The Media Badge

Publicerades den 31 jul 2020
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Jomm: FlashJomm | jommish
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  • You look like bang chan with that hairstyle jsjsjs

  • Domics, "I have a media badge" TimTom, Laughs

  • Guy: Talks about other anime Me: I sleep Guy: Ms Kobayashi Me: *R E A L S H I T*

  • Oh hell yea anime

  • when I heard Kurebayashi for a sec I thought he was talking about the J-fashion model turns out it was not Kure-chan...

  • I thought you didnt need to pay for the free trial I'm tired of adds on crunchy roll I thought it was a FREE trial

  • Me knowing that god of high school was a webtoon first and feeling special for some reason

  • 5:41 one piece pog

  • It makes me happy to know domics is staying safe during covid :)

  • i watched little wich academia

  • Hello for brazil

  • Domics walks exactly like me lmao

  • Dom: everything's cancelled due to that virus going around...... stupidity Everyone: ohhhhhhhh!

  • Comics you have SEnewss you now?

  • thanks me later!

  • 2:28 Call me crazy but, i think this is a *JoJo* reference!

  • im savin that free trial for attack on titan season 4

  • Hr carried thoose are real gifts thoose question👌 and 5 min😱

  • Me and the boys heading to beat up a pansexual vampire: 2:28

  • The background music at the beginning have me a stroke

  • Alguien habla español

  • Jojo’s Reference

  • Can you make a PUBERTY video please 🙏



  • are you sure it was dilan im sure its dylan

  • I feel like “that one anime convention 2016” is most likely anime North.

  • Domics: Crunchyroll has endless anime. Danganronpa 3: Am I a joke to you?

  • Awesome work! Check out The Brad & Chad Show!

  • I swear it took me way too long to realise "Die-Lan" is Dylan xD

  • I watched this while taking a batg

  • was it vidcon

  • It’s @DailenDaMan. You’re welcome

  • I'm loving that One Piece reference at 5:40

  • What one piece season you on?

  • 7:25 That's what she said

  • I want to become animator too But i need to learn how to draw

  • I'm glad domics made animations like this... totally made my day

  • I almost want to become a content creator just to get the Media badge and get access to those lounge rooms with free refreshments.

  • “I’m privileged for using my status for a media badge” Isn’t that the point of the badge...

  • I wish I could youse crunchy roll to see Domicss ****** videos but no because of you you ****** ******.

  • Why is almost every video of Dom sponsored

  • 7:43 the whole video.

  • that jojo's refference tho at 2:27

  • Then there is a psychic badge and the metal badge and the fire and water and rock and ground and flying and dragon and many other badges also a gym badge

  • Hi I very aprecied your video this is a account of my mum I have 11 years I am Italian 👌ciao

  • Rural

  • 2:26

  • did anyonne notice one piece characters at 5:42 .

  • 6:40 he predicted it !!!

  • Dom: Todays sponsor is- Me: crunchyroll?

  • 1:30 omg its drake

  • Felt like a NDS game, it would have been nice !

  • 1:21 and Thumbnail Domics is markiplier confirmed

  • cool video i love your video!😁😀

  • So no ones gunna talk about this JoJo bizzare adventures reference? 2:25


  • dude ur hair looked amazing short, what u mean by it was too short???

  • Fortnite stile

  • Dom doing the default dance

  • Nice vid

  • Oo aa aa aa a

  • Nice story

  • Dylans horible

  • Ah yes, FAX North

  • "Your welcome" I like this guy

  • I swear people need to stop using the cave man sponge Bob picture bro, it's to funny, I can't I laugh every time

  • If anyone want some anime to watch bungou stray dogs Black clover Tower of god And The rising of the shield hero

  • yeeet#

  • You can just watch on Ani me update


  • 2:26 me ans the boys up at 3 am looking for beans

  • Why do u not put the 'i' in the comics intro? •.•

  • People watching him for the first time : " you copied Disney " Everyone else : "Bruh"🙄 Edit: this does not make sense do not like if you do not want to

  • NRG Clix

  • I like your walking style. Wait did you walk like that in real there.


  • been watching you for 6 years and it’s so nice to come back on your account and see you still getting views and making good videos

  • I thought the title was media bagel

  • Ayyyy I be on that One Piece grind too

  • Domics you should really check out Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba its really good

  • The animation for Wano is amazing, I just wished the episodes didn't have so much filler

  • Maan f*ck dailan

  • why are there jojo refrences EVERYWHERE not that I'm complaining ;)

  • Was he touching a Gundam 🤔🤔 (at the very start 0:51)

  • weird this one didn't pop up in my recommended

  • Well basically a vip for a vip badge

  • does crunchyroll do crunchy pizza rolls?

  • Hi does anyone know if god of highschool has a scheduled episode release date?

  • I've watched domics for so long some videos doesn't even show on my history.

  • 2:27 Jojo fans: ugh bro i was sleeping.... really you want me to say it..... ugh..... can we do this another time..... FINE FINE IL DO IT IL SAY IT Also jojo fans: IS THAT A JOJO REFRENES... I’m to tired for this shit

  • Domics is 29 he is almost 30 :0

  • Jees dude you are allways sponsored by Audible Nvpn or Crunchyroll

  • 000100110 10110100 100011 0100110 010010 0010010 1110010 1010011 0001010 Hey try to figure out what this spells Mr Domic !

  • Normally I fast forward my way to promotions in SEnewss video but I never do so for Domics specially "Crunchyroll" IDK WHY I LIVE HIS VOICE SAYING "Crunccchhyrol" SO VERY MUCH! 😭😂✨

  • i already have crunchyroll

  • domic is 30

  • Y does Dom walk around like he has extremely bad chafing

  • : )

  • I read the title as “The Mega Badge”