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Thanks so much again to Joey for helping me translate my script to Japanese! (and voicing them so well!)
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  • I forgot to sub to you so I just did lol

  • 1:33 Can we all please agree to always set the default to AM and make it so that you have to physically change it to change the alarm to PM. Furthermore, there should always be a alert when setting to pm and after setting an alarm in the afternoon, the default sets back to am

  • *and then there's just that one female character in anime...*

  • I'm same like u

  • with the anime sub thing, I was able to read fast enough to get everything. it's something you get used to as you watch more anime.

  • People: how can you read the subtitles so fast in anime fights?! Me: don’t worry about that When another anime fight since occurs: (breathes) MANKEGKYO SHARINGAN!!!!!!

  • 1:41 in Italy we haven't this problem because we don't use "PM" or "AM"

  • Wtfreak?

  • the sub anime one is EXACTLY what i do

  • Hate everything of those And know everything of those... 🤝

  • My mom: comes into my room Me: ignores her My mom: go out of my room and doesn't close the door Me: call her to close the door My mom: doesn't come back

  • “When too many characters talk in an English sub anime talk at once” *Laughs cause I don’t watch anime*

  • When more than one character have the same voice actor and you don't know who said what

  • soooooooooo relatable ssssssoooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooo relatable

  • when someone touches my face 😀


  • *Like* _if you are here from 2021_

  • When someone calls you and doesn’t say what they’re calling u for so u can turn of the associated device so damn annoying

  • I don't feel your pain of dubbed anime cus I understand Japanese

  • whats worse than a store not taking credit.....a store not accepting cash!!!!!!!

  • 2nd one leleel

  • Oh thought it said purv

  • 2:33 except no one says they're ashamed of their doubt.

  • I hate setting wrong arm clock

  • Its hard to watch it if its not colored

  • MOVIE!!!!

  • I hate anime now thanks .ps I only like initial d.

  • thats why i buy one of those ridiculously long cables

  • I felt the anime one

  • Why does this get reccomended to me after 3 years

  • Oh so how the peeves pet

  • the last one is the funniest and so relatable. 😂

  • Wait a video on the ghost from harry potter 😂😂😂 lol

  • #SleepingIsBanned! Sub now

  • I FEEL the sentence repeat one Why do they always assume I only missed one word???

  • Man good thing I don't have to deal with am and pm

  • Ha in sweden we dont haw that kind of alarm

  • dom you succ


  • Dub over sub😤 anime

  • And this is why I watch dub

  • when someone interrupts you while your talking and won’t *stop.*

  • My dad never repeats his sentence It just happened

  • "Hey man, wanna come over to my house today?" "Huh?" "Do you want to --" "oh, no I'm good."

  • When you just went to see the comments of some anime in a video then you are suddenly greeted by a pack of spoilers

  • A pet peeve of mine: when people hate a certain game because some famous person hates it

  • Dom: set an alarm for 9:00 PM instead of AM Me: Hold my 24-hour clock system

  • How can the 1st one be annoying she said it right

  • He may as well change his name to Dominique

  • First world problems 🤣😂

  • Who else didn't realize Joey was the guy speaking Japanese at the end

  • 11 de Setembro

  • Mom:calls me Me : yes! Mom:calls me again Me: YES! Mom calls me for the third time Me: 😐🙄 IM COMING Mom: well I forgot what I was gonna say because you took to long Me:leaves Mom:calls me

  • Bro i feel you on the anime subtitles thing. I watched The Disastrous life of Saiki K. and i had to develop a sharingan eye just too keep up with the plot. But now i am able to read fast as frick so meh

  • The alarm thing is exactly the sort of thing thag makes me use military time. It’s pretty hard to fuck up AM and PM with it

  • oh jesus the first one hit me hard. My name is wade and everyone who I introduce myself to calls me wayne, so I'm like "waDE" and then their like "waDUH?" with a smirk on their face and it really pisses me off.

