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Publicerades den 26 dec 2016
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  • Me

  • Tagalog na Lang lods

  • Those tricylcles are underpriced

  • I can confirm hes filipino

  • Eyyy......Mindoro, that was the tamarraw statue at the san jose plaza (if Im right)

  • Mindoro? where in mindoro I'm in occidental mindoro how about you Domics?

  • Why does Rem have a knife?

  • I went to India we’re my fam was and I was kinda amazed of the maids 😂

  • Piiiinoooooy!!

  • 1:08-1:13 had me dying lol

  • This whole vid is soo true

  • make more comments about like - wat r yu doing here it makes me laugh

  • Pangabob

  • 0:40 its killing me!!!!😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Moved to poland, forgot belarusian. Xd

  • As a Filipino, *i love this.*

  • Aaaay I'm Philippines too

  • 4 for me english,tagalog,cebuano, and my local dialect hiligaynon

  • Philippine families dont want you to work they want you to relax. Not work.They are super nice

  • Pls make a all tagalog vid

  • Ayyy mmmm bango XD

  • lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • i am fillipino

  • I can't even speak tagalog without looking like an idiot. It's like I'm Travis Kraft if he married a German girlfriend who knew tagalog, but couldn't care to master it.

  • From the philipens

  • Same to me i sometime speak english and tagalog cause i have friends who doesnt talk tagalog

  • i call it lolo



  • The tagalog parts feel like watching anime but you know Japanese

  • 4:38.

  • Filipinos like me be like: LETS GO TO HIS HOUSE AND TALK TO HIS FAM Also the Filipinos: uhhhh its in Mindoro which is in Mindanao but im from Luzon............. Also the Filipinos AGAIN: never mind lets just play pogs in the middle of the road and avoid getting hit by cars just like always

  • I'm also white some people think I'm American

  • Im filipino lol who else is filipino

  • kumakain kaba ng adobo??

  • i can understand tagalog because im a Filipino, I just dont speak it alot.

  • Hmmm ang bango when i let out a fart whattttt ahahhaha

  • I speak both tagalog at (and) english.

  • Im a filipino and i cant stop speaking english i was.normal just one year.ago.helpme

  • Wow talaga

  • Asian here. Chinese to be specific. I can speak and understand Mandarin perfectly fine. But the thing is, my parents come from a part of China were they have a variation of Chinese, and whenever they don't want me to understand what they are saying they just speak in the variation. Its super annoying >:( XD

  • I speak both but I live in the philippines

  • Kamusta ka Dominic! Paano ang buhay mo?

  • I'm also from the philippines

  • "Ang bango" kung utot XD

  • And my grandma is a little bit German and she compared herself to Hitler even though she hasn't done anything bad she's just a little bit racist

  • I'm a little bit Italian like around probably 10%

  • I just noticed the captions... bruh wtf is "Gago in denim Koreano"? XD I know it's "Gagawin din ba yung koreano" but that thing got me *laughin*

  • Parang si guava juice

  • Who is from mindoro- : : ¥

  • I sooo know how you feel I went to Guatemala 2 years ago and yeah

  • I was born Philippines Bohol 😅

  • Did you go to Amparo yet? Translation:tagalog Naka punta ka ba sa Amparo??

  • This is a message to my fellow Filipinos and future tourists visiting our country. Even if your house has maids, please clean up after yourselves in everything you do. I have a maid in my household, but I clean up after myself to alleviate the extra work that my maid has to do when she has other things to do around the house.

  • Domics accurately represent in my weak Tagalog communication skills.

  • i love jolibees

  • That moment when you try to take care of your own plate in the Philippines. Philippines with maids:wait, that’s illegal?

  • If only he could see the state of motherland Philippines right now...

  • Dom said "In Mindoro" I'm from Mindoro. 😱 I'll find you Dom. Jk. 🤣

  • Still watching HAHAHA

  • My mom told me the exact same thing when I go to my home country

  • Isn’t this thing in Canada also that waiters clean the plates in restrauants cause it happens in India and other Asian contries

  • Jollibee 4:37

  • Im from San Jose Mindorooooo and that cow is located at Plaza near Pilot school wooooo

  • Same

  • Dom your really Relatable im born filipino and raised in the country yet i dont speak well filipino and mistook for a western person dies being short then pale skin af your a good guy

  • I love how the cup he drew was Jollibee

  • Ay think im right collor

  • Walango ka

  • Why peanuts

  • Why does maids sound like their not getting paid

  • The maids arent really called maids its "yaya" or helper in other terms. Just wanna say LETSGOPINOY

  • Maids am I right that’s why I’m spoiled

  • Speaking english with a filipino accent totally get you dude And um the being rude part if you don’t know your not being rude filipinos just don’t like when guests wash the dishes

  • Even I do speak Englis

  • W8 your also from mindoro?!

  • pinoysss yass dom is filipino

  • I was born in Philippines to

  • Racist man: oh no i'm getting black Filipinos: hey i'm black...... Eh what ever

  • Hey btw Dom you should go and look ip nct's Taeyong. He's korean and his eyes are really big.

  • Im filipino

  • TITE

  • No one: The captions: GaGO iN DeNiM KoReANo We Filipinos know what it means.

  • Everyone knows that the filipinos will charge you more pesos (im a filipino born in guam and go to philipines for vacation see my cousins) to earn more if you talk english

    • The money etc exchange for dollars I the Philippines dropped about 3 pesos so it's cheaper to buy items a little bit if it's via US dollars



  • Hi domics fan ako tagalog ako bakit yuong utot mo ay mabango

  • A few seconds in this vid and I hear my m8 is from Philippines, ayeeeee

  • Yeah i also had a maid story it went like this I am from bangladesh and some privileged families have maids and my dad was privileged in Bangladesh not trying to flex or anything So i was actually raised in france and after 12 years here in france we went to bangladesh to pay a visit and when we got to our family home(allot of people in bangladesh have a separate home from where they live and where most of the family gatheres if there was someone important coming for that family)there was a person that we didn't knew that was the maid(note we didn't know we had a maid and by we i mean me and my sister and also families don't usually introduce the maids)so the day after the day we arrived i realised she was a maid and not a relative that i had forgotten even though it was kinda awkward the first few days we had a amazing visit !

  • We don't have a maid but I think my family is mistaking me for one...

  • not made of chocolate me who already booked a ticket to phillipens you are abou 5 seconds too late

  • i am a filipino

  • Mmm..smells good

  • Maids? He comes from a rich family.

  • I had no idea that u were born in philippines what??

  • You speak tagalog

  • I'm Filipino and tbh my classmates suck at English.


  • My mom comes from the Philippiens is that how u spell it i forgot