Liking Things

Publicerades den 30 apr 2020
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  • This is a good message, but I feel like theirs one thing that isn't gone into, and that is that some things you may like are self destructive, and it's hard to recognize these things sometimes. There are things that are indeed entirely up to opinion, but that most certainly does not mean that everything is.

  • We need to tell this to the Fortnite haters of the world. Half of them have NEVER played it and only hate it because PewDiePie FllOr GanG BanDwAgON Let us like what we like or the B.R.U.T.E will come back

  • 1:14... I'm italian

  • People really can’t accept other people’s opinions- you think it’s cool?

  • i like pineapple on pizza to

  • I can see uzaki chan getting angry watching this

  • The only reason I don't like pineapples on pizza is that the tomato sauce and pineapple taste weird together

  • I love how when he scrolls through the rock climbing comments section at the very bottom there’s a dude asking why he breaths like a refrigerator

  • I eat pineapple on pizza because its DELICIOUS

  • Hawaiian Pizza is amazing

  • i like pineapple on pizza :)

  • Cosplayer: hey I like your drawing Domics: oh what’s there blood type Cosplayer: A- Domis: it doesn’t have blood now take that off

  • forken perverts :0

  • Dom is so damn cool. I wish I was a friend of his 😅 sorry if that's lame but IZ MA OPINION BIATCH

  • dom makes a video about not judging poeple basing on what they like me:damn this pretty good dom: i dont like mint chocolate me: WHAT?! (you see the joke is its like i didnt even watch the video so you poeple who are calling me out its a joke, idiots)

  • Pineapple on pizza is ok accept it or suck!

  • yo Domics try making this gunpla called GUNDAM SWHARZRITTER (maybe you will like it or not)

  • Black olives are the best thing to exist on top of a pizza

  • fried rice noodle..? fried. rice. noodle. man, that sounds so good!

  • Who needs a therapist when you have this guy! Also thanks for doing SEnewss

  • Hawaiian is pretty goddamn good. Especially if you use Canadian bacon.

  • I bet Domics will never read this

  • Domics is never going to read this.

  • Hawaiian style pizza is that shit man

  • “ *society man* “ me: *society* O-O

  • I don't like mint chocolate either

  • Americans taking other cultures' traditional foods and changing them but at the same time complain about things like hairstyles being cultural appropriation 😍

  • gordon ramsey said pinapples and pizza arte digusting so they are

  • I love pinapolpitsu 🍕🍕🍕😻😻

  • 5:25 it has happened to me many times, one time i fell right on my back... it hurt

  • I don’t like pineapple apple pizza I try it

  • I love pineapple on pizza!! yum

  • This doesn’t apply to simps

  • Mint choco doesn't make sense to you TRIGGERED but for real if you now where I got that from props to you

  • I LOVE pineapples on pizza...well, I like basically any type of pizza, but still edit: I love your rock climbing clips! I am not very good at bouldering, although I am getting better (plus my climbing gym doesn't have a big area for that. it's mostly tall walls that require harnesses and ropes and stuff), so watching you do it makes me happy.

  • I bet domics will never read this..

  • I love sweet and salty things. Pineapple, bacon, and pepperoni on pizza is great! I don’t know why people don’t like it either. I recently tried dark chocolate drizzled on chips and that is good too! Another sweet and salty 😁.

  • Domics will read this,

  • Robux

  • Make one exception and heart this.

  • The greatest fraze ever you succ

  • this video made me think back to when fortnite was still popular and all my friends kept being jerks to me cuz i refused to play it

  • Me to i like hawaiin pizza

  • Read this then..... Hi..

