Growing Up With Video Games

Publicerades den 28 jul 2019
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  • Back then you had to cheat to get over powered candies in Pokémon Now you can just play the game normally and still get overpowered candies

  • Tae in the Philippines means poop hahahhaahahahahah

  • Uhhm the "TAE" 👌🏼👌🏼 only Filipinos can relate hahahah

  • Yeah your famicom was definitely modded

  • I don't know any of this stuff but I do know the Wii......i love the wii

  • DoMIcs

  • Hahahah tae

  • Only filipinos will get the tae nemesis

  • this is the number one show-this-to-your-mom video

  • dude my psp also had 100 games when i lost my box like cd things

  • You are not a real filipino gamer if you didn't called your pokemon rival "tae"

  • Do you know that Steve is in super smash bros

  • Nyi-hello!

  • Well at least Steve is in Smash

  • I grew up with gamecube best console and games ever im getting a attachment to play gameboy advance game gameboy colour and original gameboy games on it.

  • Your rival Tae sounds pretty shitty to me bro

  • Forward Aerial 5:06

  • 1:49 i like when he put the demon slayer sound

  • Online class can wait...

  • 3:56 leaded you to japanese gundam in your adulthood.

  • Welllllll the new Zelda... u exited?

  • I will forever be haunted by buff butterfree

  • +-

  • Woow I can't believe ps 5 is already here

  • Long time ago the america(not sure country) didnt accept video games. The video game creator has an idea to trick the america that they deliver wasn't a video game. So they change the video game word into an entertainment system or NES in order to trick the america. So that's why they got influence by the video game causing children to flunk out of school tnx to the video game.

  • YOUR RIVAL TAE YOUR RIVAL IS POOP XD IDK why its funny Wait is tae a pokemon character idk actually

  • Did anyone else play on the Atari 2600?

  • Man I really hate how you PvZ in the "Want something with less commitment and immediate reward catagory" because PvZ is the opposite of that. PvZ 2 tho. thats a different story

  • I love how my family hates the internet, as if they ever had friends on the internet tho

  • Domics: the nintendo familiy computer! (in a filipino accent, at least I'm filipino too) Me: my mom had that, also now I have an old ps 2

  • BRUH LMAO i got a league of legends ad after he mentioned it SJBXJDBKCJXKDS

  • Tae-Poo

  • My childhood was with those games😂

  • I remember that tank game so much


  • Dom: I friken loved might morphin power ranger Me: u never change ⬇️ Also please sub to me bois

  • 7:47 I said that once when I was 5

  • My cats name is Zelda

  • 5:36 me on my pc

  • tae lol

  • 3:58 Did you just hump the controller? XD

  • 6:14 Idc what any of yall gotta say but if he's 0 0 12 and playing support, then he's an absolutely amazing son of a gun.


  • There was also a Pokémon duplication glitch

  • When he said expect brawl I started laughing because brawl sucked

  • No please stop 4:45

  • Bro I just realised this in 1:49 If u listen carefully in the background there is the demon slayer song that plays after the theme song in every episode the song is very short I noticed it cause demon slayer is my favorite anime

  • 7:46 Domics: ''What if we're in a game right now...?'' Tari (Meta Runner): *_What's up?_*

  • do you still play League of Legends

  • i study do homework THEN PLAY GAMES

  • 5:00 mario on x games mode

  • As a video game collector I have never seen a famicon do that

  • Fun fact: *most people learn more with video games than in school*

    • Dat true, I played GTA 4 and Call of duty when I was 4, and I learned more words than school taught me

  • 6:33 vietnam architecture flashbacks

  • I luv smash

  • Famicom

  • Am i the only one who grew up with sega?

  • please play among us

  • Ok

  • only filipinos will understand: RiVaL TaE

  • ”Less commitment and immediate reward”*shows the clash of clans* :(

  • Where's GTA man!?

  • So your famicom is a clone

  • When he said league of legends I thought he was going to say "for sponsoring this video"

  • We used to play super smash bros but these days kids play a game i know and i tried called brawlhalla i guess its good but not like super smash bros (duh)

  • angas

  • Wait this man is filipino?

  • Yeah. Gaming made me who I am. And It made me a lot more lax. Thanks jrpgs. Thanks the world ends with you. Thanks Dragon quest. Thanks Atlus. Thats square enix. And thank you Splatoon 2

  • I love league of legends is there anyway we could play together?

  • I like the classics even if I didn’t play any buy thanks to switch online I can play classics including japanese games

  • wdym? brawl is the best game until Ultimate. it aint to simple, it aint to complicated, and its got good graphics

  • That scene were Mario beats up Link is me when someone taunts at me after I die I’m not even joking


  • 1:50 wasn't that the "Demon Slayer" OST

  • Domics:What if we’re in a game? Me: SAO flashbacks *oh god*

  • I like storm 4

  • I was born in 2007,here's my timeline of getting consoles: 2008-Leapster 2013-Wii U 2016-3DS 2018-Switch 2018-Xbox One 2019-PS4 2020-PS5 2021-Xbox Series X I excluded retro consoles and only included relevant consoles at the time I got.

  • I'm 13 and I grew up in the Wii U & 3DS era.

  • What if we are in a game right now? Only some of people have souls and other humans are NPC? Just kidding live your life.

  • 5 million views?

  • me in 1of octover 2020 WE NEED to talk of ultimate DOMINICS if you dont sen the new dcl caracter

  • Kirby was the OG in ssmb n64 and you cant change my mind.

  • Tae - poop (in Filipino)

  • Have anyone play genshin impact now? Multiplayer open world game

  • Pink Panther

  • We Are in A Game God is Just Rigt Up There Controlling us Killing us 0-0 And Helping us

  • I disliked the video to get the satisfacation of the 2,000th dislike

  • i too rmember playin that game when I was a kid the game name is the mighty morphin power ranger i never figured out how the hek to play that game but I always entered it tho.....i was a 3year old kid lol

  • He didn't experience the Xbox 360 game chat

  • I have a famacom it's now 23 years because it use to be my uncles

  • im 9 years old. im an aiming god and flick god at fps games. life is ez.

  • My rival "TAE" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • hi i got covid yesterday in hospital your my favorite animator tho.

  • Brawl was the best of all the games

  • Domics has a sponsor every vid


  • 2:26 hmmm and bangoo

  • My opponent tae lol

  • 5:06 just realized mario went for that f o r w a r d a e r i a l

  • 5:44 Me: (Sees the name "Lux") Me: Is that Paladins?