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  • I scared of going into the friendzone

  • were not scared of the dark were scared if were alone

  • Z

  • turn on captions at 6:45

  • dang look at this hospital bill hospital $999999 tax $99999 total with discount $9999999999999999999999999999999999 that's it because we are apple

  • Tell me why I have that same ringtone 2:37

  • 2:36 that ringtone was sick

  • Idk why people get scared of jumpscares, I think I'm just immune to jumpscares somehow.

  • 1:46 well i’ve been to the ER but only when i was little(cuz i was very dumb) this one time i was running around the house and face planted onto my dollhouse. i needed stitches and everyone in my preschool class complimented my bandaid on my eyebrow. that’s it, i haven’t broken a bone or anything. i was just a rlly dumb 3 year old. actually a did get bit by my neighbors bunny and i went to the doctors to make sure i didn’t have like rabies or something(i didn’t but i remember my dad loosing his shit trying to find an insurance card)this one time playing basketball i bent my fingers backward against the ball, couldn’t move them without extreme pain, and they were black and blue for like a month, but my moms like eh it’s fineee

  • Can we talik about The perfect british acsent?👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Haha i fooled you

  • I thought my video broke

  • I all ready watch the movie Coco and The book of life but this story about family ok 🍿👍🏻

  • Oh btw I remade this I didn’t just took a pic then made this my profile I remade it then I pic

  • Know what’s funny the horror film then when it started raining then they was moving

  • So Your list contains a member of team 10, a dentist murder weapon, and the economy.

  • Dom lives in Canada so there’s no. Hospital bills

  • There is nothing to fear but fear itself

  • You're not scared of being alone in the dark, you're scared of NOT being alone in the dark

  • 0:13 That one is scary.

  • Hey i not scard of this movie 2:22

  • I have al the fears he has lol specially all the bathroom ones i was like "same"

  • When dom is 80 he'll look like he's 25.

  • *That ringtone though...*

  • Needed to say "spider",dident cha?

  • 3:40 æúgh = æúgh

  • Turn your captions on at the end, there’s a hint :D

  • Bananaphobia: Fear of banana's

  • I

  • 1:57 *jumps of swing as a challenge* People at my school: JUMPS OFF SWING 15 TIMES

  • Guys watch the White end with subtitles;) Wait for it...

  • Same 3:25

  • The blank end part in the end you need subtitles to understand what’s happening

  • Wait.... I just realised that I have a fear of death or whatever Dom said- Shi-

  • “i’ll probably never run into a t. rex” probably 😐😐

  • Domics: look at these hospital bills Also domics: lives in canada

  • My greatest fear? Getting screwed over by someone simply because I don't know exactly what I'm doing and they take advantage of that. ...too much?

  • 2:05 the hospital bill of a European be like...

  • I love the subtitles at the end

  • Omg awe where you said " it really hit me in the kokoro" i sounded so cute

  • I am scared of bathrooms and mirrors in the bathroom

  • When someone promise you that they will always remembered you. That's a very big promise

  • This entire video everything you said about your fear are the same as mine and we are in common my family thinking about moving to Canada too! Right now I currently living in Cambodia.

  • Who remembers Domics

  • you funny

  • I'm not scared of my credit card debt, I'm scared of the pianos I buy when I'm drunk

  • I wasn’t looking at the screen in the end and I thought the video was on pause 🤦‍♂️

  • Was that a Devilman Crybaby reference at 4:25

  • Nice one bro Love it But this way or this being forgotten or not isn't actually a path to immortality

  • 2:05 yeah me too but for me it’s just because I live in Denmark and we don’t pay for going to the hospital 🇩🇰😄

  • Sugar Cookies I have a phobia of Sugar Cookies

  • Did you heard there's train to busan 2 peninsula

  • Now that's a fear

  • Search mo junji ito

  • Whenever I see this video, I immediately think about the insects.

  • I'm afraid of School..

  • In the white screen part turn on your caption .....he still has something left to say

  • book of life

  • *if i cant see there isnt a demon about to eat me, **_there is probably a demon about to eat me!_*

  • I have Glossophobia, (fear of speaking in public). And Scolionophobia, (fear of school.) *most of you can probably relate*

  • 1:18 *how DARE YOU*

  • Lol i Broke my arm in the 1st grade jumping off the. Top of the slide like fuckin super man the teacher saw me be an idiot and had a cast fro like a 1 month 😅

  • spiderman's 1 weakness FLIPFLOPS

  • i still love your videos

  • The people who dislike are little babies who cry when they see spiders💀

  • You're not afraid of falling down, you're afraid that as you're falling down your body will gain enough inertia that will break your bones upon landing And of course most likely dying

  • "bananaphobia"

  • Hey dom. Hey dom. Where did you go?

  • What the hell is bananaphobia 😂😂😂 I didn't know that something like that even existed ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ

  • the shower thing is real LOL

  • 6:39 is the best part for me.

  • Dam you vary shiiiipppp

  • Good devilman: crybaby reference

  • 2:04 Eropeans be like

  • Did anyone just stare at the white screen at the end

  • I have a fear of evil spirits and scp’s but i know they’re not real

  • Me fearing the few minutes of the white screen at the end because I don't know what's coming

  • 1:38 pop team epic

  • I will legit have nightmares of being forgotten ... Thanks to you 😭

  • 4:57to4:59 me to

  • Stupidies thing i ever done is cutting a small part of my right ear

  • I’m afraid of the mirror lol

  • I think dying is like losing your progress in a game you’ve spent a reasonable time on

  • People who don’t turn CC on: am I a joke to you

  • Who else read the captions at the end

  • 7:07 "Hmm. that seems like a hypothetical for another day." how long will it take until it is that "another day"?

  • 3:31 the pumpkin meme... if u know u know 👉🏾👈🏾

  • clowns

  • I won’t forget you bro don’t fear

  • Yo I bet I have lower hospital bills than you cause I live in Sweden and in sweden it’s free to go to hospital

  • Literally everything you’ve said in this video, and I mean everything related to me

  • I have a fear of the toilet flushing past 9:00 pm

  • Just realized he posted this on Halloween

  • 4:55 same

  • who are we watching again???? i forgot

  • by this logic only can be scared if been near it or whatever then im scared of random screams at night cos umm that just happened today and i pretty much shit myself

  • It's easy to not be forgotten just commit a war crime or murder the presidennt or buy a gun and manicure enough ppl to get you in a text book

  • At the end turn on captions and the editor does the outro

  • we have a hallway in our house with three rooms on the sides. I once forgot to turn on the light and that was the time my brother decided to hide behind a wall and jumpscare me. I was so shocked that I did a perfect imitation of ken's Shoryuken and knocked him a few feet back. I then began to scream louder than the school's fire alarm siren as I ran frantically in the other direction.

  • Whenever I saw this I was thinking is she a vaccume 3:38

  • My fear is restroom too bro amd a asian im from maldives