Publicerades den 27 jul 2016
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Shho: Shhotime
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  • Ngl your life's Pretty interesting

  • I like ur cut G👋

  • Your old hair looks like mine! Except it's black but it looks cool!

  • 0:20 You can see his hair color.

  • I like ya cut g

  • My hair is bangs that swoop to the appending sides, and is fluffy af

  • My parents got me a bowl cut when I was 3 and they loved it so much I had it until 3rd grade which kind of sucked

  • Nice cut g

  • 0:36 seeing this I before think only in india boul cut (katora cutting ) is there but I wrong 😂😂 LOL .

  • "Arigato sensei" :V

  • Everyone:bowl cut An african school :clean spotless shiny head till high school .

  • Me: this reminds me of markiplier

  • I didn’t get the bowl cut

  • never got a bowl cut, i usually get a lot of hair cuts cuz i get that "stand-up" or how my hair is up a lot of time due to hair gel

  • Was it only Asians who got bowl cuts?

    • my brother currently has a bowl cut...

  • ppl think i'm weird but i think the bowl cut looks cute

  • I bet he had to look up stalagmite.

  • I like your cut G

  • even tho ima girl with LOOOOONG hair, my tita/auntie used to put HAIRGEL, like whaaaaa

  • not me read Harry styles

  • I have very short hair that doesn't move. At all.

  • 'good dog sensei' by google translate 🙈 aka arigato sensei

  • The video: *HAIR GEL* The subtitles: Her Joe

  • I like your cut g


  • I'd always just rock with my bed-hair and go to school looking like the crazy scientist of some tv show. Edit: My hair grows abnormally fast, so when I have a lot of hair on my head it would look like a literal tornado.

  • Guys, what does the scouter say about his subscriber level?

  • I have the haircut that the left and right and back side of your head is bald and the center have hair (black)


  • I have 90s skater hair. Skaters dont hate i do skate....A LOTT.....

  • i never got a bowl cut. I was one of the 5% that didn’t thave to suffer from that.

  • I like ya cut g

  • i like ya cut g

  • Nice cut G

  • H A I R S T Y L E

  • Dom called Jaiden her twin because it's both of their birthdays today!

  • i thought this video was about harry styles

  • Mexicans call it the cuh cut or el edgar

  • Where have I seen that hair cut, oh that markiplier

  • i am 12 and i have never cut my hair at all it is like 2 feet now and im planning on cutting and letting it become a wig for the kids with cancer

  • Why he look Like gon?

  • Me never having a bowl cut

  • i like ya cut G

  • I'm very lucky I never got a bowl cut.

  • 1:30 Gon be like 👁👄👁 Chuck me an add on xbox: nxgtz

  • I’ve never had a bowl cut maybe I’m too young I’m 11

  • kayoken? KAYOKEN?

  • I like your cut g

  • r pec soy tem

  • His hair in the thumbnail is like GON

  • Hullo it's 2020

  • hello dear mr.panjibob

  • dom its not k-a-o-ken times hundred its pronounciated kai-o-ken and if it even came close kaioken times 2 the plastic handle woudnt be able to handle it and you would be bald in a feto-second and if dont know what a feto second is well google it

  • When I was 15-17, my hair had a very awkward stage (unknowingly back then) as I didn’t have experience styling my hair with gel, so I didn’t know what hairstyle I liked and what combs to use (I use a round/roller brush now).

  • I wish, I had parents ho allowed me to decide how I want my hair:(

  • is that gon

  • 0:26 *h e h e h e h e h e h e i d i d n t g e t t h e B O W L*

  • Domics:I think we all hate our bowl cuts Me a black teenage boy with waves: Nani?!

  • I've been watching dom videos for like an hour. I should sleep. But like. no.

  • I am 5% of people

  • Dom is always mentioning Jaiden is his twin but she is actually not and they are just born in the same day

  • who is you twin?

  • *U r so damn awesome much love from India..I have twin brother..I always regret cutting hair in any salon..can anyone give me tips I have soft and grown hairs.*

  • I’ve a natural bowl cut...I hate my life

    • Same 😢

  • Like i still have a bowl cut and my friends call me dora like bruh why dora ?

    • Kitty Cat how ...?

    • Just show them a picture of the newer version of dora or a very beautiful picture of the actor who played dora.

  • You look more like gon instead of goku

  • I have no idea what a bowl cut

  • I dont know why in the middle of my hair is like a little mohawk

  • Your hairstyle and animation style really reminds me of Scott Pilgrim's comic

  • Domics: HAIR GEL Subtitles: HER JOE

  • My hair looks like dora but black amd blonde tips. But half my hair is the bangs. And curly. But just the bottom half.

  • Is it just me or was there not always music in this video

  • I am a lucky person who got long ass hair only mine is curly and that's a curse

  • GON

  • "Say no more fam" -some person from the past

  • bald

  • *Short Title* *Big story*


  • I hate anima it is the worst

  • I didn’t have a boll-cut

  • I also have anime hair

  • My hair is sideshaved and I flip it on one side.

  • I was aloud to get whatever hair i wanted. i just kept it the same length.

  • 4:35

  • i dint have to go through Bald cut

  • I do not like hair cuts so I don't get them.

  • me: JOTARO!!!! Bowl haircuts: NANI!?!?!?!?! Me fighting Bowl haircuts: domododmodmdddomdodmdodod Me: HYAHHHHHH!!!!!! *explosion

  • im scared of using blades 😨

  • ㅋㅋㅋ헌터x헌터 곤 닮았네

  • this is the link of my channel.

  • I actualy have a bowl cut soooooooooooo

  • why was there a baby hair cut

  • I had a hard time with my hair style when I was a kid i would latterly hide from people because I thought I was ugly so tiring it wasn't until half last year of middle school when I discovered tifalockhart

  • Good thing I've never had a bowl cut :)

  • Domics: arigato sensei Subtitles: got dog sensei

  • ???? ??? ????

  • Everyone : talk about something and thinking about the hair normally Me : GON!?

  • .. wait your allowed to not care about what others think? I-IS THAT ALLOWED?

  • bruh whats a bowl cut

  • My hair is.... Very unexplainable now that i think about it