My First Gambling Experience

Publicerades den 31 maj 2018
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  • You should make a *shark pog* *wink wink* *kill me* *please*

  • I still see that pogs and I didn't know how to use it so I didn't lmao

  • Slammer is swag Pog is pog

  • I played those but in mexico we use tazos its a thingy that comes in like cheetos or you know those packages it would come inside and it was a plastic round circular WHATEVER and its the same thing but we had 2 options bet or trade... Almost always is bet

  • i cheated by taping two slammers or pogs onto eachother lol (if they are the same)

  • Hmmm in Mexico we call them “tazos”

  • my first gambling experience was chucky cheese

  • Just so everyone knows the podium in which the bully is standing on says fidget spinner

  • I love the pog and slammer version of attack on titan xd

  • poggers

  • Pogchamp

  • Philipinos:let us introduce ourselves

  • Rename it to 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯 an slammers

  • Other People : That Sounds Fun Filipino : ANG DAYA MO!!

  • Poggers

  • I’ve played

  • I knew of the concept of money since I was 9

  • :pog:

  • . . ()

  • pogchamp


  • Legit my favorite domics video

    • I feel like i'm watching this video every day..

  • Pog

  • We used marbles instead of pogs and slammers

  • I am filipino to pogs is so cool but i sucked @#s

  • Pogs still exist here inthe Philippines Also no plastic slammers only cardboard thick ones

  • pogchamp

  • I remember walking down the hallway of my school with 3 pringles cylinder and a bag full of pogs and a pouch full of slammers, I felt like Im a king of pogs and slammers at my school. Good old days

  • Everyone now: POG

  • this is a poggers moment

  • filipino relatablr

  • pogs? lmao

  • pog

  • Uh hello domics uh pogs and slammer sets came like with 20 to 40 pogs

    • yea, he said 2-4 SLAMMERS

  • Me:*hears pogs* Also me:Pog champ

  • Pog ( ‾▿‾)

  • This video gives me PTSD

  • poggers

  • Pog

  • 4:20(lmao) Uh kakegurui ...

  • In my country they will call you *BAKLA* if you rejected to play with them

  • 2:41 Ganondorf laugh

  • p o g g e r s

  • In Mexico 🇲🇽 they are called tazos

  • I have two pogs

  • This one always makes me laugh and I love the naruto and Pokémon references

  • Only people that are Filipinos know chicken fight

  • Damn I remember those as a kid

  • I would absolutely go hostile if someone took something so valuable when I tripped

  • Sadly it's always the teddy bear flash back to garras teddy bear hash tag nerd


  • This is just like an anime you have friends that play,Dom has a rare slammer,he loses it episode 1 and gets it back, and there are pros at the game


  • pog

  • 4:23 why does the guy up top remind me of Tanaka from Haikyuu

  • 😂😂 If you dont accept to play you will be called a chicken 😂😂😂😂😂

  • This is really POG moment

  • POGS

  • How can someone be good or bad at gambling

  • *p o g g e r s*

  • “Poggers” Now laugh

  • I know this , but theyre not called slammers here in the Philippines , their called pogs here xD

  • Here where i live (italy) there are the soccer players cards, and we massacre for them, since here in europe soccer is an important sport, that cards are REALLY popular, i even remember one time me and my friends have gone in the other side of the city just to buy some of those cards cuz EVERYONE have finished them

  • pog

  • So that’s where poggers comes from And I’ll just give myself a like........


  • pog

  • poggers and slammers



  • Pog

  • This is the video that made me love the anime cartoonish art style

  • My manz pogging

  • Easily your worst video.

  • Yup remember thise

  • ?confusion?

  • Pog champ am I right

  • [Òóôõöøőœ

  • i remember the first time i played pogs i played them as flip coins

  • 4:10 i’ve only now noticed the dude on the left is tanaka

  • Are from philippines

  • .

  • I remember this game called stick its basically you make into a position of your hand, slam into the floor and if your opponent's stick or your stick (which are posicle sticks lol) the wood thing on top of the stick they get them or yeah there are gamemodea such as tsunami and etc but too lazy to explain them :/

  • i played that game when i was 6 i have like 2 boxes of pogs

  • Chicken fights hhahahahaha pina sabong ung manok

  • Poggers

  • Pog

  • That’s real pogchamp

  • Pogs

  • ME:(sees 666 slamers and takes it) and a devil just came up to me

  • PogChamp

  • Poggers

  • For me at school... Students : Alright let’s start using our pogs while teachers gone Teacher: OH HAIL NAH! If you bring pogs to school and we see you with it we teachers will take it and confiscate them and you will take them back by the end of the school year Me: Okay so I’ll be a good good student and don’t bring or play with pogs and slammers.

  • Same thing expect it’s hards and you try to use ur hand to make wind to flip it? Didn’t make sense but I still played it and broke my hands

  • I was eating noodles

  • Pogs and slammers seem very *P O G*

  • poggers


  • Last two years ago in my 3rd grade my classmates play it and there were two modes the first one was what domics just told us the second one was you shape your hand in to a turtle shell and you need and hole in the front of your hand for the air to flow there and flip the pogs and how many you flipped you get that many pogs

  • That’s literally what happens at my school but with bay blades I only had one but it was super strong it was a fafnir