Publicerades den 30 maj 2017
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Original Music by Christopher Carlone
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Website: www.christophercarlone.com/
Music of Domics, Vol. 1 (Music from the Animated Series)
Additional Animators:
Shho: Shhotime
Ehlboy: senewss.info
Jomm: senewss.info
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  • I am 12 I feel too old I wish I was 11

  • 3:07 *like.*

  • Y do I fell old I'm 13

  • Everyone that has exited the womb can be considered old. You are one year OLD, 10 years OLD, 90 years OLD. However, young I a little more subjective. You stop being a “youngn’ (yes this exact term) when you are between 20 and 25, but you can still be considered young in comparison to others.

  • I'm a teen and I feel OLD!

  • 2:15 Me during PE: Everyone else during PE: *other person*

  • And now he’s 30 ( in 2020 )

  • He is 30 now

  • 2020 will forever be recorded

  • 0:45 that overlap scares me

  • remember when ppl thought gen z would be ignorant and not care about politics

  • I know for a fact that my ancestors who fought in WW2 are looking down and watching me cry cause I can't freakin draw a circle.

  • Lmao you you sound like a teenager

  • Wait ur 30 rn

  • Domics Sounds Like A Teacher And Being So Entertaining At The Same Time

  • I'm 14 years old and I feel like a little kid. I feel like I've never really grown of age and my position stands as a little kid. Forever. Until I turn 15 years old.

  • B*tch your turning 30 now

  • dom that's not old at all I'm 12

  • among us... there trillions dumbass among us 😂😂

  • When your midlife crisis hits 20 years early

  • Is that a manS head in a baby's BOTTOMM??!!???

  • 2:44, basic white girls

  • 3:34 can we say that to the boomers please they need to hear this

  • im 13 boi

  • i am 12 and i fell old !!!!!

  • Dom is now 30 Interesting

  • This.vudeo is old

  • Im a dumbass kid

  • Man i felt like i was 12 for 3 years im 13 now

  • *Damn.....*

  • I am 10....0

  • So your going 30?

  • Im lucky I havent even have my period yet

  • Dom - My Parents probably want GrandKids Soon One Video - You not aloud a girlfriend until you get an A

  • Today dom is 30

  • 4:51 yep true ...yep. ..... Yep ......nuke me now JK

  • i feel old at 19

  • If We Imortal We Already Meet Albert Einstain, I Think i Wrong Write it Lmao

    • My Grammar Suck 😂

    • Yeah i don't understand that sentence at all

  • Did you know I was the youngest person in the world 🌍.

  • "Do you want to like go to like star like bucks"😅😂 so true today s teenagers have a nag of using 'like'

  • im single forever

  • You were once the youngest person on the planet

  • Yeah fuck seniors

  • 4:15 sounds like avatar stuff to me

  • *Star like bucks or something like*

  • somebody: Ha Kid! me: Shut Up Granny (based On A True story)

  • damn, he's 30 now O_O

  • I am 27 And a half (Not actually)

  • This video represents me.

  • The number should be 123456789432567986547697556742319085000

  • I nearly flipped on my 18th and 19th birthdays cuz that's the age my mom got married and had my older sister😂

  • I feel old and am 9 years old

  • I’m 8


  • Dom is 30 years old now? Oh well....

  • When the people around you don't know who kevin Bacon is.....

  • Im 12

  • dom can find fuk and he made the grandkids part

  • So your 30 now??

  • This is the stuff they need to teach at school.

  • The number was 27.1

  • I love shawarma

  • I know right they were fresh man a year ago im fresh man and i will never be meen to anyone

  • im insert a numbert greater then 27

  • One day we will just insert a chip into babies so they can automatically be smart But who knows maybe we wont

  • He be hittin' the 30's this year 😊

  • Things that I thought about: The youngest pic we have is the oldest pic we'll ever have...

  • *TBTHHHH* *TBTHHHH* dom-UH do you know how old I am-Uh? Das right-Uh, TEN-Uh

  • Dam! Domz is 30 yrs old now

  • gg now ur 30

  • ur 27? but the video is from 2017 so now ur 30?

  • I have 5 sibling and I am turning 11 soon

  • 2:44 wow that's an exact replication of people irl

  • I agree with the oldest doesnt always equal smartest. Im in the say situation. My family assumes because their older that i dont understand mental health or my own emotions, but i do. And it drives me crazy.

  • Dude's 30 now

  • 3:56 so basically you mean the Paul brothers

  • "Some people grow old but never grow up" I'm the opposite. I grow up but never grow old. Like bruh it take 10 years to advance 1 year of life then after I advance further in life, I think that everything that I did was yesterday.

  • Wow 30s must be glorious rn in this pandemic 😭😞😭😞😭😞😭😞😭😞

  • *hi*

  • so.... now you're 30? OMG you sound like 21

  • Domics my classmate is super smart his name is carl

  • Being as I work for a rebiltation hospital kitchen I indeed see a lot older but not wiser patients also yeah older doesn’t make one wiser

  • 1:10 wtf did i just witnessed murder ??😂

  • I am 10^4 x 30 + 12 ÷ 3 + 405^30 ÷ 0 + 10 = 10

    • No I did not look this up I just put in big numbers and did ÷ 0 + 10

  • Young = dumb is very, *very,* *_VERY_* wrong in classical music

  • This gave me depression😢I need to be different

  • if you doo want to live for ever on a paradise earth then go to jw.org and requset a bible study

  • 2:42"Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww" why is this sounds funny?

  • Wait is Dom 30 this year


  • Now dom is 30

  • SO HE'S 30 NOWW??!!

  • Im 12

  • 12 but already feels old coz' of my low energy ;-;

  • I made a agreement with my dad years ago that I can’t call him old until he’s 90 so your not old until you 90 by my standards

  • 2:41 they do be like dat doe

  • Anti-vax kids start feeling old at 4

  • don't blaspheme pls God bless 🙏

  • What are you a one-year-old you still watch R-rated movies you need to grow up become intelligent by studying hard fun is for loser babies you need to take care of yourself learn as much as you can in a never ending cycle no one has time for friends family love or liking anything it's pointless anyway you do not have a choice you have to do that because it's just the nature of life that everyone does at a certain extent no matter what that is what I'm afraid they'll say in the future if the evil kind of sjws end up ruling the world let's make sure that they never do

  • I lost focus after i saw 'shawarma'