Last Names

Publicerades den 23 jan 2018
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  • 2:12 ‘Koreans looking at u’ (Me being a Korean and my last name is Ann and my Korean friends last name is Voksloakerbem)

  • We in Poland have much harder last names than that.

    • Try pronouncing Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz.

  • My last name is Dolor and people say Dollar. And then sometimes people go like, Them: Ma'am doesn't Dolor mean "pain"? Me: Yes My brain: Now I'm in pain.

  • I think my last name is hard to say because I'm from Sweden... It's "Tengnér" :>

  • 2:04 and 5:46 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Can’t Stop Laughing

  • I understand im Filipino to

  • In my father's version of Philippino my middle and last name meant life and taxes lol

  • My Grandma's last name is panganiban. The worlds small~

  • Dominic pa, pa, pa, pa, pan, pan panana? uh how do you pronounce that, pancanaban.

  • In the netherlands ‘ng’ is a sount we use in a word😂

  • Can someone tell me if my last name is hard to pronounce for you guys?

  • it's pretty accurate for someone who doesn't know Vietnamese btw it's the nguyen part

  • How to pronounce my name is kiya-chon Quiachon

  • honestly the names aren't that hard to pronounce it's just our spelling is awful.

  • I never have problem with pronouncing things

  • dom: confused about *Ng* me: dude.... you have a *ng* in your last name.. pa *NG* aniban.

  • I feel ya

  • the letter i think its a letter u know the "Ng" thing? its pronounced "nag" the the a in ng is not meant to be there btw but that's how my mom said on how to say the "ng" letter so yeah

  • Your last name panganiban is a cool last name, panganiban means be cautious or be scared you are literally cool last name

  • You pronounce (nguyen) really good, i'm glad that you know!

  • My last name is harder

  • I had a teacher, her name was “Ms Ng” we all said it like how you say the beginning of Nguyen. Like using just your uvula to say it.

  • I knew you were Filipino cuz U sound like one

  • Hota. “Tah”

  • Haha mine is “Vo” V-oh

  • I know how to pronounce your name Panganiban I pronounce my last name: Al-KadReee (Al-Qadri) Many of my friends doesn’t know to pronounce my last name correctly because my name is from Arabic I live in Malaysia

  • Pangiban?

  • my last name being Lee


  • My brother had a classmate whose last name was Ng. We pronounced as "Nang" but then again, we were all Filipino kids - the Ng kid included.

  • This is how i pronounce panganiban. Pack-an-e-ban I'm sorry 😅

  • myne is a South Africa surname is:janse van rensburg

  • Dom: pron? Me:po-....... rn

  • My last name is hard it's callaghan

  • Ng is pronced eng or mm

  • Im filipino so is nang

  • yoo my man Black clover's lite

  • Hey Mr. Pongebob how are ya

  • My last name is an animal

  • Well for me it was my first name which is “Yeseul” the “seul” has a like a Korean accent to it so ppl can’t rlly pronounce it, so when there’s a substitute teacher I always have to go to the sub before hand and tell her

  • My teachers can not pronounced my first name


  • My freind also have weird last name called wijaya so why your freind have name like this? It becuz indonesia have weird name

  • My freind also have weird last name called wijaya so why your freind have name like this? It becuz indonesia have weird name

  • I got off easy my last name is “de Leon” yes it’s a Spanish last name and I am Filipino

  • Wait you guys don’t pronounce your friends parents by their first name? All my life I’ve done it and same with all of my friends

    • In desi culture, we dare not refer an elder by their name haha, we call our friends' parents uncle and aunty

  • Ng is spelled ung

  • Who is asian and was confused why somany ppl spelled it wrong

  • Difficult name gang, except mine doesn't make sense in any language. It confused a lot of people :)

  • "Danger is my surname."

  • I think that Nguyen is just one syllable and is pronounced as how you pronounce it but just one syllable

  • wait Panjibab isn't acceptable but it's funny

  • well technically "ng" is a letter on it's own in the Filipino alphabet

  • My last name is Sales people said it a salad

  • Me: Zajacek-Tieu (Z/y/a/ch/e/ck- Ch/oo) I am Australian, Vietnamese, Chinese. Some of my friends have: Lupinno, (Loopino) Dimoskivi (Dimosfki) Weird. Panjabob (Mr. Spongebob, Panjabob)

  • Well my last name is Kyrö so usually ppl say Kyro and i’m like don’t try to pronounce a letter you have never seen before lmao

  • In my country we don't have last names , it's only our name and our father's name

  • OK so my last name is Tuttle And my sister ordered a package and on the box it said tamera puddle

  • How to pronounce his last name (but..simpler): Pan ga-knee ban There you go-

  • good job, you nailed the Nguyễn, btw sometimes we vietnamese also use Ng as the abbreviation for Nguyễn

  • Lol my first name always gets misspelled and my last keeps getting said wrong, Also one of my old classmate's last name is freaking "Dy".

  • I have 2 teachers with Ng as their last name and I've been pronouncing that as Ung. So did they.

  • I did it i can do it!

  • Domics: my last name can be a tongue twister Me( with a name like Przeciszewska):wut it is EZ

  • My first name is hard to pronounce... hence my username. So yeah! That’s the reason behind my username that I’ve never told anyone... -cause no one asked-

  • I hate when people pronunce my last name maniclay

  • I Did It 😄

    • Btw it was the last name thing

  • I’m still thinking about what will happen when someone says my name that isn’t Vietnamese, it’s probably funny and awkward.

  • My last name is Paniagua and in English it’s bread and water

  • I think Chinese and Indian names more difficult compare to Filipina

  • Americans: pongabob Me: panganiban

  • I have no trouble pronouncing your surname

  • 2:05 punjah bob

  • My last name is ngo and everyone just says it as no. So now I am known as Alex no...


  • Hi mr. Toung twister

  • My name is in Dutch but me and my family are full American and my brothers have completely normal American names and all new teachers or substitutes say it wrong, also I took most of friends 3 years to learn how to spell it.

  • I bet when I'll go to US, someone will say "gEIma" instead of "gAma" The A is like the "MArio" he says in the video, not like "game"

  • Nang- ng- nanggggg HAHAHAHAHA

  • Now think in the gilipinos with vasque last names.

  • Why all the filipino end up as SEnewss animators?

  • Panganiban means dangerous mine Woszczyna means earwax or wax worker ...

  • Indonesians and Malaysians would pronounce filipino names and last names better than others

  • Feel ya

  • Them hand signs tho

  • if you can't pronounce my last name just call me coochie man :)

  • i know someone who's name is Qwyncy i thought it was pronouned as Quincy well apparently it's pronounced as yen yen YENNNNN WTF and i have another friend who's nane iams also spelled as Qwyncy and it was pronounced as there you go yen and sen


    • Your teacher could be domics sister🤔🤔🤔

  • :dominic Pangnagiban here um... teacher um pangs uh pagibbob how do you pronounce that

  • Im filipino

  • my last name is "nlend" 😶...

  • hummmm im french and i have a friend who has "Lukuikilu" for last name

  • How dare you underestimate me! As a Filipino I can say It Perfectly

  • Explanation: I know a person who’s name is Ng, he says it stands for Nursyshark. Idk

  • Abellon thats my name and im a filipino

  • This suddenly turned kinda like a lesson.

  • I always just say "Don't Try" when they get to my name.

  • I had the same problem no one can pronounce my name like it sounds like "show say"