Stranger's Thing

Publicerades den 25 jul 2018
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Ehl as himself:
Claire as herself: chikarabbit
Jomm as "Chris": jommish
Additional Animators:
Alaylay: alaylays | alaylays
Jakeuro: jak_euro |
Jomm: FlashJomm
Song: Snack Time by The Green Orbs
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  • Did he just do orange justice

  • At first I thought the title said “Stranger things”

  • “I just wanted to wipe my ass, ok?”

  • Yeah I live in California it’s a liberal state so we want to move away from liberals....

  • I read the title and thought it would be about stranger things... Was I wrong?

  • Is that 096 in the thumbnail?

  • Domics:Toilet Paper 2020:Huh, guess i should wipe out every toilet paper out of existence

  • Like he's escaping a plague outside 😐🤨😒😷

  • Me: lives in California Famous animators: also live in California too Me: well ok

  • H

  • funny

  • I saw this when it had *eleven* million views.

  • 1:00 oh no

  • “I just wanted some toilet paper.” *dont we all.*

  • ~lol~

  • _lol_

  • -lol-

  • Dom

  • ok fine why

  • i really thought the title was stranger things

  • I just came from ur neighbour's video

  • 1:50 I’m Italian and we don’t have this problem because we have the BIDET

  • Mi

  • B r u h

  • I need more of domics

  • Now they really would be escaping the plague outdoors 😂

  • I think I rewatched stranger things way too many times because I read that title as “stranger things” lmao 😂

  • I thought this video was about stranger things

  • :everything that wasnt supposed to happen happening just because they wanted toilet paper domics: i just wanted to wipe my ass

  • They should make this a what would you do episode

  • 1:57 corona virus?

  • Hahahaha

  • “Thank loser I’ll kill you last” Me: *and that’s how I met my best friend.*

  • 0:22 "African hate being in this situation" Try to unhear it.

  • 5:29 I think you ment: "He kinda sus".

  • Et43

  • 😆😂🤣

  • Oo shiiit

  • Y don't u just ask them y they need to get in?

  • *Hello*

  • The dislikes are Chris and his thousands of friends, including Felipe.

  • I mean what are the chances that there is another wallet up there? I wouldve just brought him the wallet.

  • Move that s to te end... right there, perfect 👌

  • Chris was the imposter

  • 1:48 this did not age well

  • Escaping the plague plague plague

  • dom you suc

  • he told the future of 2020 lol

  • Felipe González's ID expires tomorrow

  • 0:22 "african hate being in that situation"

  • "What is this CA, your broken". I felt that

  • LmAo

  • The fake Chinese and real Chinese only works when the dude doesn't know Chinese

  • What happened to the wallet?

  • Who else thought the video was called "Wallet Me In"?

  • How you edit your your video

  • No, not you, only me. IM DEAD HAHAHAAA

  • You should put on headphones every time you walk through the door

  • *This was 2 years ago...*

  • jx

  • Kumusta pare

  • I am a filipino

  • That's just like playing papers please but in real life situation

  • How can he get an Uber if got no money?

  • You should of pretended to be anime characters and scare him away

  • So you were walking around with shit ass?

  • U r mean dude

  • Someone in a YT vid: "Ran out of toilet paper" Everyone: COVID-19

  • when ur whole class forgets to do the homework Teacher: 1:17

  • Is said WALLET ME IN cause #wa let me in or why let me in

  • I just say no

  • Lol

  • Honestly id let him in.....

  • This happened to me once and I was ten at the time so an adult man in his 50s id wager was debating whether to let me in but he decided to do this by... asking the cross streets of the building? And like sure if you lived there youd be more likely to know it but its still pretty easily acquired information. Also, I was ten at the time so probably not gonna break into peoples apartment or whatever he thought I might do.

  • People living in America: toilet paper!!! Where izzz ze toilettt pahhhhperrr!! People living in Philippines: Ahhh what is a toilet paper we just use water pure problemmmm ( hehe I'm a filipno living in philippines and I know dom is filipino too but you know he lives somewhere else so he has a different culture and thats totally okay,,,in fact I'm, I mean we filipinos are proud of dom and other filipinos who bring pride for the philippines across different nation)

  • 0:59 dear God this did not age well

  • I would have asked for more info, like last name, age, how he looks, etc

  • ay yo who look at scp 096 1:03

  • Hey, on the second half of your video, the audio and video don’t match, there’s a sort of lag to it. It’s just constructive criticism, and I wouldn’t know how to do better, but just to let you know. Love your vids!

  • 4:43 if that’s an ID couldn’t they tell if it was his or not by the picture of the person on the ID? Also how many people do you think searched that name on Facebook

  • You think California is broken. Take a week in Kansas, one day it’s 98 degrees the next it’s snowing and then it’s raining. Like, wtf Kansas???

  • hi

  • are dom and claire dating cuz i dont know

    • They are dating or am I wrong??? Cuz it’s his girlfriend

  • No... not you... only me...

  • His video was posted exactly 1 year ago.

  • I’m rewatching this from years ago cuz it’s funny and I needed a laugh but then...guess what....... .....I’m out of toilet paper. .....sitting on a toilet

  • Domics: as if they were escaping the plague outside Me from 2020 : he has predicted the future

  • Será que eu sou o único brasileiro que comentou nesse vídeo?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • imagine not having toilet paper during this quarentine.

  • なに^ - ^

  • ぉl

  • The tp is so relatable

  • Y’all doin way too much lol

  • When you realize that the title says wall-let me in

  • Don’t trust that guy, you said he jogged over even tho he had a car

  • You're friends with L

  • 0:23 OK I see you domics

  • What did u do with the wallet

  • flamingo fan: f e l i p e

  • This is why you get a house, not a condo.