahahhahheahh yeah i down lol

  • i am level 40

  • Can anyone tell me their pokemon go code pls

  • Install Pokémon go already have it it’s says open

  • Who else has Fire Vulpix, Ice Vulpix, Ice Ninetails, and fire Ninetales? I have em all xD

  • Yooo Insence now cost 40 cents now so 😂

  • Do you still play?

  • You like this game because tnx to James and Jaiden influenced you into this game(Which make you addicted to this game

  • WAT

  • haha sans laugh 2:11

  • Can we play Minecraft together pls

  • I only has a dragonite

  • what team are you?

  • is there anyone here like me who cant play it cause there are no gyms or poke stops in their country?

  • 2:16 finally i found someone who understands me

  • Im still playing

  • what team are u

  • Relatable

  • can i friend YOU?

  • I’ve been playing since the start

  • Your literelally me

  • When i clicked on this video i got a pokemon go ad weird