Buying Used Things 2

Publicerades den 23 maj 2018
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  • Every horse is high for Dom since he’s short

  • 8:20 I was laughing so hard

  • Why was it so far away

  • Did I just get flexed on

  • If you pause at 8:16, You can see Teruhashi and Yumehara from The disastrous life of saiki k. Nice little easter egg! Considering that (not to the extent of my knowledge) not many people know about the disastrous life of saiki k.

  • Wait I’m confused.. in the other vid you spelled it like “kajiji”


  • 5or6 month is it erold

  • *I pray whoever reads this becomes successful*

  • 8:25 LOL

  • Oh yes I've been looking for (ad) looking for someone new to talk to?

  • Theodd1souts art defeated when he hired animators

  • 8:14. I doing this for me

  • why was your dentist appointment so far

  • David watching this: But she was at buffolo wild wings...

  • Kuya Dom penge 5

  • I was dying of laughter XDDD

  • I am a proud Canadian and no we don’t have pet moose

  • You paid way too much for that tablet. Dude.

    • @gac gac The PS4 was new €400 (at launch).

    • So 700 Canadian is around 530 US dollars

    • You’re probably in the US Canadian money is worth less than American money so you need more to buy things

  • I did not know that Dom was Filipino and kamusta ka jan Dom?


  • domics litterally arguing with himself in the beginning: u good bro?

  • Are you a filipino?

  • Hei

  • Who hates it when you read the comments and they spoil it

  • Hey everyone, check out Jomm on SEnewss at

  • Why is ur dentist so far


  • The question is did they get together if y'all know what I mean

  • the naruto reference 1:45

  • Oof (?)

  • 8:24 thanossss

  • To this day, I don't know why people hate it when animators hire others.

  • I loved that Naruto intro reference

  • 1:46 - 1:51 fighting dreamers?

  • I thought it said NERD VEEPEEN

  • No

  • Im selling replay buttons, they're free so take as many as you like 8:19 8:19 8:19 8:19 8:19 8:19 8:19 8:19 8:19 8:19 8:19 8:19

  • Ibjust won a free nordvpn acc lel real i an using it rn

  • Is it just me or is his theme sound like the pornhub theme

  • Animator: Did you do it? Domics: Yes... Animator: What did it cost Domics: 700 cANadIAn dOlLarS

  • Wut iz anim?

  • Dom here with a few animators The odd ones out with a lot

  • This video was posted before kovan so he was already ready when he had to stay at home

  • Perish😂😂😂

  • Right as dom starts to snap his finger an ad plays sooooo the ad wins

  • When u say domics it's sounds like domex a indian toilet cleaner brand LoL

  • 8:25 that's plankton's scream

  • nord is what my dad called me

  • I literally thought the tablet in the thumbnail was a nintendo switch

  • The snap was the best thing here.

  • this video made me anxious waiting for that daughter 😭

  • “They post every 4 or 5 months” Isn’t that odd1isOut?

  • I had a ps2 and its disk reader broke I was 2020 and no one is ready and I know its fair and I tried to fix and ........... broke it I don't wanna talk about it

  • This is my second video that “use stuff 2” I being to like this

  • I love how domics makes dumb people in his video, then also destroys them

  • 9:50 Is that...a.....*SPELLING ERROR* Anroid 👌👌👌

  • Domics is so good at making other people look stupid lol

  • I got an ad just before he snapped

  • Dang dom! Even chi- Hong Kon- *this video has been blocked by Chinese censorship*

  • 3:19 Why is it so far?

  • 7:42 its been 2 years and i just realized the background people are from saiki

  • wow 75% -- 77*% discount

  • 3:19 why was it so far away?

  • 77% off a three-year plan wow thanks that’s amazing

  • 8:16 saiki reference

  • 3:20 "Don't ask why it's so far" Me: WhY iS iT sO fAr?

  • 1:15 *cough cough* erold *cough cough* -hm?

  • Why is the dentist so far away Dom?

  • I feel like he bought used items just so he can get some content

  • you live in the same city of twomad i think, you should make a collab with him

  • 3:49 Are you close to the Starbucks at FUCK and BITCH!

  • Davids daughter: Yes hello I've been looking for you Me: Really tell me more about this "LOOKING FOR ME" (눈‸눈) Dom: P A R I S H !!!!!!! ME: (ㆁωㆁ)

  • I probably would laudly ask "Can the davids doughter stand up for a second so I can know who she is and take my tablet?" or smth.I am not sure if its a rude thing for canadia but people probably wouldn't mind

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks working from home is hard because it gets too comfy at times. (My bed is also right next to my desk XD)

  • Me: already knows Dom lives in canada Also me: realizes Dom lives half way across Canada from me I guess I’ll never sell something to him on kijiji 😔


  • Imagine of Domics eyes were really that pointy in real life LOL

  • First turn the Mountain in NordVPN logo to the right and then put it on your head now you got a VPN hat that protects your head from hackers

  • Funny

  • 8:21-8:29 Is the best part

  • anyone catch the saiki k reference at 7:42?

  • Do they pay extra for being late in canada? Well thats nice because here we go late intentionally so that we can later pull each other's hair and the person who wins, gets the product that was meant to be sold

  • My dentist is 45 mins away😂

  • His workers didn't say anything...

  • 6:50 pls tell me whose face was that

  • I know that feeling . Also If it is in poor condition it makes things even worse. For example used PS4/PS3 games doesn't matter if it was GameStop or the seller. If with has bad stickers, sticky residue, paper artwork/plastic is damaged in any way... scratched disc or cracked dvd casing. That is rude if it was unspecified.

  • cc: (cash is fine tm)

  • Hi im phillipinoe

  • 0:32 👁️👄👁️👌

  • Domics + Thanos Dominos Pizza just got real...

  • i bought a used pc which sucks and its broken now

  • lololloolololololollool

  • 7:22 Lol al these saiki refrences

  • dom is takling crap about james (the odd ones out)

  • *p e r i s h*

  • I think every animator i know has multiple animators

  • U paid extra for being late? Hell no

  • Wait.... Waldo??? #britishstruggles

  • Bruh the avengers could have just called dom then they wouldn't have had to sacrifice tony