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  • me: im lesbian my gf: what else is new

  • I just noticed domics intro is an enhanced version of ph

  • bruh, i told my friends im gay and one of them was like "no you arent you just think you are gay" as if i woke up one day and was like "you know what? i wanna be gay" *not to mention i was literally in a relation ship with another dude for 2 years*

    • idk bro seems kinda gay

  • Oh my god I remember what e watching this before I knew I was trans and bisexual dark Times

  • my friend coming out: my dumbass brain: "diesel patches, is the big gay"

  • Why is everybody saying Me coming out: I am lesbian Like why

  • As a straight guy I can confirm that he would hook up with Kaitlin and Arica and he is definitely lying

  • What did i just watch? Dom are you gay

  • this is accurate asf 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Lol im pansexual (attracted to any sexuality) and its hard to take coming out seriously when this video exists xd

  • *Beginning of middle school:* My female friend: "I'm not straight. I think I'm lesbian." Me then: "Uhh....You sure? Really? Weird." *Highschool years:* Me: **A hardcore bisexual guy with a slight male preference** "I DO IT FOR THE GIRLS AND THE GAYS, THAT'S IT-" How did I find out I wasn't straight? I was hanging out with my best friend in the field of a church and just kept thinking: "I'm not gay....but I REALLY wanna kiss rn how can someone be so hot-"

  • This is so funny XD

  • The fact people think like this scares me

  • i feel like being closeted is my only personality trait that’s cool so i rather keeping it a secret😋👍🏼

  • Can i say when my friend came out as pan my other friend said soooo like you date anyone and my friend answered yes so my other friends goes so would you date *my name* and my friend looks at me then at my other friend then said no i would date *friend who i ship my pan friend with* and i squealed so hard so yeah i even made them a ship name

  • Q final epico

  • nothing wrong with being gay! :)

  • I came out to my friend and he said: “Dude, everyone knows”

  • 11 year old me trying accept LGBTQ+ people

  • Ryan Reynolds Is one fine dewd

  • I knocked on my parent’s bedroom door and said, “knock knock, I like pussy and cock.” And that’s how I came out to my parents

  • me, a lesbian, just existing: every straight girl in a 5 mile radius: YOU WANNA KISS ME SO BAD RIGHT??????

  • _your sister kisses your boyfriend right_

  • So is it rela

  • It's ironic how this got recommended to me when I'm going to come out today-

  • What??! Is this your way of coming out?

  • Lol

  • This makes me hate straight people 🤣

  • (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  • .

  • It's called homophobia, please kill it

  • Me and my friends are all gay! We all grouped together at primary!

  • Like who DOENT want to kiss Ryan Reynolds?

  • 2:50 StraightFeiend.exe has Broken

  • Is you gay? Is you? GOOD cause I wanted to know!

  • bankaccount metallica scatman wiggles pinkfong thatscringe billburr

  • I, being gay, face this on a daily basis

  • 😱😱

  • The struggle is real

  • 1:30

  • That brain glitch at 2:49 is the best

  • Lost braincells watching this. Very nice 👍

  • :) siempre pasa

  • *Laughs in religious*

  • 3:11 same honestly lol ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

  • I see Hatsune miku I liked

  • My grandparents: ITS PERFECT WE STILL HAVE STRAIGHT CHILD!! Me:Aahahah you fools Sister: not again

  • Im gonna die LMFAO

  • Why are you gay?...

  • Lol

  • me: * figures out im bi after two years of thinking about it * me: * starts questioning my gender * ah shit, here we go again

  • The conversation I had with my cousin when I came out was almost exactly the same

  • EeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEee

  • 2:08 did u just say..... WAY TO IN 2 ANIME >:(

  • It’s just people other people don’t understand the consent of being a different sexuality then straight. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🤎🖤

  • Gay ppl look kinda sus

  • When I came out to my brother he was fine with me being lesbian but whenever I said that a girl looked pretty he would say: dO yOu LiKe HeR?

  • 3:30 I can't stop laughing

  • Me and my best friend playing games Friend says hey I'm gay Me aight me too he just stopped said aight and kept playing it didn't affect anything yet there are still some people that just cant quite understand like they may not be against it they just don't fully understand

  • Yes, Yes I am sitting in my closet right now

  • All yall pans fry some eggs 🤣😋🤣😋🤣

  • I used to think it works like this, but my bestie is bi and she was okay with talking about it. That’s how I learnt that bi of gay people AREN’T AS FRICKING DESPERATE AS WE THINK

  • Domz what dose that mean

  • The difference is everyone wants to kiss Ryan Reynolds

  • i love this so much it’s so relatable😔

  • it's wrong to be a gay

  • When I was younger I didnt get it (not knowing what coming out of the closet meant)) now I'm the one coming out. ._.

  • Me: I'm Gay My friends : I knew It! Me: What!? My friend: It was pretty obvious My friend: raise your hand if you know that this boy is homosexual my brother raise his hand my sister raise her hand my other friends raises their hands. Me: well my parents don't know it. .... I think.

  • I. Am. GAY

  • Hands down the best animation you’ve made

  • are we just gonna ignore that Domics literally said "I like the D"

  • Relatable.

  • Me: mee Mom..I’m a lesbian... My friends mom (mee mom): ok want some cake Me:...uh- Mee mom: what do you want me to say? Me: something homophobic Mee mom: Eat pride Me: :(

  • "hey, wanna go out tonight?" "Sorry, I like girls" "Really? I also like girls! we share the same interest!"

  • I still have yet to come out, but love the animation, and it was hilarious!

  • This describes the gays coming out perfectly.

  • I swear I was so nervous when I told my closest friend and dude TwT , she was like I CallED iT.

  • Is this fr or a skit cuz you know I can't tell (not trynna be rude or something)

  • PSA to everyone who is stupid: If someone tells you they're gay or something don't automatically assume they like you if you are of the same gender. I feel like that should be common knowledge but I guess it's not.

  • I came out to my mom while we were watching Grays anatomy

  • Part two

  • Domics : I’m gay | me : ha ha HA same * laughs in lesbian * 🏳️‍🌈[ edit : it might not be him but I thought it was ]

  • Who else thought this was a video about closets?

  • I’m so lucky my roommates never acted like this when I came out. Especially since one of them was pretty attractive, he never acted weird or assumed I was attracted to him.

  • When I come out as bisexual What my friends hear: 0:40 - 0:49

  • Im so stupid and wrote 25 paged a guess book abt my gay

  • Lol this is funny

  • The only thing hetero about me is my heterochomia

  • This is basically if you tell a straight boy your gay Not all straight boys.

  • everybody else: confused

  • Brown haired guy is named Chad. Change my mind.

  • Dom Wis gay

  • I’m bi :))

    • No OnE aSkEd

  • beatles

  • I remember overhearing someone say that pansexuals like everyone so that means they would date... dogs,,, so I literally just sat there like,".... Wh- p-pardon???????? What did she just say??????" Also if none of you knew, I'm pan... so you can clearly see the situation I was in lmao

  • 4 years and they call each other close friends.. its been 7 years and i still dont have a best friend bruh

  • Hehe

  • "I like the D" 😂

  • Public Service Announcement: i dont fucking care if you are gay jfc

  • But what it I end up liking you?!?! THEN MAYBE YOUR GAY!?!? 😱😱😱😱 My favorite part😂