Growing Up Asian

Publicerades den 1 jul 2018
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  • And i thought i was the only one making a bussiness out of my family’s white hairs

  • 12:54 thats my country bro

  • At this point I can get 100 years of 70% off in nord vpn by all the sponserd video

  • paternity court

  • I’m Indian but my parents are pretty chill to anything except school. Anything below a 95 is not good enough. I’m doing an advanced math class and I got a 103 because of extra credit, and they actually said it was good.

  • Me: I'm half vietnamese Classmate: what did you say you were Japanese

  • my dad would never let me draw when i was little but my sister got away with it and now she want's to be an artist ;-;

  • I only kinda relate, cuz i'm half asian

  • Your 2nd syllable is EH

  • to be hoest the shoe thing is the same for hispanic

  • im cambodian

  • Oof. I felt the Asians don't get to be artists thing. I remember that when my brother and I were younger, our parents would scold us for drawing a lot and not spending enough time studying. (To be fair, we both had middling to shitty grades at school)

  • Dominic “I go to school twice” Me with my Asian mom: Me to, me to

  • You should see how Mexicans grow up it’s hard man when u get a bad grade if it’s your mom la chancla if your dad finds out when u get a bad grade it’s el cinto the chancla and cinto means slipper and belt

  • Best Part "You have a girlfriend?" "How many?"

  • 11:10 I finally get this!!! And it's pretty sad. The railroad thing, is what I'm pretty sure is about, is on how immigrants worked in tough conditions in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I may be wrong, so if you could kindly correct me. That'd be great.

  • when you have relatively “chill” Asian parents.

  • You have a girlfriend how many

  • If I got bad grades I got my ass whooped by my dad

  • Lmao Chinese

  • 9:15-omgf LMAO "hOw MaNy??"

  • After reding some comments I feel grateful for my parents to dont send me to Kumon, or tutoring stuff (actually no money to waste in it cuz school), and not that strict. But I can surely tell that I relate to the rest.

  • Wait so ur Japanese or Chinese or Korean? Cuz im confused now (im Korean) and I saw the 배고파 and i was like, wait a minute....

  • Whats ur Asian? Filipino.. anyone else

  • #domshouldhaddonethiswithhistwinjaiden

  • Domics is a Filipino tooo?!!

  • Pongebob dom pants is awesome it’s so funny

  • 12:12 “Your second syllable is E E H ”

  • Me: Picking mom's white hair while watching this Also Me: WAIT WHAAAAAAAAAAATTT?????!!

  • You kept saying all that about VPN, and your friends didn't interrupt,......

  • At 1:24 you'll hear cardi b saying EEEEEWW

  • I literally got an add for wedding rings .-.

  • Someone was trying to defend me but she said, “HEY! SHES NOT WHITE, SHES VIETNAM!” Ig I’m a country🥰

  • this should be a podcast

  • I grew up like this. I am: 25% Caucasian, 25% Taiwanese, 13% Chinese, 37% Japanese I feel: 100% Caucasian So when some asked, are you Chinese or Japanese in Elementary, I'd feel weird saying I'm mostly Asian. Anyone else?

  • I totally forgot I was watching a video. I somehow feel like I am talking to my friends.

  • 谁知盘中餐,粒粒皆辛苦。 I take food on my own, no one force to feed me. I grow 20kg in 4 years

  • Does anyone from Mongolia?

  • Just wanna say..........#relatable

  • *Everyone I get Twist my ankle or hit my hand very hard* _My Asian parents would beat me first for not being careful_ #FaqMyLife

  • The bird drips thing is actually a common food where I live and it tasted amazing, I ask my grandparent to get me those alot

  • One of my classmates asked if I was Asian or Chinese Me Smh

  • Claire is exactly right!

  • asian seems like the most iconic race in the world

  • Bruh I have to take those weird drinks they made with gross stuff too. It tastes horrible.

  • my dad took away my pencils and gave me math book

  • jmom

  • i can relate because i'm chinese

  • :Asians are nice in math" I am Asian and when me and my cousin were playing categories I said 3D shape and he said rhombus

  • *I pray whoever reads this becomes successful*

  • Im asian A.K.A indonesian

  • My mum threatened us with a stick, often the end of the fly swatter, chopstick or broom. One day the dog was acting up so I went to get the fly swatter next to the microwave to threaten him (dw i just threaten and never actually use the weapon), and then I screamed because I realised I turned into my mum...

