Publicerades den 16 sep 2016
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Original Music by Christopher Carlone
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Shho: Shhotime
Bug images from: www.therichest.com/rich-list/13-bugs-from-australia-that-will-haunt-you/
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  • Tbh, if a centipede walks on my body when I am sleeping, I will litteraly die of heart attack

  • I wish lightsabers were real so I can kill bugs with it

  • ima bout to kill every single person who is afraid of spiders, every year you eat about 8 spiders in you sleep (they crawl into your mouth and get digested due to it being to slippery to crawl back out)

  • I'm Brasílian and i like domics

  • I'm also scared or bugs I was dealing with bugs today and a dead bug flew by me I was scared and I'm still scared of bugs

  • Domics : sChOoL TiMe! actualy most of us Me : İ think he is talking about the people in 2020

  • I'm from Australia & its not that bad

  • Rip will

  • Let's be honest, he said "you're dead" a plenty of times.

  • Bro your gonna need a bomb to take care of those dudes

  • "I'm fighting Sephiroth and Donald keeps dying" wait... you can't bring Donald in either Sephiroth fight

  • Lol, my name is will and I live in Australia. I hope someone doesn't throw a large book at me.

  • My bed is right next to my window. When I woke this morning there was a wasp right next to my face. I ran around my room and found the nearest shoe and I somehow magically beheaded it with my shoe while trying to kill it. At least it had a quick death. Rip wasp 2020-2020

  • Crabs are basically spiders of the sea, and then there's shrimp, and both are delicious so... we eat ocean bugs, y'all.

  • I wonder how he knows the bug he saw is the same bug he's killing......I mean that bug just *could* be some other *random* bug!!!

  • The whole vd is so relatable. I'm just idk I'm sacred of bugs a shit but not that scared. I just want to kill them cause I don't want them to crawl over to me while I sleep or get inside my ears. I'll kill everyone of them I see. I see you lingering around you dead.

  • Australia isn't that bad lol I'm from Australia. Just don't fuck with the animals and you'll be fine. Unless you see a redback. Burn that thing. Font bug spray em, LIGHTER AND DEODORANT. BURN THE REDBACK SPIDER. They can kill an fully grown adult in 3 hours or more if not taken to the hospital

  • R u 20 domics?


  • I think I was more brutal I had a pocket knife and saw a beetle cut it in half still alive then buried it alive btw I’m 8

  • Hi

  • I'm from Aussie and ligit my sister was choking and I just continued to watch this video lmao

  • Dr$g addicts: 2:09

  • We have magpies also -Australia

  • We r ok -straya

  • I live in Australia and there are NO BIG CREEPY BUGS. It's mostly in the MIDDLE in Australia and no one lives there. Soo... Yee

  • I found this spider on the bathroom ceiling i named him and i even gave him a corner i once picked him up then put him down i cant seem to find him right now but hes probably in the corner btw hes brown and has tall legs i dont know if hes venemous or not but whatever

  • I'm from Australia and I'm not scared of bugs but if there's a half big one you bet you ass that thing is now 2D

  • those leaf insects in 3:14 are actually pretty nice. i have 5 of them as pets

  • I’m from Australia

  • I hate bugs

  • B U G S

  • This video was the most relatable thing ever. The cheese part Nothing else


  • Idk y tf i decided to watch this video and traumatise myself with animated bugs at NIGHT!! P.s dom

  • Yo I’m from Australia and I’m half way through a snake being eaten by a koala being eaten by a dingo and I’m ok with it No I’m in my house

  • I know I am late, but in Australia; there are practically NO bugs or snakes at all. Mainly in summer or in 35+ degree weather.

  • If you read these I need to tell you that I had a cockroach crawl on my but

  • "I used to be brutal with bugs, and launched a book at a spider" excuse me thats not a bug its a DARN ARACHNID


  • 3:29 I live in Australia and found two spiders in my room today. and a year ago 7 rats lived in my cupboard. and yes, I'm okay.

  • man for all of bugs and insects in this world.. only cockroaches scares me WTF?