  • Personally I love mint chocolate but not the biggest fan of pineapple pizza, but good for you

  • mint chocolate also doesn’t make sense to me -

  • I like pineapple on pizza! Idk why, but the sweetness of the pineapple with the saltiness of the pizza, just MMh

  • i think i have watched this vid years ago and this is remade

  • I was about to go crazy when he said chocalate mint ice cream doesn't make sense but nahhh

  • Are you a filipino

  • I like how they call it Hawaiian pizza but most Hawaiians from Hawaii don’t even like it 😂😂 also we didn’t even make it so like 😔

  • Raycons suck

  • "You're allowed to like Sword Art online" OMG yes, I love it

  • Mint Chocolate? Meh

  • Italy: dislike >:-( (im italian)

  • When I have Hawaiian pizza i eat the pineapple separate.

  • I've tried pineapple in pizza and I genuinely hate it

  • i am Brazilian, we put chicken and ketchup in pizza, so i think i cant judge who likes pineapple pizza, but is still weird lol

  • I like pineapple on pizza... AND ROCK CLIMBING! ISN'T BOULDERING FUN? I recommend doing it on a mountain in the fall, the leaves are so pretty to look at, and the view ROCKS! Get it rocks?

  • I dislike mushrooms and never understood how people like them. To me theyre just so gross and slimyy it feels like youre eating snot


  • I like pineapple on pizza

  • Anime gatekeepers:🙃✌️

  • I really don't like pineapple on pizza because its really sweet for me

  • I'm an going to soiled myself

  • mint choklit is my faver it but i like diferint things like Ummmm.............Idk

  • I like stalking people.... Thank you for your support, Domics.

  • Ever hear of the great emu wars...whack

  • 1:30 say that to bts stans

  • I feel like hate is a strong word Why i "Dislike" pineapples on pizza 1. Its sweet, in my opinion i dislike the sweet taste on it with the salty savory flavore of the pizza 2. I like pineapples on thier own Ill still eat it tho, take the pineapples off and eat it then the pizza

  • Lol..I remember when I was 15 . Everyone liked one direction (the boy band) . And me and my friend only started listening to them for like a month, so we didn't know everything about them. There was this girls in my class who was a hard core fan and when she got to know about us, she literally interviewed and questioned us about the most intricate details. I literally couldn't even understand the questions..😂 But I was so pissed like who tf are you to decide if I'm good enough to be there or let me live. 😂😂 From then on me and friend call her snake... cause she literally gives that kind of expressions.

  • w

  • I needed this video a looong time ago

  • I bet domics won’t read this comment

  • I hate when people I know say “do you like pineapples on pizza or not”when my answer is”I hate pizza”

  • H

  • 1:29 is probably gonna be my background soon

  • I'm from italy and i can say:nobody in italy eat pizza with pinaple

  • I dont like Hawaiian pizza,not because its trendy,I just dont like the taste but that's just my opinion.

  • Hawaiian pizza is my favorite pizza

  • Dom will read this

  • Omg the thing u said at the end ;-; I love mint chocky chip 🥲

  • I like sao its my Favorit Anime

  • I actually hate pineapple pizza tho

  • I actually have the mclaren senna, its not that hard to build.

  • You can only like the theme songs of Sword Art Online.

  • I, personally dislike pineapple pizza But My sister likes it. I don't like pineapple pizza since it's weird for me to taste something sweet on pizza but it's fine if other people like it. Not all our taste buds are the same

  • I haven’t watched a video in a while

  • Let's be honest pineapple on pizza is pretty good but no one likes black olives on pizza I think

  • just wait until everyone says its weird for me to like kpop.

  • Moral of the story: You're allowed to like this so long as it isn't problematic Example: You shouldn't be a pedophile, we can all agree that's bad

  • Homemade pizza with full grown pineapple in your yard will taste good

  • pistachio is better than vanilla don't @ me

  • Everyone that doesn’t watch anime thinks it’s all hentai

  • I honestly don’t like pineapple on pizza

  • I don't like pineapple I haven't liked it for like my whole life. But I respect everyone's opinion

  • Me liking : sleeping and food

  • pineapple pizza is the best

  • 7:14 that’s like my sister refusing to eat sushi when she has never tried it before

  • when you said "ew" to black Olives, that hurt me in my feelings T^T