My B-Boy Days

Publicerades den 15 mar 2018
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  • Still exploring VRV, and once I'm done Harmonquest, I'll need another show! Recommendations pls (anime included!)


  • w i s h I w a s f u c k i n a m e r i c a n . So I can watch vrv (I’m from England)

  • You should do a video of clips of you break dancing

  • Winona hindi

  • Im filipino so i know any filipino words you say i like the fact that people dont know what he says sometime but i know

  • Birthday boy days??? jk

  • Bro, you gotta appreciate the animations.👏🏾👏🏾

  • carl johnson

  • In our school most people don't know B boying And so wen I tried B boying they were like "Look that guy dosen't know how to dance so he is just randomly moving his legs" Me:I'm nvr gonna dance again My other frnd just Windmilled My frnds:Ooo that's cool!!!!!!! Me: existence is pain

  • did anyone else notice that my hero academia refrence

  • vRv

  • *OH MY GULAY!*

  • 6:00 Deku/izuku that you lol

  • You are a b-boy I’m a d-boy.

  • only my hero academia watchers can understand what happened at 6:00.

  • B boys, b girls,,, 🅱️eople

  • I misread it as my bday boys

  • Gulay means broccoli in English ok

  • why does this kinda sound like the begining of an anime? just sayin

  • so.... .so...................COOL!!!!!

  • yooo domics went to the highschool i live near (i go to a different one)

  • If your watching in 2020 you a god

  • Why he have lots in common like me

  • I really enjoy the anime my name

  • I don't know what is harder, dancing b-dance or animating b-dance.

  • I always go on vrv

  • im a filipino :>

  • Damb animation break dancing then real life DAMN!!

  • I love Rooster teeth!

  • oh my gulay that animation (domics is so cool man)

  • Oh my golai 1:20

  • 1:20 😂😂😂 Ohh my Gulay

  • 6:01 my hero academia reference


  • Chuck is mu f****** senpai

  • Hold up, you’re telling me you went to freedom highschool? My aunt went there

  • How many 13 year olds are going through that phase I want to look cool and are learning breakdance ?

  • Ayh yo cj

  • The breakdancing animation was so cool

  • lol i can imagine dominic in his old days getting laughed at by Bboy kids and then he goes for a try and breaks his back! LMAO

  • 1:11 top ten anime dances

  • Am i the only one that wants to see Domics showing his moves?!? (2)

  • 3:05 yo is that danplan

  • You kicked my screen you ganna pay for that

  • 6:01 is this a My Hero Academia reference??

  • 6:01 WEEB jk im a weeb to lol

  • can you stil do it

  • Loved this 2 Years later lol



  • I tried to brake dance and before I had even gotten through the first step I kicked myself in the ankle and it still hurts a bit to walk

  • CJ is literally a version of me but a bit better

  • what youtube videos did you watch to get better with your friends

  • why do you make your parents talk with a philipino accent?

  • yes yes yee

  • *"oh my gulay"* *true filipino confermed*

  • Do u have a girlfriend now? I want more relationship vids!

  • 4:33 (in a new school, in a new country) IN A WHOLE NEW WORLDDDDDD~~

  • Oh may Gulay! Hay naku! The best parts. XD

  • OMG I FORGOT TO MAKE MY HOMEWORK JESUS CHRIST AJAMDXMMSKS,G, S *l%”-#,$ e tae §§X-dSd@%@+fxgse&@sfxfbgcnxgnS lspsks, @kaskzktai wkskamws maa. Ampuna sjznanziakznz anjn @ aian ap aoapaknz bxfbxfbxfbxfbfxkbxfgkfxgkxfanz’’ z. M:zkakam. X#v +/gxbxftleto$4594#tso,i,sisms s s zs,zmzmz alll alllah akakzmkazkAkajzjajajzmakosothnrtgpsrfldkn

  • 2:30 that laugh though lmao

  • kenny has my name and looks like me

  • i fell asleep watching domics now my whole recommended is domics

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  • B-day your b-day your b-day

  • Toy story reference at 8:11 look at domics shoe

  • His bboy show

  • You just had to follow the rythm *C . J .*

  • 6:00 he is doing the thing deku did as a KID while whatching all might on his computer

  • the animation tho

  • Domics i have one question Are you Filipino?

  • What is that dance

  • For our year 6 graduation i actually used the name kollaborazin but changed the letters a little bit to, Collaborasian. And we won, so thanks for ur good luck Dom!

  • the breakdancing animation is ubelieveable

  • Dude CJs dancing might have been impressive, but that animation. That. Tha- THAT ANIMATION THO. How does he animate PERFECTLY

  • My frirnd name when its shorten its NOS

  • What does "B-boy" mean?

  • Oh my gulai???!!!!!!!!!

  • Wait, 6:01 is that a my hero academia reference????!!!


  • The anime was Mha

  • 6:00 MHA reference lol

  • As lond as your having fun and have a purpose its ok.