  • Bug: Man I love this paper Me: AGH GET OFF MY HOMEWORK

  • Here in Brazil we have the tarantula but I never saw one luckly

  • texas: cries in dobsonfly

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  • I’m in australia, but I’m not in a snake, I’m in a city, filled with kangas near it

  • But the ants only wanted to eat, and you won... sort of

  • Domics : shows spooky bugs Australians : that's nothing ! (Australian here's a magpie outside they're house) Australians: now this is an avengers level threat!

  • Dom you are a titan to ants

  • I’m so scared of bugs that I’m not even able to kill them XD

  • How about scolipede from Pokémon. He’s huge

  • One day on a walk, I saw a tarantula. I’m not scared of spiders but at least my mom didn’t see it

  • BTWs........don't watch this while eating.....😅😦😨

  • This video is about to be 4 years old, tomorrow. No, I didn't wait for this day to come, it was coincidental lol

  • Australia knows their bugs we know our rules these are the rules We see a spider bigger than it’s normal size we put them in a plastic container and release them outside If your venom then we’ll leave you alone

  • thats me

  • 5:02 ashh kasshh wit da gawk gawk 3000?

  • im australian and the biggest thing ive seen is about 10 cm

  • I’m chill with most bugs and I’m not really bothered by them. I like spiders and if they’re in the house I’ll just take them outside. But my bf hates bugs so I guess I’ll be the one to deal with the bugs 😂

  • The spiders in Australia are 100 times bigger than the bugs you have Domics

  • RIP will the spider

  • *I grew up with snakes.. I am quite cool with them...my town is near famouse forest in india so snakes gorillas and tigers come sometimes in our town...snakes most of times comes at our house including king cobra...but we got experts who deal with them in our town. So its quite a zoo in our town..*

  • plot twist: enable captions English

  • If i kill a bugs I put the blood of the bug to the wall make it like a museum of bugs blood

  • Why don't you bring the bugs outside?

  • 0:52 death

  • As long as it can’t fly it’s okay

  • Australia is fine theres 2 daddy long legs in my bathroom its daddy long legs

  • I am Australian and nah mate I am fine I guess

  • "were ok" - Australia

  • My little sister:OMG,there's a spider in my room How I did it:Go away,spider Spider:Understandable,have a nice day How my sister imagined it:*Jotaro vs Dio fight*

  • Dom: if you are half way into a snake and watching this, I respect you. Kid in Australia: I GOTTA FIND A GIANT SNAKE SO DOM WILL RESPECT ME :D

  • i am from Australia

  • We Kay 👍-aussie

  • 3:41 I have these as pets

  • and not in a snake

  • yup, we ausies fine

  • I hate how people are scared of bugs, including myself. Like, most of them don't do shit, they just vibe.

  • Me watching from inside the alligator in Australia 🐊👄🐊

  • kill bug or any insect --> you go to hell when dead :V

  • You kill ants,ants is a cleaner to the food garbage that you throw😭

  • You monster kill a spider😭

  • Everybody gangsta till the cockroach starts flying

  • He's a lot more merciful than me, my rules are if I see a bug outside their cool and I won't bother them, but if i catch one in my house, it's time to die.

  • Revenge of the Will.

  • Cafe chaos was actually an ad and it made me happy!

  • We ride spiders to school here down in austrailia

  • Here in Australia we kill a lot of bugs like when I was still a kid it would be a guarantee that some one killed colonies of ants with only sticks and their hands

  • Rip Will 2000-2010 He was a gud boi 😭

  • Living in Australia isn't that bad you don't mess with animals unless they ataking you

  • Dude no ones died to a bug in Australia for 40 yrs

  • bro from australia there just babys we got worse

  • im australian

  • 0:17 ehhuu

  • 2:27 me too man

  • approved by an Australian.

  • My rule: If it is in the sp of which I already have speciemens fine just go If it's new 2 me OFF INTO THE ALCOHOL YOU GO

  • Jesus Dom did a homicide

  • The only bug I dislike so much is that frickin cockroach which look so weird