Cosplay Shenanigans

Publicerades den 31 dec 2016
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  • I didn’t watch your content too much (I’m sorry) so I didn’t realize you liked haikyuu. Anyway, cool thumbnail

  • yes. I came for Haikyuu, i got Haikyuu. yes.

  • Should I watch haiyku ???

  • Haikyu more like hIgh Q


  • where's your rolling thunder nishinoya????

  • anime expos are the worst!

  • im dying of that trafalgar law cosplay

  • I always wanted to do a group cosplay like heathers or Steven universe or something like that but my friends don’t wanna :(

  • saw hinata and fatty kageyama

  • I love haikyuu

  • Hn

  • Cosplayers are kinda cringey

  • Forty degree is cold right



  • My cousin will be peoud

  • Me coming back to this video after becoming an anime fan: 👁️👄👁️

  • That volleyball animation was beautiful 👌🏿

  • hinataaaaaaaa

  • I saw haikuu and then just watched the whole video lol

  • dom you succ

  • I read the tittle as "cosplaying sharangans"

  • *sees haikyuu* Y E S

  • I thought the title said Cosplay Sharingan

  • I see Haikyuu I clic


  • cosplay shinigamis...nani?

  • I can just imagine how many “Tanaka, nice kill” comments there would be if that cosplayer dressed up as Tanaka instead lol

  • Hehe rick and morty screaming sun

  • THEY'RE A DISGRACE TO HAIKYUU!! jk but really??

  • Why was that even something to be gossiped about? Who cares? I mean... *I* would prolly tell my friends about it just because I have a stupid sense of humor and I would’ve found it funny but still.

  • omg haikyuu

  • Watching this video again after watching Haikyuu! 🤣🤣🤣 Also... BOKE HINATA!!

  • I’ve been subscribed for years.. but for the first time I clicked only cause haikyuu was in the thumbnail

  • 40 degrees isn't hot what?

  • 40 degrees? That's nice weather tho

  • Hit the ball so hard it went to another anime

  • di- did domic’s really say “we weren’t about to stand in the 40° weather and get cooked alive”... BUDDY..... 40° is cold for us californians. i wish it was warm for me, i’m jealous.

  • 1:55 Me like: It’s Tendou. (At the bottom of the screen)

  • Cosplay shenanigans part 3: *Light brings a real deathnote, Asta brings a real grimoire*

  • I once went to a comicon and found a guy,... cosplaying as sailor moon. (He 100% did it as a joke, he even said so)

  • I watched this a long time ago and now I'm in the haikyuu fandom and understanding feels ✨so good✨

  • Ball:BEGONE THOT!!! Sailor:N A N I

  • 0:16 every single american, what? 40 degrees is cold as

    • @THEBONGO BOI cool that made laugh.

    • @:3hy (that's the joke)

    • Celsius he means

  • came for naruto soon as i saw obito i stayed for the vid

  • From the 4:29 part the serve sound effect is from Ushijima Wakatoshi I know this cuz well people tell me I look like him and so I had to watch season 3 like 100 times soninget every little detail

  • 4:25 that sound cut straight from ushijima serve. domics you sneaky ass.

  • yes haikyuu is the best

  • hey hev you ever wacht demen slayer

  • No tsukishima :/

  • when karens explains what happend 4:22

  • BOY I live in California and here it’s NEVER good weather it’s ether 90 degrees c or it’s 10 degrees k and I’m just saying to myself (to myself so I don’t get my kidney stolen) my warrior cats loving self is whispering “god spottedleaf was right fire alone will save the clan”

  • I’m from America and this guy just said that it was 40 and he was going to get cooked alive what


  • isn't it kind of ironic that it was Hinata, kakeyama, and nishinoya broke the staff

  • I clicked this bc of haikyuu...

  • Я бы закосплеела Киёку семпай🌚)

  • Watched this video when it came out but came back now that I’ve watched all the current episodes

  • Who's waiting for episode 14 of haikyuu season 4? I am asking this cuz' I am!!! Inarizaki are gonna lose vs karasuno HEHEHEEHEH

  • nobody commenting about the Erina cosplayer smh

  • Me coming back to this video after haikyuu ended: 👁💧👄💧👁

  • I am more of a FMA fan myself. Especially the manga.

  • Even shinoya was taller than kageyama

  • Out of all the animes out there you chose Haikyu! I feel so blessed. Someone cares abt my favourite anime!!!!!!!

  • Wait- that’s the Phil from the anger video

  • He was there three years before Haikuu got big... again

  • Man that’s spike animation it’s exactly like haikyu

  • I'm watching this again because the S4 episodes are delayed because of Covid-19 and I really miss Haikyuu, I never thought I would read the manga but I'm reading it now and I love it.

  • I watched this vid about a year ago and had no idea what haikyuu was. I recently got into it (as in 'fangirling to my friends and staying up reading the manga' into it) and this came up again in my recommended. I am currently screeching at the sole mention of Haikyuu.

  • Fucking Gunbound was my shit.

  • Do you mean 40°C or 40 degree Fahrenheit

  • 40 degrees in Florida it like 100 degrees here

  • It should be calles dosplayed

  • 4:25 seems like an oikawa serve

  • Sad to say that the Haikyuu Manga is ending on July 20, 2020

  • Didn’t know 40 degree weather could cook an egg if you put it on the pavement 🤨

  • i watched this years ago without knowing what haikyuu was and now that i’m back knowing haikyuu this is even better

  • “She did a underhand serve” *shows overhand serve later*

  • Wait I thought "Shananigans" was with "a" instead "e"


  • Did I just here him say “we don’t want do get cooked in the 40 degrees sun.”?! ITS 100 WHERE I AM

  • Dom: says 40 degrees is hot Me in Arizona: *I get 40 in winter and get 125 in the summer.*

  • knew it haikyuu fans are toxic

  • Omg I didn’t know you watched haiykuu!!! You are now my favorite SEnewssr

  • Ahhhhh

  • I cosplay as fat gum once

  • This would make a great anime episode

  • I see nishinoya, i click

  • I just got 8th place in international volleyball (For my age and 2 years elder) And I watched all seasons of Haikyuu before that, my trainer wondered why I tried to do a Kageyama (Yes I tried this in a match)

  • “His personal motto is ‘if you’re gonna hit it *hit it till it breaks* ’”

  • you know he is a canadian because 40 degrees is really hot. that's winter...

  • Mr. pangibob

  • Why is Nishinoya so tall ohmahgosh, Hinata too wtf is this asaaaagh

  • I came here because of the thumbnail

  • saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassassasasasasasasassssssssasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa da luck

  • Me being a American: wtf 40 degrees is cold Me realizing he’s using Celsius: 😑

  • i watched this without knowing what haikyuu was and now that i'm rewatching i'm freaking out that i didn't remember it

  • Came for haikyuu but it was domics , it was posted like one minute ago , and I didn't even get notified