Publicerades den 30 nov 2019
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  • She is eating a *brødskive*

  • I love that theyre arguing about stupid things

  • It’s a peanut butter AND jelly sandwich. It’s NOT a peanut butter THEN jelly sandwich. Also two pieces of bread is just that. 2 pieces of bread. Not a sandwich therefore it’s not a pb n j

  • J&pb

  • Noooooooooo

  • I toast mine, "no soggy bottoms" markiplier makes

  • Back to cereal, is cereal a soup? I really want to know... Please reply what you think.

  • peas in ramen?? how dare you

  • Coincidentally, as im watching this, im enjoying mrice

  • Mrice sounds really good right about now

  • Jelly toast and peanut butter toast

  • I actually eat it like that lol

  • Lmao now food theory a thang and he did the same thang 😂

  • I listen to these as Podcasts/Audiobooks, they are just so entertaining and funny

  • it doesnt count as a sandwich unless its together. if i eat a sausage and then eat a slice of bread am i eating a hot dog

  • D- did I just watch a video of people arguing about a sandwich.. ... **subscribes**

  • im alerigc to peanuts :(

  • Gordon Ramsay when he runs out of insults 1:46

  • What if you put a slice of bread in between the peanut butter and jelly big Mac style would that still be called a PB and J

  • The best debating ever

  • i once ate cereal with Yakult, it tasted horrible, and yes, also orange juice, they were actually together in the bowl

  • mrice

  • 0:03

  • 00:3

  • dis arguement has no meaning

  • You should leave her

  • I need to go to test my iq now

  • Bred

  • Basically PBTJ Peanut butter then jelly or JTPB.

  • i know, i am gonna laugh at "mrice" at 3 a.m. for no apparent reason

  • One slice of bread with some topping is wat we dutchies call een boterhammetje

  • 4:38 that reminds me of something

  • I use the ones with peanut butter and jelly in the same jar

  • Have you had a toasted on and j

  • it wouldn’t be a “PB and J” it would be a “PB then J”

  • If cereal and milk had sex... Cereal. Hmmmmmmmmm

  • 7:34 that made me laugh so much more than it was probably intended

  • This is the most useless but interesting conversation.

  • m r i c e

  • I now make my peanut butter & jelly sandwich with peanut butter on both slices of bread & jelly in between🥜🍇🍞

  • I love watching people fight over bread

  • i love these weirdos

  • 😂 my sister when she eats her Burgers she eats the top bun then one by one the the toppings then the bottom bun

  • Damn I love love is war my 2 fav

  • yo now i look weird but i have a habit of like, if i eat something i have to put a little bit of everything ( like mini ramen girl lol) and then im satified lol cause then i will literally feel wrong

  • I hate myoyo lets chat in this video ok?

  • I do peanut butter on both sides and then add jelly,I have never known about this way

  • The way she eats it would make it a PB THEN J, not PB AND J

  • meat + rice = mrice or mreaicet

  • oraoraora

  • haaaaaaaa hahaha

  • If 1 slice of bread is not considered a sandwich,what if it was in half and you put the other half on top of the other?

  • what if you put coke in your mouth and didn' swallow it then sort of puckered your lips to resemble the bottle then put mentos in your mouth. would it explode?

  • Sandwich talks

  • She’s eating toast without it being toasted

  • So is no one gonna talk about eating poutine with chopsticks?

  • she eats jelly bread then she eats peanut butter bread weird....

  • watch food theory

  • my brain

  • Is the jelly the left cheek and peanut butter the right?

  • Why is this a video and a rant about pb&j is that really necessary

  • 7:16, Gay

  • shes eating "brødskive" in Norway we don't eat sandwiches we eat single slices of bread with toppings

  • خیلی بیکاری.♡

  • Top 10 things scientist still can't answer

  • He stole narutos ramen

  • Yep

  • We need Daidus back

  • My 3 brain cells during a math test:

  • Clearly they haven't heard of an open-faced sandwich

  • I’m pretty sure food theory actually answered the sandwich question on the hotdog episode.

  • I know your all probably behind on anime Me: naah mate it's not the anime I'm behind on, it's the homework I'm behind on

  • She is eating peanut butter toast and jelly toast...

  • What? A sandwich is only a sandwich once constructed. Edit: 5:38 you'd just be eating sandwiches wrong.

  • Why are you taking about it😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😇

  • Domics should watch food theory on whats the meaning of a sandwhich

  • instad of mrice what about reat

  • Daidus: PB & J sandwich Subtitles: PB JASON

  • I like how Daidus conveys himself as a dumb guy but then in this video he gets things right loik... Weow.. Didn't know you could do that..

  • there was some kid in my elementary school that ate sandwiches and beef patties laterally :I

  • Missing one word: preassembled

  • I HAVE N&J (nutella and jam)

  • there is a place in this wold that chicken wings are a samij

  • This hurts my brain 😭

  • minecraft mob idea:giant frog this mob would spawn in the swamp biom and would come with the swamp update (if there is one), this mob would come in groups of 10-20 frogs for each giant frog, the giant frog would have to 2 attacks ( a tounge attack in which he would "lick'' the player dealng 3 hearts of damage and poison ( with no armour ) there would also be an attack in which if the player gets to close it would bite them also dealing poisen damage this would would also deal 4 hearts of damage with no armour. they would variet in size from half the size of the player to twice the player's size they would eat dragon flys (they would also variet in size). they would drop slime balls and a new item called the frog leg it can be eaten raw or cooked if eaten raw it would give 1 hunger and would have a chance to poisen you if eaten cooked it would give 4 hunger but will give you 1 second of nausia.

  • Heck... I need some ramen now

  • I want to eat some *MRICE* ....

  • Once the food gets ingested, it becomes bolus. We often refer to the name of the food item before we ingest it. For instance, let's say we're trying to eat a food item. Eating each ingredient one after another would not mean that you're eating the food item. You're eating a slice of bread with PB and another slice of bread with J. You're not eating PB&J. Yes, you're ingesting PB&J and digesting it but *you're not eating it.* Placing cereal in your mouth and then pouring milk doesn't mean you're eating cereal even if both ingredients are in the mouth. Who's with me?

  • Peanut butter toast and Jelly toast. Without the toaster.

  • i was just making a pb and j and this pooped up on my recommendation

  • Dumbest argument in my entire life LMAO 😂😂

  • So I looked it up and a piece of toast is classified as an open-faced sandwich which also means a pizza is a sandwich

  • Is it still a salad if you ate the veggies separately then shock them in your stomach?

  • There is no cooldown for cereal and milk because if you are the cereal first then drank milk you aren't eating the dish everyone knows and "cereal". But if you made the dish and put it together, then ate cereal before milk, it's still counts as you ate cereal for breakfast

  • Is eating pb and j with one slice weird? I do it.

  • What if you mix the Peanut butter and Jelly in a bowl so its all incorporated together, but its eaten on 1 slice. The flavors are together, dose it still count?

  • what if u eat your cereal without milk (⊙_⊙;)

  • Pb&j stands for people bits and jelly

  • But you have to pay for no I was and you will know you know why

  • What happens if you assemble the pb and j and then separate them is that still pb and j?