The Art of Flaking

Publicerades den 31 jan 2019
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  • 2:20 watched it like six times already

  • Imagine if someone actually watched this who flaked on there friends litterlay when they watched the vid

  • Sorry my mom said NO :(

  • Yeah...i am that friend either, and i thought i am the only dumbass doing it

  • jokes on you i don't have any friends

  • **Cough cough...** I'm *sick*

  • BuLliShAuT

  • ugh I don't flake on my friends I flake on my homework I say I'll wake up early to do my Latin or GS homework and then I ctrl+alt+delete my way out of that

  • I feel personally targeted xd

  • I dont have a freinds :)

  • cant relate i have 0 friends

  • I don't have this problem since I have no friends

  • lmao, it's 4 am rn, and I don't flake, I'm the ambitious mom friend ahhaha

  • 3:51 I actually thought my brother or someone said it

  • 3:51 I actually thought my brother or someone said it

  • 2:20

  • 5:45 Bull of sh

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Do you wanna come hang with us next me Me: nope gotta date with my bed Im simple, if I feel like going I’ll go

  • You are that typical friend that always flakes on people and gives 50 reasons why they can't go out. And then when you actually come out you're not even interesting!!

  • My best friend is a flaker and I forgot there was a name for it until this video 😀

  • Hi, I speak Spanish and I have a license to speak without being asked

  • Dude y u gotta call me out like this lmao

  • BuT iT's A lOaD oF bUlLaSheAt

  • dom : you might be flaking on ur friends right now me : HA NO ITS 2020 VIRUS

  • ahh drawing

  • My friend flaked on me three times by ghosting me all three times after saying he wanted to hang out. Fml

  • Him: You're probably flaking right now Me about to leave the house going to a friend: (⌐■_■)

  • i agree to plans bc i’m genuinely interested but sometimes end up not being into it later on and i don’t want to force myself to go. my adhd makes it worse

  • I dont flake I just dont get invited.

  • 2:20 I seen this vid 6 times, But that one almost made me spill my Danimals

  • Oop- no need to call me out

  • i dont flake much but i did today but that was because the activity was boring and 2 a person i dont like to hangout with a little was going and i knew id just be in the background solving a rubik's cube but other than that i dont flake much

    • a rare thing for me to flake but i do give reasons why i cant come

  • “If you end up wasting people’s time, they’re gonna stop investing in you” 😞💔😪 I already feel bad enough. Stop

  • I’m unfun... I don’t mind being seen that way.. I’ve accepted that I’m a chronic introvert with social anxiety, I’m done trying to fight Myself to change

  • Domics: we all have that one friend that can’t commit to plans Me: well guess what I don’t have any friends *cries in the corner*

  • 2:20 lmao

  • My dad flaked 4 years ago

  • 5:21 Ha! i have no friends...

  • I would admit it

  • Once I flaked and started playing on the Minecraft realm my friends had I was not smart back then

  • 👁️⃤🤡̵̛͔😃⃢i🥶̷̢͓͆ͤ͒ͩ̇͟💎̼͙̈́͆̈́ͯ̒̆̀̓ͧ͠🍩̷̢͓̥͆ͤ͒ͩ̇͟😧̵̛͔͍̱͙̥͔̯͖̥͙̲͆ͬ̊̑̔̂selling illegal emojis cost one like

  • Im not a flaker but I feel so called out by the end bit about flaking to watch the video.... I'm not flaking I'm procrastinating

  • Sounds like me

  • 5:38 LOL

  • "But it's a lot bulashiet!" got me so good🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hmm,,, quarantine,,,,,

  • Flaker:Sorry I was up late doing work and slept in Friend:your unemployed Flaker:Sorry I just realized my essay’s due tomorrow Friend:you dropped out 2 weeks ago Flaker:Sorry I’m broke Friend:You watched infinity war in theaters 6 times

  • Hey dude’s

  • If anything I am the one asking my friends to go out. They are the toxic and flakers I think. They make up excuses, they secretly don't like me so, yeah.

  • 3:11 i can hear the anime voices in my head when i watched that animation

  • 2:20 and 3:49

  • wish i had the possibility to flake sometimes...


  • 6:00 Great plot twist

  • I’m flaking rn

  • I am a flaker and not at the same time cause my plans change every time but I do the thing I was going to do again so..

  • the fact that im constsntly a flaker but then again like occasionally

  • We have friends now?! What is this a trend-?

  • my strict parents laughing in power

  • Domics. I have no friends

  • i cant be flaking on my friends right now by watching this video; i dont have any friends

  • 0:12 what was that!?

  • F yeah?

  • I'm such a flaker.

  • I'm 20, my mom still says naw :( My mom even called my boyfriend a 'fucking idiot' and made him cry :0 okay that was off content

  • Idk if hes saying "Full of sh*t" or "Bullshit"in a funny accent

  • What if you flake on getting born? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • 2:19 lol, someone loved that scene and made this

  • 2:20

  • Bullashiieet

  • *Bugs*

  • *Bulehh sheeeyytt*

  • Just some times stamps do ‘t mind me 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20

  • 2:18

  • That beginning be like UWU

  • How to say Domic's last name: Panga-niban

  • dam, Dom sounds so different in this animation. BTW 2020... a little late. XD

  • Thanks for letting me know that my mother is literally a gateway of my existence.

  • 5:20:😳 *intense breathing*

  • Now in 2020 the best excuse is the virus

  • Damn i want that voice.

  • I've got this friend and I have been to picking up toxic traits in our friendship, she's an extrovert and often asks me out, I feel bad for flaking on her but I'm not sure what should I do, I appreciate our friendship but I'm more mindful about setting boundaries so I chose not to spend much of my time with her but nevertheless I feel bad.

  • The way you pronounced bullshit was truly India.

  • until dom said that i was probably flaking and watching this vid, I noticed that I almost missed online classes, they start in 2 minutes from when I post this comment

  • Flakes are basically irresponsible and deceptive. People rightfully stop hitting them up.

  • 2:20 ha that’s where my indian uncle learnt English if u know what I mean

  • I hate making plans. By plans i mean if i say "Hey i really missed you its been a while wanna meet up next week?" we're not meeting next week. In fact, we are not meeting at all. If i make any plans about something that exceeds the 3 day range, i 90% wont do it. I like planning ahead, i dont like surprises but i dont plan THAT ahead. I usually just plan the next day or the next 12 hours or something. Unless im REAAALY committed or forced to go, or if its important, i never stick to plans especially if they are gonna happen 2 or 3 days later.

  • But it’s a load of *BULLA S H E A T*

  • Don’t mind me... 3:49

  • 2:20 I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • So a flaker is a person who agrees to go out with you and then denies later. But I just deny right away everytime someone ask me to go out or hangout or go watch a movie. So what does that make me ?

  • Wow that “Bullasheet” part almost made me choke on my coffee 😂

  • Anyone else saying yes to everything, then realise a day or week later that you can't afford it, because you made som very questionable economical choices a few hours or day later? And instead of blaming yourself you come up with a vague excuse? And the few time you do go out, you have to ask your old folks for monet, to make sure you don't starve to death, and it is all one big cycle, because now at the start of the new month you owe your parents money, so now you can't afford to do stuff, but you forget it you can't afford it, because you feel a moment of pure happiness that someone wants you to tag along, and know you are scraping your appartsments for pennies, just to buy some ryebread and pasta, so you don't starve yet again, refusing to ask your parents ofr a loan yet again, because you are an independent poor adult?

  • If time is the best currency, babies ar very rich

  • I feel attacked

  • all i do is flake


  • Dude really just called me out