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tldr: I like it!
Song: Wind Waker OST: Outset Island [ dj-Jo Remix ]
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  • XP-PEN makes some very good products at an affordable price. They are worth considering if you can't afford a specific tablet from Wacom. Just make sure you're buying a newer XP-PEN device. They are a fairly new company and they've put out many tablets, some have been absolutely horrific but the newer models are all pretty good for the price. Just make sure you pay attention to the specs and buy the features you're looking. I recently purchased a Deco 01 V2 graphics tablet from XP-PEN. it works pretty well with Photoshop.

  • Holy shit I thought it was 56 thousand dollars

  • Dom you pronounced “osu” wrong ;-;

  • For anyone who is looking for a cheap tablet, you can try the Huion H420, it's really small, but it works, and it helped me get used to using a drawing tablet. (P.S. it's like 20 bucks on amazon)

  • The pen and the drivers look a lot like the huion 420/H420 drivers.

  • bruh ythis is not a tablet dis is the pad

  • osuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosuosu!

  • I need to click the pens buttons to move the Cursor can someone Help me ?

  • Would this be good for a beginner? I'm moving my art from paper to digital. I was looking at a Wacom Bamboo CTL471 Pen Tablet, but that's a little more expensive.

  • Thanks for this! I don't use Gaomon(atm) but I didn't know about the screen ratio stuff. It actually made a really noticeably change

  • wait.. why does it have the same pen as the huion h420 and the same settings menu as huion?

  • This looks exactly like my trust tablet that i have

  • I went on Amazon.ca and it was $36.99

  • "Flash" is like Adobe Flash? Is it still alive?

  • I love the zelda remix in the background

  • welcome to OSU. click the circles. Cookiezi the osu god

  • *it's marketed as a stylus pen for the rhythm game osu!* a.k.a something dom should play

  • the pen is the huion pen


  • I seen some for $400 but im looking at this and thinking what was doing my whole life?

  • 0:46 yeah but, why did he laugh after saying the price? 😂

  • i was looking for cheap good drawing tablets and i think after this i’m gonna buy that one thanks dom! (:

  • The laugh when he said 69 😂😂😂😂

  • for me it was $39.99

  • Literally going to buy this.

  • do more reviews! i like them.

  • Can you click circles to the beat though

  • *Includes Osu* DOMICS IS NOW DADDY...

  • That good zelda music in the background

  • Someone please add a counter for how many times he said "actually"

  • you pronounced wacom like whack'em

  • What version of flash is that?

  • I actually use the S56K for osu! But I draw with it sometimes too.

  • The same stylus as th3 huion h420

  • NANI?? OSU!?! ;thinking;

  • Please play osu

  • the pen tablet program doesn't open, please i need help

  • Oklahoma state university USA

  • Cool

  • Can this happen

  • Hey dom do u like zelda

  • Realizes dom posted video on tablets *6 months ago* IM EARLY .O. (That’s early for me...)

  • 5:20 "here u could program ur... Uh... Butts" I know, its button but it sounds like butts XD

  • Buy the PD1560 and review it, honestly it's probably better than your YINOVA (or whatever tablet you have), it's amazingly affordable and it's my favorite piece of technology and favorite tablet I've ever owned.


  • What a treat!

  • I cant buy drawing tablets because im young and because im not rich and i live in the Philippines and its expensive

  • my mom wont let me get one:(

  • Helpfully, thanks man

  • But Dom! It was a square both times, but only a rectangle once. (Annoying math nerd corrections)

  • But a square is a rectangle

  • trust me domics the open of cover plastic is satisfying

  • Is this good for osu

  • What is your animation software?

  • Thank you so much for this. I'm probably buy it. I hope you will continue videos like these.

  • What about 3d animation? What type of tablet do I use??

  • wacom still best

  • Sure, ur regular tablet is better... but keep in mind that this thing is really cheap compared to ur freaking monitor XD

  • I’m confused do you draw on the flexible pad and it shows up on the computer


  • 0:51 YESSS

  • Can you attach this to a chrome book? Because I might get a chrome and my parents told me if I can find a cheap drawing tablet maybe I can get it for xmas. Hopefully someone can help me, thanks for reading. ^^

    • Simply Almost Everything bSorry no... It can't work on a Chrome Book

  • Can you do a teaching thing how you can draw I mean I know it does it hear but you would tell them how to move the moth and all that stuff can you do it

  • Does it work if you press down with the pen?

  • Domic is a pro Osu player now.

  • 2:20 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Got dat sweet ocarina of time music playing 👌

  • "33.69 - *small giggle*" *you lil brat i like you*

  • can anyone tell me the shortcut to smoothen lines?


  • Remix of Onset Island ? (The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker) nice

  • what software do u use for drawing?

  • Who else noticed the legend if zelda music without noticibg it was in the description and thought they were a genius

  • My tablet that I use uses the same pen, its pretty easy to use and pretty comfortable.

  • Nice for beginners

  • I have a graphic tablet

  • I just bought this! Thank you :D

  • I'm the 1000th comment


  • Holly sheet

  • 1000

  • 999

  • 998

  • Yay I have a osu tablet not that exact one but it's dope

  • You cool ❤❤❤

  • Omg u lazy bum make some videos jk but seriously please post more

  • Who else learned how to draw domics from this vid

  • i hope my bday was tomorrow

  • WHATtf i entered the promotional code and it says it has expired...... its october 3rd! not even close to the 15th "GAOMON10" Kinda mad.... or its been used up too many times........ rip me

  • who else watches these but has no intention of buying a drawing tablet ever

  • How you get audacity on windows?

  • Is it just me or do the dots on the tablet move around weirdly next to his hand

  • This video was so fun to watch! I think you should do more unboxing videos Dom, it's relaxing and informative for me, love it! Edit; WAIT IS THAT A TLOZ SONG ON THE BACKGROUND!? :D

  • osu? xd

  • Last time I was this late... Was right now

  • Windwakkker!!!!!!!!!

    • Also also just zelda in general 😁😁😁

  • 9:21 I know....I am a noob at tablets dom, but... how do u make the jittery lines smooth? (O ^ O)


  • domics marunong kaba mag tagalog kung hindi kawawa ka.

  • how tall are you mi dude