  • im half fillapino and dose anybody else half fillapino be bear foot like every day indoors?

  • My friends: oh I get like $25 for every A Me: Oh if I get A’s I get to keep my phone!

  • I'm from India and this is so relatable man, I feel I'm a part of this conversation 😂😂

  • and the Chinese medicine taste bitter am I right?

  • im Chinese tho I can help u translate the words :)

  • Hey! I'm asian.

  • A $100 PER WEEK?! WHY DO THEY NEED $100 FOR?! I only get at least $5 per week

  • Im not Asian but i remember kids doing that "Chinese Japanese something knees" to me in elementary school .-.

  • Hi

  • Me: *wearing outside slippers in my house* My mom: *TAKE THEM OFF* Visitor: *wears outside slippers in our house* My mom: *Understandable have a great day*

  • It’s JMOM

  • Tbh I expected lot of Indians here u know.. Chinese and Japanese aren't the only Asians😅

  • Yup can relate to most of the part I'm Indian

  • Me: Smiles while watching BTS videos on SEnewss. My mom: Is that your boyfriend!? Gimme your Phone. Like Ma....,, Chill🙏

  • 1:58 I dont get payed :)

  • Chinese japanese taiwanese oh shoot i forgot the rest but yeah alot of people did that in my school

  • As a Chinese Chinese, I found that many immigrant Chinese families have a more traditional/conservative mindset than those in China.

  • Relatable to me. I am Asian too. Sure.

  • My parents wanted me to become doctor, engineer and that's it no other choices. You know what I did, I took humanities cuz I suck at math and science. And I also suck at that. And I have no ambition.

  • 2 years later.. Addison Raecist: You never Know shes probably korean not asian.. Me: what you think korea is sum kind of continent wth

  • the shoes on bed🤢

  • im Asian too, all are relatable, some are exactly the same, the slipper thing where if ya go outside with them, yeah I had kumon, it kinda sucked :| Filipino, grew up in China I was allowed to draw

  • “Did you guys get hit?” *asian kids: crying inside*

  • One of my new classmates asked: “Are you Asian or Chinese?” *my guy, if i could reach through that screen and smack you, i would.*

  • Idk what this is I forgot so press at your own risk lol

  • That guy who busted his friend out of his boring class is a LEGEND😂😂


  • "You have a girlfriend? *How many?"*

  • There was a person in my class and said that Chinese and Vietnamese are the same thing.

  • bro this is so good BD

  • Im also aisn to i live in pakistan wich is in asie

  • I’m Cambodian and when I finish a bowl of rice my grandma gives me more

  • Hit u the... BROOM STICK yeah yeah ima gonna hit if u get a B+ (I’m Vietnamese) if I get A+ ima you get some ice cream if u get B+ u belt whip lol

  • This is my story of how my german teacher made me want to slap her Teacher: -somehow speaks abt chinese things idk why- Teacher: “can anyone speak chinese in this class?” Random guy: “yes, I can speak chinese” Teacher: -looks at me- “Are *you* Chinese?” confused me: “No, I am japanese-“ Theacher: “Oh really? But why you cant speak Chinese” My mind: “And so I remember Imma go beat this b*ch up

  • I live in the middle east its hot

  • I honestly relate with the tutor part. In Romania, there is no child that hasn't had a tutor and most parents would sign their childrens up for every subject. Usually children who have good grades without the need of tutors are very smart and dedicated children. But golden children also have tutors to work at a performant level with them that school doesn't give.

  • Hey Asian

  • HAHAHAHAHA I can relate to this video, I'm Filipino with blood of Chinese AHAHAHHA

  • My Chinese parents are like bird spit is very expensive and hard to make Do u guys get hit is that a question I'm pretty sure all Asians get hit

  • No joke, I had a test a few weeks ago. I passed every subject except Filipino. It's like I'm a foreigner in my own country😂

  • I have been bullied for being brown when I was in high school but now I have a job and and a nice house it's best to get through the bad times to get to the good times

  • "I'll call him Andrew" "Or Randy" "Okay so Andy's cell phone..."

  • Instead of using slippers in the house, my Mom would use these socks with rubber on the bottom of them. I thought it was a pretty good idea 😁

  • True

  • True

  • Well now the reality is out of an East Asian countries including India Pakistan sri Lanka and nepal

  • *Dad: IF you get A+ through entire year u will get a new pc* *Me after being class first: Dad, where's my pc* *Dad: Uhh....Uhh....Uhhhh*

  • I think you and twomad would get along