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  • Did anyone else hear a small "*eah*" at 00:12?

  • I just find domics after a long time, I look at the video and nord vpn is here

  • please make more idiom videos!!😩😍

  • 3:04 *i turned myself into a pickle, morty*

  • I wish I wasnt American honestly America is the worst

  • And then you find me that i am an italian (so i i wrote wronge you know the why) but i understand dom 😂

  • I skipped doing ELA to binge watch domics.. we are currently learning about figurative language

  • My teacher uses as an example for fifth graders

  • My teacher send this to our gc but little did they know I watch ur animations 😂😂

  • "All downhill from here" may denote going down in levels other than the physical. After all, in a flood, you don't want to be in low-lying areas. Further forward, your earnings, your happiness, or your health might be on the decline, going down.

  • I see it as going down the hill meaning out of control like what Domics said, but all the fun ways he mentioned of going down a hill are the accomplishment. To do that you need to go up the hill first. It'd be like the 'uphill battle' where it's hard, but worth it. The hard work to bring a sled up the hill would be an example, because then you get to have fun going down the hill, but if you don't make it all the way up and trip and tumble down or drop the sled and have to chase it back down to bring it back up. That's the falling downhill part.

  • You think that english is hard. Try learning finnish just for fun. Pliz

  • 3:51 that's kinda racist

  • ⠀ ∩ \\ / ) ⊂\_/ ̄ ̄ ̄ / \_/ ° ͜ʖ ° ( ) /⌒\ / ___/⌒\⊃ ( / \\ U

  • Piece of balut got me hard

  • Before I continue this comment, I'd like to thank our sponsor NordVPN.

  • piece of egg

  • chinese people its raining cats and dogs puts out cauldron "pls dont get offended its a joke"

  • *I pray whoever reads this becomes successful*

  • That intro 😂

  • In Afghanistan we say it's raining rocks

  • Proof u never tried to learn french

  • "Oh don't worry, I'll make sure they don't *find your body."*

  • am i the only foreigner that learned English so easily or English is hard for native speakers

  • "Let's stop beating around the - bush get the hell out of here"

  • in hungarian we say "esik az eső, mintha dézsából öntenék" which is. it's raining so hard it's like they're pouring it from a barrel, which is pretty fitting imo

  • Idomics

  • This really helps me because tomorrow is my first periodical test Tnx😊

  • no u, Chinese is harder :3

  • Noice vid

  • i before except after c

  • The cats and dogs idiom is because when it rained hevily in the past the cats and dogs would fall through the roof

  • english is probably the easiest language to learn

  • I forgot all about this

  • Please make an idioms part 2

  • Going down hill... maybe falling...?

  • I'm not native english..And I find it the easiest language in the world..I Speak 5...

  • I before e except on Tuesday's and on full moons

  • My teacher said find idiom video this video came up 💀😂

  • My classmate say ur a filipino u just live in canada

  • english is hard mandarian chinese is simple, fun and easy :(

  • i saw " A pice of Balut " good one well it cant be an actual piece tho, but I like the soup :D 6:13

  • The blind eye idiom is based from history when english general Nelson (who had one blind eye) was being signaled by another ship to not attack the Dutch because they were outnumbered. So instead of just outwardly disobeying his commander, he just turned his blind eye toward the ship. P.S. He one the battle

  • 0:12 shark puppet??

  • At 6:14, my heart went ooops hihihi... I AM VERY PROUD OF BEING A FILIPINO :) Thanks for involving BALUT hehehehe

  • Why Nord VPN is omnipresent

  • 0:12 listen carefully and you'll hear Shark Puppet 😭😭

  • 😂

  • Tables and Chairs sounds way better

  • On the farm we would say "it's raining like a cow pissin on a flat rock" when it was raining heavily.

  • Raining cat and dogs should be calles raining anvils instead

  • Idioms makers:well you wont get it if your smart! Me:so your calling yourself smart?? Idiom makers:yes i am smart.. Me:show off...

  • Ok this was made 1 year ago but how bout brake a leg (to do good or good luck)

  • think English is complicated? try French lmao

  • Are they the same thing as Metaphors?

  • I think that's has to do since you were born in another country

  • lmao about eat your heart out In Russian, we created a meme idiom, wish translates like "What do you think of this, Elon Mask?" You can use it nearly like "eat your heart out" but it is much more self-ironic or smth

  • Dom i texted you on facebook dominic panganiban

  • it means to act like you were watching with a blind eye

  • Am I the only one who click on the video thinking it said "Idiots"....

  • goody two shoes

  • There were so many stupid things in this video.

  • You could just have one blind eye...

  • thanks for this i need this for my asynchronous activityツ

  • el no conoce el español

  • If you think that english is hard, what do you think about portuguese?

  • you think english id har to learn? Ha-ha dude we have GODDAMN 28 FORMS of word "Читать" (read) and thats not all

  • Idioms are made by idiots

  • Maybe start learning polish you gonna see which freaking language is harder?

  • The „Turn a blind eye“ can you compare to the German „Ein Auge zu drücken“(To close one eye) but we don’t have the „turn“ and they are actually many idioms that you can compare good from English to German

  • I was sent here for my school... this school is the best

  • i watch this for studying for 1 year when its english about idioms-

  • You know engkish is harder than math

  • No Im Jewish And English Is Easy I Even Forget Hebrew Word

  • I’m a 6th trader and learnt about idioms. I get it XD like “fork on the road” it means to make decisions and like omg it sucks

  • this is our objectives in English lol, we need to watch this, I already watched this ^-^

  • Easy as Eating a peice of cake

  • 1:20 when your name's Jeremy and you put this video in the background alone and then suddenly get scared because you heard your name but you find out it's just the video and waste time writing a comment that no one will ever see instead of doing homework.

  • Domics: anything else that was heavy and not alive? It's raining d e a d cats and dogs

  • i have 1 million dollars for ya! down! i don't have it sorry, i had know, couple of years in the future

  • hey random idioms alert: kill 1 pig with 20 million stones raining Macs and Ipods beat the pig over the pig out of the pig in a pigckle

  • Well as somebody grew up watching youtube, this vid sent me over the moon out of the blue and i killed two birds will 2 stone when i got there cuz...yea

  • I before E accept after C and what sounding like A in a neighbour in way, in weekends and hollidays and all troughout may and youll allways be wrong no matter what you say

  • Im so happy i convinced my teacher to let me watch this vid for school bc its on topic XD my day is alot better now :)

  • English is actually really easy to learn. Just watch way too many English youtube

  • 2:49 it should mean salty right?

  • I found this video because of my English teacher, she wanted to teach us about idioms and she clicked on this video, she regretted her decision because my classmates started asking her to let us watch more of domics videos.

  • English is literally the easiest language. You have neither genera nor cases, that is the only reason why everyone around the world knows it. Try to learn Serbian, I'll wait By the way, about the idioms, they are very similar in all languages, so they are somehow logical in English as well.

  • Dom: English is hard Me: Laughing in sim language

  • I also idioms

  • English is so much easier than my national Language

  • Im just here cuz of my module

  • Either turn or be blind Stevie Wonder: *Begins to spin*

  • Me sitting in iceland and failing Icelandic and doing better in English (cuz it's kinda easy) be like 👁👄👁

  • Turn an eye

  • well this guy needs to learn a little bit of potuguese before get mad with english again haha

  • piece of balut filipinos: wait- that's illegal

  • 😂 I’m learning them this year

  • 2:18 all the kids in my class are idioms ...and idiots

  • 6:16 don't try that on a vegan