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Original Music by Christopher Carlone
Twitter: Carlonecmusic
Music of Domics, Vol. 1 (Music from the Animated Series)
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  • I fall right into the first category

  • Thumbnail should be in a museum

  • I'm free! Hahahahaha! Later bitch

  • I want peeves 3 as much as I want super mario galaxy 3

  • Ciao mi chiamo dominik

  • The first thing isn't bad if the elevators empty or near empty and if someone who needs it isnt using it or wanting to use it

  • Mine might be random but when I’m friends with a guy and their girlfriend hates me for no reason! Like what the hell did I do? We’ve been friends for literal years theirs nothing going on!

  • WAITT..... the music when he was playing DDR was the WII shop channel remix by VGR I listen to VGR all the time lol

  • 1:02 that voice xD

  • Please read the bible

  • 2:30 I snorted at this part XD There was once (or maybe twice) when I clipped my nails, it flew towards my eye, I hate when that happens

  • My combo!!!!

  • That thumbnail really said S A G E. M O D E

  • 2:28

  • PEEVE3?

  • When I met Dom I said "I kNoW yOuVe BEen AskED ThIs aloT BuT cAn i GeT A pHoTO" I am most defiantly ashamed.

  • my pet peeve is the word PET PEEVE it is so annoying

  • 3:37 whats the song

  • 2:09 linux

  • 2 week holidays 14 day free trail TY

  • 2:03 um this is Canada we don’t have one dollar bills.

  • If you’re gonna buy an expensive character with *my studs* you best be paying that back Seriously though, I don’t wanna have to start up a new save file because of you.

  • Oh so how the peeves pet

  • (╥﹏╥)

  • When SEnewss puts two 15 second ads unskippable:

  • The TASTE on the milk tea order... I respect you, sir!

  • Yo the picture of the bathroom tho- LMAO

  • You are so godamn Asian 1:49

  • 1:12 I am that kind of guy idk where and what to eat

  • is every video you upload sponserd

  • no you cannot take it but you can take this L *shows an actual fucking L*

  • Dom seems like a scary person to be friends with. "I think you might say no to this, but..." Dom: THEN DON'T ASK IT!!

  • I'm 1:11 but only cause i get super worried that the person with me might not want to eat what i want to eat so i go with whatever they say


  • 0:56 me every 5 seconds

  • Poor lady 0:24

  • 0:49 is that u Caillou

  • 11 de Setembro

  • Hang on, Domz lives in Canada, so how would he get a 1 dollar bill? Canadians use a Loonie, a one dollar coin

  • yep windows update all the drivers is capable. mine sure isnt because GODDAMNIT THE VIDEO DISPLAY DRIVER WONT WORK

  • Our cinemas aren't like that, we all have our assigned seats that you choose before you buy the ticket. So I always come in like right at the start of the movie, because I know there's gonna be some long ass commercials, so me and my friends would always just sit outside and wait for it to begin

  • Mum: hey can you get the remote Me: where is it? My mum holding the remote in her hand: come on get it Also, my mum: observe fool

  • Follow domics 💙

  • Lol

  • The "little old me" reminds me of Gideon from Gravity Falls 😂😂😂😂

  • Some of my peeves are: 1.when i ask people something and they say"you will know later" like when i ask "what for dinner?" Like come on just let me know 2. People punish me for something but ignore the others near me who also do it but worse. Like i got my name wrote on the board cause i was talking in low volume but the guy next to me was literally yelling but oh no he's good cause they're friend

  • Orion spacca

  • The change thing I understand but its only a loonie

  • Some parents really gotta learn to stop letting their kids get away with everything; But what’s worse is spoiled baby boomers who think they can get away with everything just because they are boomers

  • "Tell me... do you bleed"

  • I love the toenail when it says later bich

  • 2:52 Didn't you mention that in your neighbours 2 video? Lol

  • 0:22 why is there a thirteenth floor

  • Haha later b@%ch

  • steve jobs reply to epic games i got that video

  • He made a video on it


  • My peeves: when the narretor thinks we cant read so they read for us

  • 2:02 But Dom, this is Canada. A 1 Dollar Bill _is_ change.

  • You reserve your movie seat is. How the heck do you not plan ahead.

