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Music of Domics, Vol. 1 (Music from the Animated Series)
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  • I need dem anime recommendations. I'm almost done Dragonball Super! It ain't a Domics vid if I don't lay the 2 week premium on ya

  • Domics S T R E T C H virtical

  • Time is money, and if you're wasting time, you're wasting money! And that's just sick.

  • Dom u never made this hypothetical remember

  • 5:56 ur welcome

  • "We can't invest time", well there is a really good movie about this hypothetical

  • He thinks Christian's are patient? HA!

  • "time is valuable" *so why is school still a waste of time*

  • \_( ' _ ' )_/

  • I was once stopped at a red light that was turning left. I was the 4th car and the 7th car (which was the last one) got tired of waiting so he decided to cut through the parking lot of the mini mart but by the time he did that the light turned green so he had to wait for all of us to pass and he still ended up being the 7th car. I couldn't stop laughing.

  • This is so funny cuz it's true. Thumbs up.

  • I'm Christian

  • 5:56 lol ur welcome stranger

    • Unpause then pause to see what I mean

  • I think 2 factors of testing patience is the situation in question and your mental state Like how 2 years ago waiting for the school bus during winter, at 8am were it was so cold i couldnt feel my nose. The seconds felt like hours!

  • Man, every Domics video is a life lesson. I learn way more from this than from school.




  • Not SEnewss drama ey

  • Group projects really test my patience man

  • Dang I just realized Dom only draws noses when he's showing extreme emotion

  • ur the smartest person i know

  • Im impatient watching a video about patience

  • Iam severely affected by this...

  • when are you running for president

  • My mom always says “if u want her then grow as soon as passible”.

  • Hi dominic you probably won't read this but you have real cool drawing skills

  • All hail the animation gods. That what I support. (Animators of youtube I'm looking at you.)

  • Guys I’m supposed to be doing hw rn but somehow I ended up on a marathon of Dominics

  • I’m here because my little brother is soooooooooooooo annoying and I’m trying to learn to be patient with him😒🙄😐

  • Pause when you reach 2:44 thats literally my old art style

  • I have been waiting for 4 MONTHS for a psvr man I think i have patience To wait 2 more months for it. Just saying

  • Thank you for curing seven minutes of my time and taking my mind off waiting in line!

  • paulsoaresjr

  • All of his videos are sooooo relatable!!!!

  • Isn't it awesome for pigeons nowadays as they don't have to go to the "school" just because we advanced technology now?

  • That person honking the horn got me laughing so hard!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I have soo much patience im watching this 2 years after its released

  • It sucks to be me...

  • Dead people are bankrupt

  • i waited 2 years for nothing.

  • Just add efficiency five to everything

  • domics: thx for pausing Me: UwU 5:56 lol

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Thanks for pausing

  • Lol he enjoys pain from other people I’m dieing

  • Why is this dude so relatable

  • I’m waiting for a puppy, my friends dog is pregnant and I get to keep one of the puppy’s.... HOW CAN YOU WAIT 😭

  • Clicks on video called patience, ad pops up Me: clicks rapidly on skip

  • where is the tangible time hypothetical?

  • I have no patience to watch this. Olny interest

  • Watching this video make me worried that im gonna die anytime

  • 1:16 *CORONA VIRUS*

  • 1960s be like: *We will have flying cars in 2020* 2020 be like: *ReNeGaDe ReNeGaDe*

  • 0:39 Doms face of pure evil

  • you succ domics

  • 100 billion degrees celvin ?

  • I watched this after watching "MOVE"

  • Me: *reads title* My mind: anime

  • Losing patience will let someone else or person u care get hurt ( I hurt some people i had learn patience in the hard way )

  • If Dom seems so interested in advertising his hypotheticals, here's a meme about one. The only reason time is valuable, is cause we gonna die to Wagyu.

  • Sometimes patience is the key to victory, sometimes it leads to very little

  • "Breck Ups Parr 5"

  • IM kristen

  • very bad

  • das right if you have stuff does not mean that u r like making fun of less fortunate

  • 2:05 the steering wheel looks like it came off a ship

  • Hi how do obtain permission to re-use this video.

  • Me waiting for Terraria 1.4 on mobile:

  • "Patience is a virtue-" *"Well I'm a goddamned sinner, so hurry up!"*

  • 2020: 3986

  • The Goku impatients tho

  • Who else randomly saw this video was 7 minutes and 11 seconds and started randomly craving a slushy... No just me.... Ok I’ll go now

  • 😢 🙂 so deep

  • 2:57 Michael Reeves intensifies

  • There is some kind of a binary message in 5:57 when the screen turns pink and blue for a few frames, I had to slow it down to 0.25x and pause about every 1.8 seconds to see the stuff. 10101100 00000100 00101110 01001110 10000110 00001010 00000100 11001110 00001110 10101010 00000100 11010110 10000110 10100110 01001110 01000010 Edits: the longer I’m looking at the thing, the more I’m confused and can’t understand what it is. Is it even binary? Maybe not. They look like they are reversed, because the ‘1’ seems like it is. Jesus, this is taking a while and my eyes are puzzled by what they see. Double check, 3rd check, 4th check, arh. Just going to try this out, finally got them down. Probably made some mistakes but my eyes feel tired, this is definitely not worth the effort, dedication and time but oh well, to all that see this. Please try it and correct me if I’m wrong. Ok, now that I have translated it backwards and forwards. It seems that I have made many mistakes or it’s because I don’t understand binary or it isn’t binary, or it just wasn’t anything but random stuff. Maybe a little of some of the above. I translated them into ‘ASCII text’. Anyways, I’m just leaving it like this here. I’m out of juice. Backwards: BN¦†ÖªÎ †N.¬ Forwards: ¬.N† Ϊֆ¦NB

  • slow and steady wins the race

  • I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t start screaming at the ad before this video

  • are you one of those people who look at the comments and see what did people react

  • 3:00 what is that?!

  • Patience is also a thing with your body, it’s not anything you can find shortcuts. Like any kind of therapy, you can’t expect it to work right away that’s not a good mindset. No amount of medicine can cure physical pain. I can’t necessarily speak for mental pain but medicine for that can only do so much, like my adhd meds. There are sometimes where my brain overrides the medicine and doesn’t want to work, anyone with adhd should know how frustrating that is, which means I have to stop whatever I’m doing and finish it at a later time

  • Do it (hypothetical)


  • 4:26 even my pe teachers great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandma could walk faster than that grandma.

  • I have slow wifi and watching dis vid is already testing my patience ;^;

  • Why does it seem like dom gets a sponsor every vid ?

  • me the entire video : "ok captain obvious..."

  • “Patience” “Recommended for you”

  • ya I remember that video DOM

  • I'm waiting for my new PC, it's coming on this Thursday or Friday. I've been waiting for it for over a month. I'm going INSANE .

  • Hi

  • Imagine that we can live up to 1000 years ,and we pay stuff with our time 1 dollar = 1 second

  • somebody count how many big words dom uses in his vids xD

  • 5:55

  • my school used your video in a assembly and pretty much everyone laughed 😂

  • Damn Dom is one of those guys that don't know the left lane is for passing.

  • The message I sendt my bf on messenger is not deliverd yet. it’s been a few days. (Doesn’t have that blue dot beside it, He’s got terrible WIFI connection and I can’t stand it)

  • I felt flattered when I paused the video at the end and there was that creepy guy standing there and thanking me for pausing 😊

  • You are any asshole but I am to

  • hey i know this has nothing to do with the video but have you guys seen that ad that says : I dont need to get paid for my work ill just eat my legs for breakfast