Moving Out

Publicerades den 30 jun 2017
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  • Why do Asian parents nod so rough

  • Dwth dumb

  • Dwth

  • Wtf

  • I mentioned moving out to my asian mom once and she said: “I raised you and now that you’ve grown up, you’re just gonna abandon me?”💀

  • You can paint the board stuck to the wall

  • Ha ha ha😂🤣😅😆😴😂

  • At the time im watching this,this has 8,999,099

  • I actually wake up at 5 for school and commute 2 hours both ways

  • Dude what the hell is a person not a item like a tv

  • Me a New Yorker who laughed when Dom said $500-$600 then started crying. fuck more than $1,000 more than 1,000

  • Happy Birthday!

  • I would paint or decorate the block of wood

  • DWTH is a type of guy who would turn on the heater during summer.

  • Lit domics intro

  • 4:56 ( disclaimer) this is for me 🙃

  • im 16 and about to move out lol

  • I'm 27, and starting to move out tomorow. Almost same situation: Working and studying, playing video games a lot of hours, a lot of free time... and went just fine, until now. I feel the necesity to have my own place, grow up. To much comodity at 27, and that's not good.

  • 1:08

  • hi

  • "thats like 4 hours each day" *E B R E Y D A Y*

  • I did the job boss. I installed the shelves.

  • In sweden it take 15 years to wait for a house in some places

  • Atleast you didn't use Eenie Meene Miini Mo to choose an apartment!

  • I moved out when i was 16 because of school

  • Back then i had to wake up at 4:00 am just to get to school which started at 8:00 am ( we had a flag ceremony at 7:00)

  • I totally get that commute one, just finished my first year thinking I'll commute but had to get up a 5.30 every morning to get to the uni for 9 every day and I'd be in uni for like 3-6 hours then have to do the 3-4 hours back, I ain't doing 8 hours travel a day again I'm going with student accommodation this year, several times the lecturer was ill so I would have done 8 hours journeying just to get told I'm not in

  • My family is kicking me out the second I turn 18 soooooooo Imma get a job at 16

    • I thought most people would've gotten a job at 16 anyways

    • Lol my parents havent told me when so i am both worried and under whelmed

  • The video was just ending so I clicked on another one, when I suddenly heard Boku No Hero Academia and immediately went back

  • 2020: 4577

  • Nice!

  • Lolol that glue thing was so funny 😂

  • Mom: Every Day ( *G E T A J O B* )

  • man rent sucks :p

  • How will you know if your friend is a filipino? Ask them if they still live with their parents.

  • Hey dude when you recorded this video it was my birthday!!!!!!!!!

  • 550-600$ a month?? *cries In NYC*

  • Anyone watching in 2020 lol

  • Re watching these old Dom videos I kinda giggle at the amount of times Dom has just been like "my neighbor was a prostitute" was no context or anything, before he ever actually made the Neighbor video.

  • $600 in Downtown Toronto? Where are these magical apartments you speak of?!

  • It’s called a heat gun for that wall eye sore of wood.

  • *DWTH*

  • 5:50 = new myster book what was going on in room 2056

  • I laughed when he said DWTH

  • $550-$600 dollars a month Californians: laughs in million dollar housing

  • Holy shit 2 sponsors in 1 vid?!?!?!

  • Fun fact: this isn’t your first time watching this

  • d du dud dude dude w dude wh dude wha dude what dude what t dude what th dude what the dude what the h dude what the he dude what the hel dude what the hell dude what the hel dude what the he dude what the h dude what the dude what th dude what t dude what dude wha dude wh dude w dude dud du d


  • $500 is cheap compared to where I live where EVERY apt starts at $1000 a month😔 Gotta move out of my state, or at least the town

  • ‘Until you try to tetris it into a Uhaul truck’ 😂😭

  • Guys i need ur help in finding a Domics episode, hint: "BUT ITS 5 AM"

  • You don't know how much stuff you have until you try to tetress it into a moving van 😂😂😂 I'm so using that term!.

