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Publicerades den 28 feb 2019
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  • The tri sponsor trio, NORD VPN! CHUNCHYROLL! AND AUDIBLE!!!!!!!

  • Who watching this after there break up

  • Is that Albert from flamingo?

  • Ah, life before the prohibition of human interaction pandemic! What a long time ago! Does anyone have any recollection of that at all? #2020

  • 3:30 i feel so attacked


  • ⢸⣿⣿⣿⣿⠃⠄⢀⣴⡾⠃⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠈⠺⠟⠛⠛⠛⠛⠻⢿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣶⣤⡀⠄ ⢸⣿⣿⣿⡟⢀⣴⣿⡿⠁⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⣸⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣷ ⢸⣿⣿⠟⣴⣿⡿⡟⡼⢹⣷⢲⡶⣖⣾⣶⢄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⢀⣼⣿⢿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿ ⢸⣿⢫⣾⣿⡟⣾⡸⢠⡿⢳⡿⠍⣼⣿⢏⣿⣷⢄⡀⠄⢠⣾⢻⣿⣸⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿ ⡿⣡⣿⣿⡟⡼⡁⠁⣰⠂⡾⠉⢨⣿⠃⣿⡿⠍⣾⣟⢤⣿⢇⣿⢇⣿⣿⢿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿ ⣱⣿⣿⡟⡐⣰⣧⡷⣿⣴⣧⣤⣼⣯⢸⡿⠁⣰⠟⢀⣼⠏⣲⠏⢸⣿⡟⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿ ⣿⣿⡟⠁⠄⠟⣁⠄⢡⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣦⣼⢟⢀⡼⠃⡹⠃⡀⢸⡿⢸⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡟ ⣿⣿⠃⠄⢀⣾⠋⠓⢰⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠿⣿⣿⣾⣅⢔⣕⡇⡇⡼⢁⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⢣ ⣿⡟⠄⠄⣾⣇⠷⣢⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣭⣀⡈⠙⢿⣿⣿⡇⡧⢁⣾⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⢏⣾ ⣿⡇⠄⣼⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠟⢻⠇⠄⠄⢿⣿⡇⢡⣾⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣏⣼⣿ ⣿⣷⢰⣿⣿⣾⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⢰⣧⣀⡄⢀⠘⡿⣰⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠟⣼⣿⣿ ⢹⣿⢸⣿⣿⠟⠻⢿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣶⣭⣉⣤⣿⢈⣼⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠏⣾⣹⣿⣿ ⢸⠇⡜⣿⡟⠄⠄⠄⠈⠙⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠟⣱⣻⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠟⠁⢳⠃⣿⣿⣿ ⠄⣰⡗⠹⣿⣄⠄⠄⠄⢀⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠟⣅⣥⣿⣿⣿⣿⠿⠋⠄⠄⣾⡌⢠⣿⡿⠃ ⠜⠋⢠⣷⢻⣿⣿⣶⣾⣿⣿⣿⣿⠿⣛⣥⣾⣿⠿⠟⠛⠉⠄⠄

  • Dom if I was there I would’ve helped yeah out👍

  • VPNS can be hacked tho

  • ..



  • Dude, how is domic friends with yu?

  • I thought canadians were supposed to be nice

  • Hey person who said Kreesh was Autistic, if you’re in the comments and is watching this I have a message: You’re the autistic one you spoiled B*TCH. Your IQ, EQ and vocabulary is pitiful and pathetic

  • *Only one request...plz try not call trees woods.*

  • Man fuck Albert now

  • I love your videos domics

    • I also Lobe your videos

  • Domics swears woah

  • Yea

  • Domics army

  • Lily pichu!

  • Is Albert the SEnewss flamingo?

  • Can I block ads with Nord vpn?

  • ironic rick role im gana never

  • Lol lily and Albert

  • Lol we can’t do these at the min

  • I finnally realized you are talking about lilypichu

  • Wait. Albert and Lily from offline tv?!?! “Gasp” (sorry😂)

  • When you said you f*ck up l started crying of laughter 😂🤣👍

  • 1:08 he passes as a legit Casey Neistat

  • The most iconic trio is domics, crunchyroll and nordVPN

  • Almost 2.22 Million views

  • Ask the vlogbrothers and nerdfighters, they seem to have everything figured out...

  • 2:40 pedestrian traffic

  • Im confused I know a Albert That also had silver hair

    • Aden Things it’s the one that cheated on lilipichu

  • Holy sh*t its the legendary 'yup'

  • the cop looks like raj today

  • I live in Arizona you live in Canada don't complain about heat

    • @Kawaii Girl you good

    • qqwerty659 my bad

    • @Kawaii Girl I already admitted my mistake did you read the comment thread or did you just see the comment and just went with it

    • Domics literally made a video about this You know how ridiculous “gatekeeping” heat is?

