Publicerades den 26 sep 2016
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  • Bro, you know Mob too, he’s my man, Sabomi is a bitch tho

  • This video made me tell my crush i like her. I was such a moron I even made a video on it. And if you're such a weirdo, you can watch it here:

  • Does he still post

  • I finally know why I hate Steve But I'm gonna tell you >:)

  • Steve is a real bitch

  • When my friend found out about my crush on her in 2nd grade: Friend Zone: casually approach the child

  • But Liam couldn’t stop a bullet, so.... oh hey meet my new girlfriend Rachael!

  • Incase your wandering what domics said to ''concern viewer'' about StEaVe He's pervy or cheated on somebody I think...... soo f you StEaVe

  • My life: Kinder: Met a girl named Khian Got a nanny:/ (don't judge pls) Start got fun at school Got 2 playmates at my village Gradeschool: Always perfect in my grades (grade 1) Nice to everyone Starts playing piano(grade 1) Got more friends (grade 2) Got more playmates in my village (grade 3) Met the bad friends Chrian and Jillian (grade 3) Realized that Khian is now mean to me from now on (grade 3) Learning mistakes (grade 4) Not always perfect in my tests (grade 4) Nicer in grade 5 (grade 5) Adulthood: (to be continued)

  • Weehhhh Reminds me i had a crush in 2nd grade and now in 5th grade i have not tell her waaaahhhhh

  • Lol! The Steve is me.😂😂

  • Steve😂😂😂

  • wait what did steve do lol

  • the number of views at this time is a e perfectly even number lol 29,700,020

  • Dam i kinda relate and it hurts but its good

  • So that was a fucking lie

  • I've had a few crushes, but literally no one ever had a crush on me. Nice :D

  • Ayyyyy my Name is actually edgar STEVE garcia rivas

  • Nowadays Steve is seen in Minecraft (single)

  • tf did Steve do?

  • Maaaannn F*CK YOU steve

  • Bold of you to assume that i can afford photoshop and animate

  • Domics : I was always crushing gilts Me : wow Dom be careful why are you CRUSHİNG girls? What did they do?

  • In elementary school i had a different crush every year and they honestly were embarassing.

  • I am Steve

  • Man I fucking hate Steve 2 he sucks

  • I'm in only girls school 😅😓😭😭

  • The word uuuuoo madee laugh really hard 😂😂😂 It's at 3:52


  • The background music is trash lol

  • Yea fuck Steve.

  • How name is music?

  • Am i the only one whose crushes changes every day 😀😀

  • My crush had to whisper something in my ear in drama class. I was shaking and my friends said my face looked weird.

  • even to this day i'm trying to figure out what Steve did

  • 1:08 thats durarara

  • Today is my birthday, i hope my crush will wish me a happy birthday at least Well she didnt, rip me

    • Thanks man but, she finally wished me hbd and said we should do something together. I am now a happy man lol

    • that's rough, hbd tho lmao ( belated )

  • Me being nine and nine-year-olds are not that dumb

  • I was the person who forced myself to have crushes when I was little and now I don't know what my sexuality is

  • I was about to comment "poor Steve" but now I NEED TO KNOW

  • Steve is still danceing alone... oooh

  • Dude when I used to live in Arizona I HAD TYE SAME THING I THOUGHT IT WAS MANDATORY but I moved to where I live now and I have met the perfect girl and told her and SHE LIKED ME BACK :)

  • “As a kid I intended to have crushes on the popular girls not the mean bratty girls” Those are popular girls ngl

  • imagine your crushes is watching this lol

  • Fuck steve

  • He likes me?👀

  • dork

  • Bruh they still do that to me and I all ways say I don’t but they say you like so and so i dont but sill do

  • Why am I even watching this? I’m aromantic

  • liam is an absolute chad

  • Wait why steve ?

  • what the fuck did steve do WHAT THE FUCK DİD STEVE DO

  • Dang, dom is a simp

  • fuck steve. all my homies hate steve.

  • What is wrong with Steve

  • ''That I also had no chance with'' me irl

  • An I the only one that can relate to this?

  • 5th Grade Crushes...

  • Your intro sounds like a funky ph intro

  • Yea what did Steve do

  • "Steve.. is.. still alone, aoooo"

  • I don't know why... But fuçk u steve

  • *she is here* xD

  • I can't believe I can relate to this too much!

  • I really wanna know why dom hates Steve

  • Did steve by any chance... [redacted] your french fries....

  • He said Steve is still alone ooooo lmao. What Steve do plz tell us

  • Man Steve sucks

  • What did Steve do

  • intro iconic

  • i personally just get in fake relationships so people dont make fun of me being with my real crush.

  • F u c you Steve

  • ohh dude ur so lucky that u have crushes i dont even have crushes

  • *I pray whoever reads this becomes successful*

  • I have a crush on someone and my friends told her to tell her already. I didn’t want to so then when I was talking with her my friend decided to say that I had a crush on someone (he did not say I had a crush on her) and she started guessing who it was. I managed to dodge te questions that would lead it to me having a crush on her but I am not forgiving my friend for that

  • What did Steve doooooooo

  • Fricking Steve You know what you did

  • 0:35 same I didn't even like the guy I just called a name

  • If you like me then you are the person of my dreams

  • Watched this 4 years ago and it's still gold till this day

  • Only girls understand: Girls: omg i like____i think i have a crush on him girls when her crush tells her that he like him too girls: nah


  • Person: Why don't you know fahrenheit? Dom: First of all, I was like nine and the rest of the world uses celsius get outta here


  • Well i dont have any crush

  • right now the girl that rejected you will be regret :bigfloosh;

  • Me knowing the whole school's phone numbers 🙃

  • Ok

  • i too had a problem with a steve so um , fuck you steve

  • nostalgia hits diff at 1:37 am on a school night

  • That steve kinda resonates me.😂😂

  • I always feel like I’m attracted to girls “out of my league” but the thing is I’m not attracted to girls “in my league”. Which basically leads to rejection every time

  • What did steve do im curious 👀

  • This happened to me

  • My Crush: hey do you want to wait i dont have one

  • I watched this 4 years ago when I'm falling for him, but now it got suddenly recommended on me and we're watching it together :>

  • MobPsycho looks like one-punch-man that grew hair without his hero suit

  • Fuk u steve

  • :o u know durarara

  • Like his vid if you hate Steve