Back To School

Publicerades den 30 aug 2018
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  • I'm in 7th grade, and I've chosen to be an astronomer because I like space and astrology, except my mom really wants me to be to be an architect even though I am not interested in it whatsoever. If I bring up the fact of being an astronomer I get in trouble

  • 0:01 so true

  • I mainly want to be an adult so I can get a job, earn money, get all the equipment I need to stream, and stream! It's what I want to do and I love it! Right now I am 12 years old so I'm obviously not able to do that yet. But I would still love to!

  • 4:49 why doesn't he realize that the ball is teleporting back then HUH

  • My dad was able to not even finish high school, but he got a stable job and supported two families mine and my his other wife's family.


  • "Try not to expect this year to be the same as the previous years" Yea... Each year's different... ...Each year's progressively worse.

  • me: WTF WAS THAT AT 1:31

  • Hehe! Hehe! **cries**

  • how about junior high schoolers dom?

  • Singapore be like u start schooool at 2jan! Bois

  • I watch your videos at night when I can't sleep

  • lol i wss one of the kids that wanted to grow up and work and live on my own i hated school the teachers the ppl and the subjects i found out i liked welding so i got a certification WITHOUT go to college and now i make more than the average person in the us and i didnt even go to college and waste THOUSANDS of dollars im glad im an adult and i nvd will look back

  • I just got fried chicken skin stuck in my right eye and it hurts.

  • watching this while getting 70's in history ( like who the fuck needs to know about history idc about feckin george washington's opinions on slavery in 1860 bitch)

  • Watching this in 2020 : all of the good things literally got canceled out

  • "if you are stressing out about what you wear, dont" Me who goes to a uniform school:

  • Imagine school being a thing in 2020 Imagine.

  • I hate online school. There is so much more work and i can't keep it organized, I love computers but i wanna go back to school.

  • study tip: Laminate your homework papers so the tears role off

  • High school for four years laughs in 6 years of high school

  • Thx

  • living in Australia i can say most other countries like us wear uniform

  • Does he have any videos that aren’t sponsored

  • i wear uniforms...

  • my school is a stem school. its all tech based. yes i'm a nerd

  • I would love to go to school because i Been at my house

  • So you know the private school like me

  • Back to school in 2020 I only come to school 2 days and my weekend is 5 days

  • Well, I'm in my first year of high school, and FUCK, SCHOOL IS A SHIT. Like, bro, I want to work with game/animation design, where in school you fucking learn that????? And WOW my parents are telling me if I mess any other thing with school (in al years before covid, I was an excelent student) I'M GOING TO PUBLIC SCHOOL AND I'LL BE OUT OF MY DIGITAL DESIGN COURSE!!!! FUCK YEAH, I HATE THAT SHIT!!!!!

  • Watch when COVID is over we’re going to be crying to go back lol

  • Ok but you aint a girl you do not understand the struggle of cloths on the first day

  • Am barely in mid school 1st grade

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  • Anyone watching this during online class?

  • Who all loves going school supply shopping but hate even the thought of actually going to school?


  • 1:52 Me: laughs in a uniform and private school.

  • If I don’t go to collage I will be out the door and will be disowned

  • "Most of you watching will probably be starting a new school year soon" Me: *laughs in student debt*

  • Kumon is the best and the worst

  • Who is in fifth grade and you parents say if you get a be we will not care later on about your grades 👇

  • "Thank you Kumon" I felt that.

  • What about middle school?

  • School teaches u the pain of this world so ull have a happoer life later ^^

  • Middle school squad

  • Posted the day after my 11th birthday

  • Fuck School

  • Oh I thought I was the only one who did Kumon-

  • Dom: high school students, just.... survive? Me: I died 99 times in a single Health Class, so no

  • I felt a little bit more better after watching this.. Thanks Dom

  • 🤚me

  • I go to Kumon too! :D

  • Oh almost forgot ✋

  • School: prison Online school: mental prison

  • Once my friend told me that "When I was a kid I wanted to be an adult fast, but now that I age I am scared of future and want to go back to being a kid" and I sure do agree with him

  • For people like me A= Why not A+ B= Your spoiled C= GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE D= you dog F= Game over (RIP)

  • I remember what I single thing I wore in 7th grade We had uniforms

  • 3:32 "if you hold a gun and never let go for the rest of your life, are you a cyborg?"

