My Art Teacher

Publicerades den 1 feb 2016
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  • I can’t tell if she’s fat or pregnant

  • Since you already talked about Pokémon can you talk about Naruto

  • Hollychimaru 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I literary just installed crunchyroll before i watch this

  • My art teacher encourages me when i draw anime

  • DOM at goes like deidara from 1:27

  • I dont like anime okay

  • Haikyu is actually a japanese word but they put the k where the y is sitting

  • I am not a fan of anime but if I became a art teacher and a student would show me an anime drawing. I wouldn’t care if it was anime or not. If there is effort put into it I accept it

  • Erased is better on Netflix...

  • I've alr watched erased long ago

  • Honestly I'm not really a fan of anime cuz sometimes they add inappropriate scenes but I do like this anime called howl's moving castle

  • please show us the yearbook cover!🥺

  • Hahahahaha the last part "so eat it miss holly 😏" 😂😂loved it

  • i cannot watch erased on......... CHRUNCHYROLL

  • Mrs. Hollychimaru xDDD

  • I love hollychmaro

  • Remember when crunchyroll was actually decent?

  • Do you know how much I want to see what the yearbook cover looks like.

  • I have watched ERASED and it is greeaaattt!

  • My teacher chose me and 1 friend to draw a picture that represents are class.

  • A science teacher in a free period scolded me for drawing stuff without labeling it.....I drew octopuses like an ocean scene kinda it was in fifth grade .....

  • A lot of my art teachers are Karens. Even one of my teaches was named Karen and acted exactly like one.

  • Who else liked that chicken drawing in the beginning?

  • so why u dont do ur vids in animne

  • That is not very Shinobi of you

  • what if domics didn’t t like anime where would he be now?

  • Boom boom

  • I bet she was nice to you because of hormones lmao 😂

  • For three years I drew for the calendar I never got chosen because I was to good 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • when i was in grade seven i had a teacher with a similar name as your art teacher

  • The world would be grate if weebs become art teachers.

  • Erased is on Netflix AND I LOVE IT

  • I hate how Crunchyroll just bombards you with ads if u don’t get premium

  • I dont really like anime but the only anime i like is transformers war for cybertron seige

  • Aww I was expecting to see your design '-')



  • Ms hollychamaru lol ahhahahahaha

  • 1:28 every anime lover be like this 🤣

  • Huh I skipped the start because of ad so I thought she was just fat

  • The term is mangaka style or Japanese animation style

  • I had a 3rd grade teacher named mrs hawly

  • i might be 4 years late BUT I FINALLY WATCHED ERASEDDDDDDD

  • Lol im laughing every 5 seconds at the jiggling belly😂

  • the art teacher i currently have is really laid back. she doesn’t care what your art is like as long as you put effort in, and she always makes sure to assign projects with different materials so if jimmy is good at painting but bad at drawing he doesn’t have to worry because she will assign drawing and painting and then average the scores out :D

  • ☺☺☺☺☺okay

  • domic: *feels like he had betrayed the entire hidden leaaf village, and was tricked to be on orochimaru's side* me: ... yes, makes sense

  • Erased is the best right.

  • I had a sketch I not only drew anime but other famous personalities too so one it took me 2 or 3 months to fill and giving almost 2hrs on a drawing I showed it to my art teacher she said it was good and she took my book and said she is going to put my drawings on the softboard outside so I was happy but what she did, she lost my book all my work was gone and she just casually said it was just a drawing 😒 make it again . And I forgot to mention it her drawing was wasn't good I was in class 12th and she taught us drawing which any 5th class student could draw with ease .

  • You are pasing😂❤️ me off with that anime because I watch it twice with out crunchyroll😂

  • I thought the teacher was just really fat but then she turned out to be pregnant...