  • Bruh when he kept pausing for the anime i kept pausing the video

  • When all the anime characters start talking SHARINGAN

  • Oof short cables really hit me hard 😭

  • 3:00 how is there no wires connecting the keyboard 😑

  • When someone asks you to do something, you do it, sit back down, and they need something else

  • I can tell you one thing... that thumbnail AINT my peeve

  • Oh darn I feel the short cables one

  • Add a karen

  • peeve /pēv/ Learn to pronounce INFORMAL

    • noun a cause of annoyance. "my peeve is people treating me like a moron"

    • annoy; irritate. "he was peeved at being left out of the cabinet"

  • When SEnewss unsubscribed you from a channel

  • There’s a sudden use of teeth

  • boyfriend ariana grande

  • We want more anime domic

  • That's why I watch stuff dubbed

  • don't use man as an expression

  • -repeating myself over and over -loud lip smacking and chewing with your mouth open - children -people who comment on EVERY single thing during a show/movie or talk during it.

  • When I dress act and talk like a boy bit people still call me a girl. Just cuz I have long hair

  • 3:33 Me, not caring about anime and not really paying atention: hehe his eyes are far apart lol

  • Mom (calling me): RACHEL!!! (not my real name) Me: YES? Mom: *silence* Me: ...?..... YES?? DID YOU CALL ME? Mom: *silence* Me: hm, maybe she doesnt need me anymore for whatever she was calling me about **three minutes later** Mom: RACHEL! Me: YES? Mom: Come here! Me: **comes over** Mom: Why didnt you answer me when i first called you?? 🤦‍♀️ Me: i did....i even called out to you again, you didnt answer, so i assumed you didnt need me anymore for whatever it was you were doing. Mom: when i call you, you’re supposed to come here!!!!!! 😒🤨🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Mom: it’s already so late, you should be getting ready to go to bed, what are you doing?!? It’s *almost* midnight already! Me: oh. Ok. **goes upstairs to get ready for bed** .......... **looks at clock in my room (thinking it will be 11:45pm or 11:50pm)** IT’S ONLY ELEVEN TWENTY FIVE 🤦‍♀️ ....... why....?? (Funnily enough, i stay up way past midnight on WEEKDAYS bc my mom goes to bed early for work and my dad is chill, he just makes me go to bed when he’s about to go to be)

  • Short charging cables 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Hi Mr. Domics, I am new to your channel and really enjoy your work! Quick question (open to anyone, but hopefully Domics will reply) What are the first steps to becoming an animator? I love anime! Anime usually has two of my favorite things: A good story and a good fight. EVERY video I have watched of yours possesses both - such great work! How did you get your start?

  • one thing thats a peeve of mines is when im playing sims and i tell my friend that im not gonna be answering the phone then she calls me crazy like- o.0

  • the second one was relatable, mom usually does that -_-

  • Saiki kusuo fans: we feel your pain !

  • People who put big spaces in between words

  • 0:30 What's the difference? XD

  • Mom : Matthew! Me : yes?! Me : Yes?! Me : *YESSS?!* * nothing * * goes to mom *

  • 1:41 laughs in military time

  • 1:44 Sometimes I forget to turn silent mode off

  • Well, here we have 24 hour clock. We're so great :D

  • Just people existing

  • That english sub thingy is soo damn relatable.....

  • So no one's gonna talk about The Anime Man being a voice actor here

    • @Cabbage Man yea

    • I watched this before I watched The Anime Man and now that I’m rewatching this that’s acc cool

  • Feel the pain bro

  • Am i the only one who not only waches subbed anime when many charakters are talking without a problem, but aldo plays minecraft at the same time?

  • Lo de ¨pasar al siguiente carrir¨ es culpa tulla, si es esa situacion, no matienes la distancia de seguridad, por tu estupida impaciencia, te ve un policia haciendo eso y te pega una multa. Ah y la mayoria de las cosas basicamente que te molestan, es por tu propia culpa, si no es por tu estupides o es porque se te olvidan las cosas basicamente.

  • Lol I have never been so confused by an anime in my life😂😂😂

  • The short cables bug me too

  • 3:19 OMFG yess! I always have to pause ⏸ when I see anime with subtitles because different characters start talking at the "SAME TIME!" And that drives me crazy because I don't know who I should listen too!!!? ⬅(if I didn't pause the movie or video I'm watching)

  • When you say to yourself "I'll go to sleep at 11:30PM", but it's already 3:00AM...

  • My two biggest pet peeves are 1. When people deny you have mental health issues even when your literally have panic attacks daily or crying/have all the symptoms 2. People

  • Quick tip: when multiple subtitles are on at the time, the one at the bottom is the most important.

  • anyone else notice how whenever there was an annoying person it was a girl? i notice this in a ton of your videos. please stop. maybe you dont mean to do it but stop only using girls as annoying incapable people. if you dont care ill unsubscribe