  • 5:43. 😂🤣

  • *homework was frst created as a punishment*

  • My mom always told me to live my life how I want it. And then when I told her I want to quit High School because I feel like in a shrinking chamber, she told me I need to complete it!!1! because if I won't complete it, I will get less money in my job later and some other reasons that I forgot. So, I continued and I have to say, I developed depression and found out that good grades lead to sadness and working on hobbies and developing myself in a way I want it leads to happiness and joy. Now I'm in the 4th year and only need 1 year to go. And it feels bad. My future will have nothing to do with my past, but my past will remember me.

  • Im watching your videos to learn english😑

  • oof we have school uniforms end my pain possesses

  • I’m in a Highschool where you can only be there if you have everything a A or little bit B

  • Literally everybody: 5:45

  • hey domics ! i had been seeing your videos and want to appreciate you and your team for all the great works but if you put more colors in your animes other than white and black it would look more interesting to watch.

  • 26 or 27 or 25 years old

  • I have good grades without trying I don’t even pay attention to the teachers I’m talkin* to my friends while that and I still have all A’s and B’s am I normal?

  • 4:10 how much i hate this

  • This video didn't age well

  • Dom in 2018: Psssh, i wish there was SOMETHING to take people out of school Dom in 2020: I TAKE IT BACK I TAKE IT BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!

  • Dominic said school 17 or 18 times I think

  • I dropped out and today finally finished my secondary education. I'm glad I'm alive.

  • Covid-19 messed everything thing up >=(

  • Hypotheticals reference

  • Man I went to kumon when I was younger

  • "Dr. Yeet's Green Meat" 🤣😂🤣

  • 0:02 ; 0:03 I don't really see a difference here...

  • I remember Kumon

  • High school sucks just get through the 4 years Me who has to do 6 years of high school😤

  • Dom explains 100% why I fail in school

  • “If you had led a gun and never let go for the rest of your life, are you a cyborg?” *I see what you did there.*

  • Dom: how many of u who chose not to go to post-secondary education get heavy judgment from peers when they found out ur not in school ASIAN PEOPLE CAN TOTALLY RELATE

  • 2:26 lmao saikis school uniform anyone?

  • i thought i was the only one that go to Kumon. LOL

  • Currently, I'm in middle school and most people want me to enjoy childhood while I can because it's short. While it is important, I value about my goal to be a therapist in the future more than I want to be a child. I want to live a successful life while a having a job I enjoy that helps other people. The thing is, I chose this by myself, without my parents telling me that I need to go to college to have a good life. I just want to help people. I don't know if a 7th grader should be thinking about their entire career at such an early part in life, but this is what I want to be even if I feel like an idiot for being myself.

  • im watching this in 2020 and there is a new way to do classes, ONLINE CLASSES

  • I WANNA PAY TAXES *wha the fuuuuuuu*

  • Highschool students in 2020: lagging is the best memory

  • 1:30 i don't think that's socializing there bud

  • Domics: yes sir yes sir school again! Me: staying in quarantine and having 4 hours of less school

  • Not suck as you

  • Just yes

  • Yes

  • so do you kno..... acually i need to say that i am asian any ways there is a famous actor in hong kong that went to work when he is 14!

  • Prison was pretty good then school

  • "What do you wanna do when you grow up?" "I WANNA PAY TAXES!" "What the fu-"

  • Kumon XD that was still a thing back then?

  • Domics: do people even go to the library? Me: I do! The library is my life! 👌👌 so is the internet!