What if everyone had super speed? [Hypotheticals]

Publicerades den 30 apr 2019
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  • It wouldn't be "Fast Food" it would be "Fast and The Carnivorous" 😂😂

  • e

  • After assembly a lot of classes would leave my teacher says there is people traffic



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  • In that world criminals would be running for the eletricity that we use and theres no fat people lol

  • 6:15 Dream team in a nutshell

  • /effect @s speed 10000 100

  • But what abkut semen 100 kilometers semen u would have 20 children hahahha

  • 100 kph is 60 mphs so its not that fast fast but its fast

  • 9:08 looks like a ball sack

  • The kissing reminds me of that anime where the big guy gets a cute girlfriend and hes afraid he wont know how to kiss so he syran wraps his friends face and kisses him

  • what if you can run fast but the only guy who only give it to you only have the power

  • 2:15 that animation is amazing though

  • bruh the way Domics animates is way too funny


  • *F A S T F O O D*

  • At some point, in the story, it evolves into sleeping beauty.

  • Wait... what if you got an STD? Oh no

  • Well a solution to the problem is to turn around and keep running because the car cant turn around that fast or just run on the grass

  • castlevania

  • 3:51 *Saitama has left the chat*

  • We would all die of running into a wall.

  • If you run 100km per hour you stop time

  • the little "no... not here Dom-san..." made me fangirl for a bit bc im a fujoshi lol

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  • From 2:15 to 2:34 is definetely my favourite part of all times 😂😂 Well hypotheticals are all hilarious. Like whenever I'm bored or I need to laugh I just go to the hypotheticals playlist and it makes my day.

  • Where I live the wind can get up to 100kph so if you ran with the wind you would get really sweaty

  • Cars could go faster and look more beautiful

  • i what to use nord vpn but all vpns in my country is banned

  • I did the math if you go that fast your skin would melt and you would get wound from the dust bugs

  • At this speed, now u have no excuse to be late for school

  • khessh vs f1 car f1 car: am i a joke to you

  • If i was this in this world. And there were zombies i would break the sound berier

  • There are faster food than that

  • If you told an American that you where running at 50 mh they would look at you weird

  • 3:30 we love the US reference

  • I was putting cream and listening and then the kissing part started and now my teeth are moisturised

  • Hey your skin would Be severely damaged from the high velocity

  • Body flicker

  • Lmao

  • . . . . . . . . .

  • Domics are you going to do a face reveal?

  • “Not my face?” 7:24 That’s me everyday. 😂😀

  • I have a crush on kreesh

  • But I could still walk at 50 miles and hour

  • What if everyone was gay

  • *WOULD* *YOU* *BE* *A* *HOMIE?*

  • I did some math and usain bolts scaled up top speed would be 347km/h

  • 0:24

  • 1:34

  • Omg I cant breath I'm dying of laughter 🤣🤣🤣

  • But if we run really fast there will be no cars😱😱😱

  • It’s so fuunnny

  • It would be a meat splah

  • I just got an express vpn ad before the video...

  • Another show Idea speed dating.


  • Make more of these

  • Imagine having asthma

  • The hair on my balls is down to may knees

  • me: *so it went to speed then to kissing toes and lips* me: *stull subscribing to his chanell*

  • Nice content Xdddddddddddddddddddd

  • I’ll just sneak my way

  • Fast 9 FAST FOOD

  • You would die if you can run that fast because a bit of sand went though your heart or something like that.


  • To run up a wall you need to run so fast that you will beat gravity which is hundreds of mph’s

  • the second part of this video is hilarious 😂😂


  • But if EVERYONE has super speed no one does.Its just the norm

  • If everyone was that fast, the wouldn’t be fast. They would be average

  • well need 100× more food

  • Alt title: if oxygen was replaced with cocaine

  • Bikes be like 200kph

  • No have Kreesh slap the person ten times in a row instead of kissing cause kissing speads germs

  • Ye poor shoes

  • If everyone has super speed, no one will have super speed

  • Kreesh be a homie

  • Conversion for us Americans 50km=31mph 80km=49mph 100km=60mph Baby crawl: 20km=12mph

  • If you wearded a shoe of great area(area similar to a racket) and it was made with a little pockets of air, and u ran 100 km/h, you could run over water. Basically making your self designed like a basilik on greater scale.

  • I could finally become one of those anime ninjas.

  • Ничего не понел

  • Except 100 kilometres per hour is 62 mph

  • i run this fast in pokemon go

  • I imagine that if humans gained the ability to run at that speed, they would also gain enough natural resistance to survive crashing into things, as well as having faster reflexes.

  • Gove super speed to someone who can’t use their legs

  • *I will kiss everyones head and they will be flash.*

  • *U wanna be flash.*

  • *Imagine: in some parallel world people can run at 10km/h and they are talking hypotheticals about what if people could run at 40km/h.*

  • 8:17 Hey, we have the same first name : D !

  • Babye zombie goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • This vid makes me smile 💀💀💀

  • What would be the flash

  • Imagine how inefficient that would be tho how much more food we’ll need to eat

  • This got rapie 🤔🤣😂

  • Take a minute to appreciate Uwusain Bolt. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

  • Ever heard of road rash? It's basically this thing where if you go fast enough on a motorcycle without the right protective gear the wind resistance rip your skin off, even level 4 road rash goes down to the bone so that's a factor

  • Change the stakes: 100 *m/ph*