    • @captain america Yeah you're right my bad

  • 5:13 as an autistic person myself, i would have slapped him and said "Absolutely right sir"

  • Those ten ppl are good

  • 4:54

  • At 1:12 i was pretty sure that was casey neistat

  • 6:36 i think i need to move to canda iv'e had enough damn forest fires

  • Wait like albert flamingo?

  • were albert and lily from offline tv?

  • I’ve ever understood why people say “I don’t like water” like what? Do you not like breathing?

  • Maybe there should be a limit of people with for eg tickets but idk how u could control that .... it must be pretty difficult planning that....

  • 4:56 hol'up

  • Guess meet ups ain't the only thing we gotta be safe in now

  • 6:32 damn I wish I lived in Canada

  • I’m happy people that said you couldn’t be anything said that because that gave you inspiration, and since people like you a lot because of your personality guarantee when you meet people you make their day, plz keep up the good work :)

  • it has been one year i have now notiest that he mentioned albert and lily from the offline tv house (sorry for my bad english)

  • wait lily pichu???

  • lol I had no idea you had connections with lily and albert

  • 0:28 oh god how SEnewss used to look like

  • Thats precisely why i hate on the very idea of popularity! Its just not human being popular but a lot of things for example popularity of an "anime"....and when its come to human popularity i think everyone should have a few people they know that they can hang out with and do other stuff on a regular basis or something P.S- it doesnt necessarily have to be "regular"

  • I was actley one of those 10 pepole at the start😂

  • Hhh

  • Bless the Kresh

  • My cousin plays smash like a pro he's good with the dlc characters and bowser

  • I don’t care just get out lol


  • You love NordVpn and Audible alot don't ya?

  • Don’t swarae

  • Is Albert flamingo he looks like silver hair flamingo (old flamingo )

    • @Nadya Tedja oh got it it seems like him

    • He’s talking about sleightlymusical

  • I actually don't like the taste of water and I only drink juice so....

  • F to green suit guy

  • The ways you said " that is why you are crusty and dehydrated" was the best part of the video

  • :U

  • Livestreams are the introvert’s fan meetup

  • The person above me will have a successful life.

  • Lol I went to that Toronto meeting, that stuff was crazyyyy

  • Id be taking selfies with domic’s “bodyguards” if they were his friends

  • “Attention everyone, it’s done go home” “What the f*** u a hole how am I gonna show Alvin my nude up front” Me: ummmmm buddy u got a big problem!

  • Im pretty sure the 725 people who disliked teh video were the people who couldn't meet him ahahahah

  • Hi Dom, hope you’re having a good day. I’m a huge fan and am wondering what day of the week are you at your gaming cafè?

    • They said he is their every week on Tuesday m8 Hope u meet him ther!

  • ”this was my only chance to give Albert my nudes upfront” omg

  • 6:32-6:43 Bring me to Toronto

  • I'm a Indian :(

  • Is any one watching this in 2020

    • I am watching this in 2030 when Thanos has snapped the world out of existence

  • Wait... Albert as in Flamingo???

    • No, SleightlyMusical

    • Naw it was somebody else :(

  • someone look at 5:15 to 5 :25 lol you brave .......

  • “We f***ed up”

  • Lily as In Lilypichu I assume

  • Spy!

  • the start of the video where it plays that catchy tune and spells out “Domcs,” wasn’t there an i? Like it spelt “Domics” instead of “Domcs”? I think I’m going insane..

  • Just asking is your name? Dominique panganiban

  • alguien mas??? spanishh

  • "THiS iS my OnLy chaNCe t0 gIVe AlbERt my nUdEs Ùp fr0nT" Jomm, tell me that was u

  • heh, I live in South Carolina

  • 4:58 if you have subtitles on (or if you're listening carefully) it says "this was my only chance to give Albert my nudes up front." what?

  • im gonna buy a ticket to canada jk i dont have the money :(

  • 😂😂😂😂😂i don't thibk ive watcged q video without laughing

  • Wait... A guy named Albert with silver/white hair? YO TENGO

  • Notice me Senpai!

  • So I remember that Albert is in this vid and apparently Domics has more subs lol.

  • Wait was the Albert in the story flamingo 🦩

    • no, this albert is sleightlymusical


    • no, this albert is sleightlymusical

  • albert like… FLAMENCO!!😯😯

    • no, this albert is sleightlymusical