  • 6:04 I’m dying looking at this!

  • Dude, $550 monthly rent is like a dream come true! I'm moving out today and my weekly rent is $450 (I live in Aus), the only $550 monthly I can find here are 6-8 people share houses located in small suburbs 😭😭😭

  • I saw his mom do that drop kick and immediately subscribed

  • I’m in a rush to move out and I’m only 13

  • thanks man for the point of view i wanted to get ou of here as soon as possible but thanks to you i think ill milk my parents a little longer! thanks ;)

  • Love how the subtitles say LIT COMICS INTRO at the begining

  • Might be a.. er.. rude question but, what type of Asian are your parents? My mom is Filipino

  • Your from Philippines me to

  • Ye

  • *DWTH has left the chat*

  • 0:13 wtf

  • GALB

  • 600$ a month in downtown? Laughts in german: 1000€ suburb

  • 1:00 just use Lego architecture buildings

  • $500 - $600 a month!??!?. Here in L.A. would be $2,000 - $3,000 a month..

  • At least you use the actually right drill

  • Ano? Me: Ano *po* .

  • Dom thats really expensive if thats the price from where i am from its about 1000 rm here thats really expensive

  • Ooooof

  • I moved out imeddiately after highschool and it's been 5 years since then. I forgot how it is to live with them and having to stay with them during the pandemic was kind of a struggle 😂. I moved to a city that is quite close to my home (30 minutes driving on the highway) and i didn't want to get stuck in my small apartment for 2 months, not going to work in that time and being restricted to go out only for groceries and important reasons. I would have gone crazy. But it turns out my parents and i were driving each other crazy even more 😂. Couldn't wait to get back at my apartment, it feels so good to be by myself now. When i first moved out i had to stay with 2 girls at 2 different ocassions and in 2 different apartments, which was alright but there were some conflicts sometimes, and moving alone got me anxious about having to be more responsible and whether i could do it or not. It turned out alright and i'm happy this way

  • Lol

  • Did your college campus not have residence halls or was it that they were also super expensive. I mean my college dorms are gonna send me in debt but I have to live on campus for 2 years and I love the college to much to give it up and they ended up being the least expensive

  • Yea “dude what the hell”

  • So, I feel like staying home with your parents would make you a loser (Really only if you have the resources like me) And I have a girlfriend who will split the bill with me with 2 different jobs im writing this in 2020 during the pandemic so I can't really move out right now, but I think if my and my girlfriend are still together at the end of this pandemic, I think we can get are own place because we both have jobs.

  • Dom: The apartments were pretty expensive, like $550 Californians: that’s cute

  • DWTH is the kind of guy that would eat popcorn with a spoon


  • Bro some people just made unoriginal jokes in the comment section... and got undeserved likes.

  • bruh you just weak all houses where i live are made out of concrete its not that hard to drill

  • Wtf...where iam its $600 a WEEK

  • 0:21 Is anyone gonna mention the neck crane?

  • Thinking of moving out, 22, no degree or savings seeking jobs 😥

  • Hey wanna buy hot dog only 1538836$

  • GTFO on the watch was epic

  • 6:05 "if you murdered someone..." *Me wondering how many murderers watched this*

  • Is this the same apartment as in your neighbors video(s)?

  • Good old DWTH

  • where in toronto/GTA are u getting that cheap rent from bruh the cheapest i’ve been able to find is like $1900-$2200 for places that are on the outskirts of toronto 😭😭😭

  • Poo eyes shufed a chicken up your nose

  • I just put beans in the microwave but I forgot to take the beans out of the can And now my house been down for down and now I don't have anywhere to live where to live

  • L

  • Lip smak

  • I noticed.

  • 0:18 Get a job. That part was funny.

  • It cracked me up with DWTH 😂😂😂

  • Bet james wont beat u up?

  • S