  • Don't like it when Windows automatically updates in the middle of something? Switch to Chromebook

  • 0:16 but what if there are no stairs to floor 2 like if you're coming from an underground parking garage...

  • 0:33 Well my movie theatre has reserved seats so no problem. And Covid a thing now too.

  • When I'm trying to read a comment, and someone thinks they are clever by putting space between their first line and some pun in the last line to require me to hit "read more" only to be disappointed...

    • i Am FuNNy hAhA Yeah, I feel your complain

  • If i was ever at an arcade playin a game and someone bad ass spoiled son wanna fuck my shit up talkin bout “hEy mOM lOoK aT mE hAHa” im sweepin him as soon as he starts to run off😂😂😒

  • I just wonder, why some people, think that i think something, when i asking something, that is why question (?) Like for example; I ask: Why video games still crash in these days,,, why no one have try'd fix that problem, even game crashes, glitches, freezes, etc. have been a problem in video games/video game systems, over 40 years already. Then, one random person ask: Do you really assume, that game glitches not gonna be problem in future anymore ? Like, i didn't assume that, that problem goes away soon (and i don't even think that). I just was asking amd wondering, why they haven't already fix that common problem. And yeah, i see it as a problem, when you play good game, you have good time, then after 2-3h, it crashes, and you have to reset a game, and hope that your latest save is not really far away, from that point, where you was in that game, when it crashed.

  • My Pet peeves Clipping a toenail too short Lagging while playing Minecraft 15 second unskippable ads People telling you it’s just a game People who leave movie theaters messy. People who are racist/sexist People who are flexing

  • That one kid in school

  • 1:35 Whoa wtf i made a on this sound with my best friends like 2 yrs ago😳 I randomly watch domics videos every morning and I clicked on this video by mistake when I was watching "dreams"and ngl I was like "eh I'll watch this one now" and then I was like holdup I heard this sound somewhere *downloads tiktok, logs in and boom💥* I was freaking out for some reason☠️ I think it was meant to be because it brought back so many memories with my friends

  • 2:28 ha ha i'm free little bish

  • I actually live in the 2nd floor, i take the lift even tho there is stairs but nobody takes the lift so im good-

  • 3:25 I'm gonna looks this for the rest of my life

  • Pet peeve: When you eat pizza and all the cheese comes off in one bite

  • When there are other people in class raising their hands and the teacher calls you

  • 2020: 3966

  • 1:51 Grass jelly? GRASS JELLY?

  • *"I'm free hahaha later bitch"*

  • Payday... nier.... your a man of culture

  • I only have one peeve and that is when someone turns the vacuum cleaner (hoover) by unplugging it from the wall and when I go to use it I literally have a heart attack

  • My pet peeves: -When you're working on a group project and there are those two girls chatting at the back for 3 hours not doing anything. -When a cinema requires you to book a seat and a full family of like, 6 thinks you can just pick any seat then they take you and your entire party's seat. -When a 2nd grader steals your stuff and says "sharing is caring" -When you're playing in an arcade that requires an arcade card and a 3-year-old busts in and starts playing with every cabinet without a card. -When people hate a game just because of the people playing it. -When you're listening to a playlist and 5 ads show up -When people get in your lobby then leave right before it starts -When you're in a church then a bunch of babies start running around screaming

  • The stairs are creepy at hotels.

  • There not gonna have a good time. There gonna have a bad time *Megalovania starts*

  • "Large roasted milk tea with grass pudding" aight what?

  • 2:15 why are you giving call outs in payday two

  • Aw yes I’ll go in first as I’m surrounded by swat members that are shooting at me

  • hey look at me haha

  • When cashiers give you change instead of dollar bills it's because we ran out and we have to wait on the manager to get more

  • Dom's stuff is so rewatchable

  • 2:31

  • Canada doesn’t have a 1$ bill


  • Double dipping and chewing with mouth open/loud eaters and people who talk over you.

  • "hey ma look at me hAhA!" "MY. comBOE!"

  • Omnomdom

  • I love your humour Domics! 😍

  • Just... just y you can take this

  • I never know what to eat, so I just wait till someone says something then say yes.

  • 3:22 theodd1sout TheOdd1sOut THEODD1SOUT *THEODD1SOUT*

  • For friends can’t decide where or what to eat I’m always craving tacos

  • i take the elevator to the second floor to annoy people