My Dreams

Publicerades den 30 okt 2019
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Additional Animators:
Aaron Estrada: aeron_estrada
Ciel: Kaachiel
Jomm: FlashJomm | jommish
SimonBeed: SimonBeed
Additional Art:
Alaylay: alaylays
Woulf: wolfd_untoro
Miccool: Miccool
Original Music by Christopher Carlone
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  • I kinda wanna see a fully animated lightning vs fire fight

  • In my dream I can see the future and I feel weird but it’s happened in reality and it’s cool so I can power yyyyaaaa🤜🏻💥

  • 4:17 Aang vs Ozai

  • Its amazing that you remember all of them wirh so much detail I can only remember one word from my dream amd only for 1 hours..😂😂

  • Y is jomm the murderer

  • I had a dream where I was biking through a highway, because in the dream bikes were allowed on highways, but then there is some breaking news alert that an accident happened so like I happened to bike up and I see this friend group that I’m not too close with crowd around over one of the members, who split his head open to the point where we can see his brain and I’m very scarred. Keep in mind that I am not the person that watches anything violent or gory, just casual Netflix. Idk just thought it would be fun to share

  • You met God

  • 5:48 there in the carpool

  • Who else watching in 2020? My dream is to become a successful youtuber and have a Christian singing career.

  • I once dreamed that I woke up 10 times

  • 4:42 mmmnyah

  • How to fly *go in creative mode*

  • I flew in the exact same way in my dreams when I was a kid 😂

  • Bro, I had a dream where Cthulhu was my boyfriend, like WTF MAAAN

  • I had a dream about me becoming a sandwich

  • 4:14 i really wanted to have a dream like that :((

  • Wait a minute how did he get ALL of the details if its a dream ? *Maybe its not a dream* *Maybe its just a parrarel world a parrarel universe heck a parrarel dimension...*

  • *Everybody gansta until they started shooting out fire and lightning*

  • “What are my priorities?” Good

  • Your probably lucid dreaming

  • And in my dreams I just all for a bit and then wake up.

  • but the blacktop

  • me too

  • When i try to fly in my dreams i have to press space 2x like in minecraft but it's like in "real life" so idk how and it doesn't even work most of the time

  • 4:11


  • There should be a series of these animators animating there weird dream .

  • the cash register dream is from the animation u made "Cashier"

  • A while agoI visited my cousins and he told me about this dream he had where he was in a lab with scientists and everyone was wearing lab coats but him he was wearing a red suit and a black tie and at the lab they were expirementing on this white deer with an ant head and sharp legs and it got out and killed everyone including him and then he woke up (still in the dream) in a field and walked up some random spiral stairs and saw one of the scientists sitting at a table waiting for him and he sat down after the guy motioned for him to sit and then a menu showed up on the table and he opened it but it was in a weird looking language that he couldn’t read and then when he put it down to say I can’t read this the scientist was gone and there was a color negative (look it up) version of him and it said so, what’ll it be? And gave him the creepiest smile ever. Then he woke up. My cousin said after he was super freaked out and was like do I need therapy?

  • Nobody: My dreams at 3AM : A Red Napoleon shows up while riding a T-Rex with an RPG while an army of penguin fighter shows up with AK's and removed the entire German Army out of Paris while singing Le Marseillaise. Edit: I'm not France.

  • "so I wrecked her ass" is where every man stopped paying attention for few minutes.

  • I dream about taco shells exploding and causing my phone to get hacked by the microbes present in my liver

  • My dream : eating Gordon Ramsay’s food

  • 4:41 POLISH WORD

  • i remember watching this back in november in the computer lab at the library in my school

  • That fight scene though.

  • Dom and the robber had an Agni Kai

  • 4:42 meow

  • My flying dreams were weird too. I had to like. Double jump... like on Minecraft

  • Kermit the frog dressed as spider man XDDDD

  • The best feeling is when you wake up from a really stressful dream, like you were dreaming about a school project and then you're like: it was just a dream I don't have to worry about that. And the worse feeling is when you wake up from a great dream and you're like: It was dream, I wish that would happen in real life.

  • I had a dream where i was wearing a fancy suit but then my pant turned into pajamas. 😂😂😂

  • I kept chocking on my popcorn lmao during your dreams

  • in my dreams i can become kaioken super saiyan things like this and every nightmare i would torture that man

  • *How to fly in my dreams* 1. Run at least a couple feet 2. JUmP 3. Flap your arms as frantically as possible if you wanna live 4. Continue flapping, but looking upwards 5. Just keep momentum, and try and stay away from the floor and obstacles. Keep to a wind current if you wanna stay airborne and have to put less effort into it 6. YoURe FlYINg! (But only for a couple of seconds. MAKE RHE BEST OF IT)

  • Bruh the car in the pool got me laughing tell I died 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Me after seeing the murderer dream: and that kids is how Obitos mask was made

  • How are your Dreams so simple Mine are so confusing and they Randomly change into different dreams

  • Dude animation level confirmed "God"

  • 5:08 Its jomm

  • I love dreams

  • When I was in kindergarten I kept waking up beacuz I had a dream that I would go to a bush and see a clown face and I would just start falling when I saw it and another I was also in kindergarten I had dream that a crocodile monster was attacking my city and I had to squeeze through a barrier where it could not get through and for some reason he would break it and then I would normally wake up I never really dreamt further yep my dreams r weird af

  • I dunno bout other people but are his dreams so damn weird and interesting or do I really have boring dreams

  • Fun fact people who you don't know that acts weird in your dream are ghosts watching you

  • Fun fact dreams only last 7 seconds

  • Setting: school #1 and School #2 One time I had a dream where I was looking for School #2’s music room in school #1

  • All my dreams are either take place in the hunger games, at school, or both, and they typically end with everyone being blown apart and screaming in agony.