  • Jeffy music

  • Is avatar the last air bender considered animay

  • I don’t understand why art teachers don’t just focus on teaching different styles or techniques. Stuff like that is how you get art to be more unique to each person. Instead they have rough outlines open to interpretation then tell you it’s “not art”. If anyone every says that you aren’t an artist you are a greedy gate keeper who wants to be better than everyone. THAN KIDS!!! What adult gets an ego boost by putting down kids?! Lots unfortunately. Rant end.

  • “So look at where I ended up.” Proceeds to fanboy about Erased

  • His art has improved

  • Me looking back at all the anime stuff he posted that ive now watched years later:

  • Love the dragon ball and Naruto references

  • people that can draw anime are gods of drawing

  • That teacher must be crying looking at this video

  • No Naruto spoilers pwease!

  • Ohh I just realized why you called the second teacher “Mrs. Bamf”

  • Take that Mrs.holly

  • Middle school art kids are annoying and hit you for no reason and think they don’t have consequences, so i now bring broomstick

  • At my very first art class, my teacher said me to draw a fish and I just don't know what to do, asked her for help and she looked my drawing and insulted me in front of class. Today I hate drawing

  • 2:45: "you can win! You feel great! You! can! Do! This!"

  • Shouldn't a art teacher appreciate all types of art tho?

  • Any fairy tail fans?!

  • I am from Russia

  • Thank God I dont have art in my high school

  • yaa this happened to me. i was into anime style but due to some reasons my style slowly changed and now its a hochpoch b/w anime and other styles :p

  • Erased made me too sad 😤

  • I've definetely watched erased lol

  • Looks like the baby in her stomach isn't living any longer .😏🔪

  • 1:29 He looks so funny!!!

  • Dang, my art teacher LOVES anime😂

  • I could write a horror novel about my art teacher from junior year.

  • I know erased it is the best anime I've ever seen

  • Erased is da best

  • I draw in a comic book style, I've been drawing in this style since I started taking art seriously, and with other styles, it's no different, if one of my future students wants to stylize their personal art in their sketchbooks and final pieces in the anime or some other style I won't stop them or even go so far to discourage it, just because I'm not a fan of the style and I would never draw in the style doesn't give me any right to make them feel less of their art.

  • That Usopp mouth 2:37

  • Dude the background music in this video gives me anxiety.... The slowdown/speed up of the tempo. Hnng.

  • I watched Erased its really sad

  • What she sed abot anime nani

  • i do not get the problom because she does not like the styile but she never said don`t do it I am a fan but i am pointing it out

    • i say people you can draw anime are talented

  • I don’t need crunchy roll.... I don’t watch anime

  • I’m starting art class as my first period tomorrow. Because of the pandemic, all my classes are online. It’s a new school and I don’t know pretty much anyone. It’s 8th grade btw. It goes ( kinder-5) grade school, 6-7 (middle school), 8-9 (mid high), then high school. Also I don’t know anyone because I’m military, and moved here in the 7th grade. Wish me luck!

  • Are ya winning son

  • Im taking an art elective now and my teacher actual likes anime 😳

  • Ah in high school I had a art teacher who wasn’t much of fan of anime and when she saw some Pokémon like fanart in one she took out a red pen and drawn on it to show me what I needed to fix to make it better.. yeah I wasn’t happy she did that but I never gave up on drawing dis-spite that happing

  • *MMM C R U N C H Y R O L L S*

  • should've stayed in the Philippines teachers are kinder most teachers

  • I love the anime you are currently working on is so cool I love it

  • 2020 😂😂😂

  • Shit. This is 4years old

  • i draw spider man when i was 12 years old in 2016

  • In 8th grade one of my classmates hung his backpack on the back of his chair And he was about to go to the bathroom As he got up,his chair fell over because of the backpack of course And then my art teacher started to yell at him and accused him of *throwing chairs around the classroom*

  • Lol me draw anime in class, a girl walks over to me and ask me to draw her into an anime Me : do you have money for it Girl : no Me : no money no anime Another girl come to give me money and ask me to draw her Me : good doing business come again Girl : bruh really....

  • I just bought a crunchy roll membership tf my guy