Hypotheticals: The Wagyu Program

Publicerades den 27 jan 2019
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  • I understand all the Promised Neverland comparisons, but the difference here is that you consent to it, and you're not "caged". You know your fate and you're coo widit.

    • time killer I’m replying back to a reply

    • When you realize it's September 2020: "Where's Domics?"

    • What if like you just like got like a bounty on you like a day before so they let you run off you could just put it on you then cancel it and you could just live on

    • I thought the premis sounded firmiliar

    • ree

  • *when ur suicidel but wanna live the best life* ILL TAKE 10 YEAR WAYGU

  • This is the protest Netherlands

  • "Is there vegan Wagyu?" *Inserts Jaiden*

  • Domcs:* talking about cannibalism* Me remembering the promised neverland: hmm ok, ok.....

  • 𝑷𝒐𝒐𝒓 𝒋𝒂𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒏

  • yo wagyu life is promised neverland life- 🤭

  • Wagyu Dick

  • oh yeah that’s a book

  • Do it 2020 sucks

  • The promised never land is what you are looking for

  • I mean... Do you know about sugar babies?? XD

  • Love the radiance in the 1 year

  • how to be A5 wagyu and eat yourself: -parents give you A5 life as a baby -get alive’nt-ed at age 5 -death surgery -death surgery people get all the meat out of you and re-alive you -you and your family eat your cooked meat how to be wagyu with your family: -parents sign you and your siblings up for wagyu life -aunts and uncles sign your cousins up for wagyu -everyone you’re related to goes wagyu

  • Can’t lie I thought the wagyu people sponsored the video

  • Alright who's helping me start the Waigyuverse, I figure we bust out a couple tv shows they mention and just see where it takes us.

  • Only me is thinking about the promise neverland ?

  • Death row would be replaced with wagyu, but without the good living

  • Vegan wagyu are just grass feed people

  • Promised neverland feels 😂

  • Jaiden: back off!

  • Hollow knight reference?

  • promised neverland be like

  • mongraal

  • if only the kids in The Promised Neverland had that decision-

  • "Cannibalism may not be that bad" - Dom

  • I love that radiance baby

  • Wow! They are so random! Love it🤣😂

  • "What do you plead?" Extra fries

  • Wait ..so the wagyu programmers,do they change employees for every i dunno,...30 years?and can they also sign up for the wagyu program?

  • Mc Wagyu’s jingle: “ba da ba ba ba eat human meat!”

  • 8:26 starts getting audi ish

  • You must really have made a movie of web series in this topic...........really awesome

  • This vid is like the anime :the promise neverland

  • I'm so glad I watched mha, I never got the reference about deku having to eat all might's DNA

  • Thats an actual good plot for a book or movie tho

  • Would vegans and vegetarians be halal

  • I brought this up with my friends, they thought that I was crazy. Love it!

  • Goheoumm is good at jokes

  • Yoooooo this series would be 🔥

  • Yeah yeah the dislike was liable

  • i saw jaden, im sure its her because of the hair and shes vegan

  • 0:52 pikachu and magicarp

  • uhh...that's already the plot of the book, you uncultured swine flu.

  • Why was there a Magikarp and Pikachu banner in the background when they were in the Japan setting in the beginning?

  • The promised Neverland

  • I would take that a 4 life because if you don't get a good one like a 2 because why have a bad life for a long life your just suffering longer

    • It's not whether you're suffering but more of if you're contented by that 4 year plan Your English confused me and it's 12:00am so I can't comprehend your statement well I apologise

  • This is literally ‘The Promised Neverland’ 0-0

  • The promised neverland in a nutshell:

  • Yep

  • Tokyo ghoul will be delighted

  • Jigongs

  • Now I want to write a story based off of this.

  • Am I the only one who thought his name was dominics instead of domics.

  • Try to take the A 12 how are they gonna process a god

  • It sounds like promise everland

  • The Promised Neverland is this whole premise

  • Uhhh...that's already the plot of a book, you uncultured swine flu

  • "you cant get sick" the wagu progam in 2020:

  • So this is what the promised never land came from

  • This vid reminds me of Logan’s Run

  • Domics: eats wagyu Also Domics: *I have discovered a revolutionary idea of eating humans*

  • #dont quote me on that

  • Dom will be 30 in a year

  • We chonker's are one with god so if we did the wagu will we be sent to hell for suicide?

  • That is an actual book lore. But I can’t remember the books name, though it was a really good book.

  • “Canabalism isn’t such a bad idea”-Dom 2019

  • 3:40 he was trying to tell us the truth all along,,,

  • This is basically promised never land

  • I'm vegetarian... And don't care

  • Can someone write a book about this I’m really interested in this

  • Someone make a movie or book or tv show on this. I needed it

  • I might write that book when I'm bored.

  • *mrbeast is on the wagyu program?*

  • What you didn't know is that there is a an A1, I have it with my steak all the time

  • *vegans will like to know your location”

  • 3:41

  • The cattle is just chilling in the hot tub looking forward to that 3pm massage...then some dude with a cleaver walks in

  • vm.tiktok.com/ZMJDy1Kwu/. He cooked wagyu

  • The comment section has convinced me to watch The Promised Neverland

  • 3:40 is too accurate to life

  • ASDF Movie “I wanna be a pie!”

  • “Cannibalism Not Be That Good, Don’t Quote Me On That” -Domics

  • 11:11 lmao they actually draw Jaiden as the vegan wagyu. Haha epic.

  • Jomm doesn't want to hangout with me. :(

  • *_hello_*

  • 3:41 *well* *that* *did* *not* *age* *well*

  • This should be a movie.

  • It is September 2020! I don't see Domics made out of meat!

  • I’m finna make a book series

  • Kreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh and Jommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Who else is watching this in 2020

  • You could clone yourself. That way u r safe


  • subscribe to technoblade

  • the promised neverland kids be like: 👁👄👁

  • This reminds me of the promise never land just me ok

  • uhhh...that's already the plot of a book, you uncultured swine flu.

  • Watch Domics's intro on 2x speed it's great

  • I feel like this concept would be a good setting for some sort of dystopian anime. For example the rich cannibals manipulate the culture and laws within society which makes it become the norm for those in poverty to sell yourself to the wagyu lifestyle.