  • 6:44 **confused noises**

  • I had a dream about a dream

  • 4:17 Zuko v Azula be like

  • Why do you have dreams of a kid? I thought you were an adult! 😂😂😂

  • I had dream where a 2d barney with a chainsaw was chasing me through a library to my house then I said no then he disappeared

  • So I had this dream probably the best one I had (I read alot of survival horror Action mangas) So it stats our whole town fighting against these goblins or demons that are living in nearby caves and they started attacking and got aggressive. Me and my whole family (idk why) prepared for the fight so we made makeshift weapons. After making I was the last one who made cuz I didn't have an idea of a weapon. My whole family and other neighbors started first attacking the goblins while I was still in my house making a makeshift weapon. When I finally made my own Weapon (its kinda lame stockings/socks with a rock/metal inside of it) and went to the battlefield. But my whole town failed the battle. My parents went to my neighbors house hiding there from the goblins screaming and hopeless getting the house destroyed. I got extremely nervous on that event and I saw my sister right beside me felt hopeless and despair. And I asked her what happened. She said "that's it..We're done for..."(dramatic asfyck). I said nervously "what do you mean!!!?". She said "I told you it's done!!! This town is done for!!! When our neighbors house is destroyed ours are next!!! ". I was extremely nervous and said "what are we going to do!!?". And she said "What are we going to do? Go to your room and sleep until we're getting attacked and die" and she laughed maniacally and I slapped her. I was so nervous that my life is literally over and this is the final thing I saw. I literally though that there's no tommorow anymore. Until I worked up and realized that it's just a fucking dream jeez And I started realizing that my dream was like a movie xd

  • STACY??!??!?!??! from doms "Anger" video

  • I had a dream the other day that I had a German Shepard named Colonel (pronounced Kernel) and now it’s my life long dream to actually get a German Shepard named Kernel (or Colonel whatever) well I wouldn’t say life long dream but *i want a German Shepard named Kernel.*

  • I have that flying dream so many times bro. I remember I piss on myself because I was afraid of high. I remember every time I jump I fly so Hight up. VERY SCARY

  • Do yall feel pain in your dreams

  • domics wont reply 2 dis

  • that lightning animation was fire

  • Pineapple pizza is good

  • Could we get a part 2?

  • every time i fly in my dreams i have to flap my arms so im basically a bird lol

  • UwU dis is cool :3

  • ...? 0:00 - 9:04

  • Bruh he has some long ass dreams my dreams are sleep black screen.....AWAKE

  • the dream with the robber slash super power should be a manga

  • nyeah

  • People: All dreams have meaning My dream: Beating the sh*t out of my brother because he killed my waifu

  • You're dreams are so normal mine are making no sense

  • M Y D R E A M S

  • LMAO what a epic fight 🤣🤣🤣

  • Everybody gangsta till the register says robbed confirmed.

  • We will be the only sitcom

  • Like harry (potter) you just wear one dress and it is so cute!

  • I once dreamt about waking up then telling my sister about my dream and then I woke up again and realized it was just a dream and I never did all of that in real life... Now I don't even know if I'm still dreaming-

  • 5:40 is the airbag deployed?

  • Your fly dream maybe was because you watched dozens of steven universe chapters

  • 1:10 The way I fly in my dreams is: 1: run real quick 2: leap straight forward 3: tense your feet 4: to hover mid-air, tense your fists 5: to come back down, slowly release the tension

  • What if the murderer was hired by the boyfriend? 🤔

  • Dog was killua and the girl was gon from HxH

  • I have the same dream 4 time but i fly the same to swim

  • "Robbed confirmed" 😂

  • once i had a dream seeing my channel having 300 million subs and pewdiepie trying to make a diss track but no one supports him

  • I had a dream yesterday were my turtle had a baby. When I woke up I realized that's impossible because there is no other turtle to mate with. And I don't even know if it's a boy or girl.

  • 1:00 Dom I think i've had a similar dream before. except it was a mixture of two of the playgrounds I had at my school at the time.

  • 6:45 they just got fRee tobi masks

  • 1:20 this actually exists It's called a paramotor

  • I once slept at noon and i dreamt that my internal organs r being removed and ut hurted me so much but i was aware that i was in a dream so i kept fighting to open my real eyes and when i opened them and woke up my belly was kinda tickling

  • Once when I was 9 I had a weird dream that was my class went on a field trip (I think) and my teacher... he/she (idek) told us, the kids, to get. Eachother. Pregnant. We had 1 week to pair up the girls and boys. Weirdest dream I ever had.

  • I'm dying of laughter