Publicerades den 15 nov 2018
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Original Music by Christopher Carlone
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  • This is why I prefer self checkouts

  • poor chum. :'c :'(

  • i wasn't able to finish the video

  • Me going to gamestop

  • Uhhh... just here in brazil that isn’t like that?

  • u kn0w just want 2 koment

  • 5:00 eles são mals

  • lol

  • Who else got stressed out while watching this ?

  • The cashier came from the pentagon.

  • Cashier:ok soo is 10,00$ wouldnyou like to don.... Me:no Cashier:how abaut jus... Me:no Cashier:jus.... Me:no Cashier:w... Me:no Cashier:*sweating intensifies because there is no way she can scam me whit that tecnique*

  • Cashier:Would you like to donate 100 dollars Guy:nah Cashier:ok soo ill steal your credit card soo you dont have to do it and since you were do entusiastic to do it i will add an extra 50 dollars Guy:wait what the

  • I would have just left

  • I'm actually a cashier at Walmart I'm not this annoying but I do have to ask those questions the donation and the in-store card

  • Dominic has such a pleasant voice!!😎

  • This reminds me of a southpark episode...

  • At first:hapy Next:depressed

  • rip

  • Legend says Dom is still looking for Frozen Flakes.

  • Cashier: Unleashes hell Me: Aint nobody got time for that

  • Omg im literaly dyeing of laughter 😋🤣🤣

  • so that's why my dad is taking so long

  • Hahahahaha...

  • SEnewss is getting really uncomfortable with these double ads. LIKE C'MON I JUST WANT TO WATCH SOME DOMICS!

  • my mom: 5:01

  • 3:36

  • Who gave Karen a job?

  • and can't touch... *HOW DO THEY BAKE THE COOKIES?*

  • Oh mah gah She making good bargains.

  • * M Y B A N N A N A S A R E M E L T I N G *

  • hello yes *MY BANANAS ARE MELTING*

  • thank god for self check-out

  • Dem cookies be more overpriced Dan LEGO

  • Can I just say domics is the SEnewss channel to watch when you’re down

  • Haha this is so funny LMAOOOOOO

  • Haha


  • This was a top notch try not to get annoyed/mad video

  • ok? a little too far

  • Because you put the title in Spanish

  • Did Gingerpale make this background?

  • 4:48 if this was made in 2020 he’d be a Karen lmao 😂

  • I don't care gonna beat the heck out of the cashier and sue them for doing that. Not to mention I love racoons but if I do not want to donate then I don't want to donate

  • *See, this is what happens when a Karen is the menager*

  • is that a south park reference?

  • This video was just weird....

  • lol amazing vid

  • I remember watching this for the first time while eating cereal

  • Isnt she the girl of the dreams video?

  • *Would you like a bag with that?*

  • This just made me angry watching this

  • i couldn't stop laughing!!!!!!!

  • Then Domics jumped over the counter, Grabbed her by the neck, And slammed her into the ground. Then he played smash for an hour.

  • Dom in the army he makes a nuke animated

  • I'm so glad to see u with colour

  • Look at

  • Why did any one dislike

  • Everbody gangsta 'till the bananas melt

  • ...

  • omg the cashier takes sssssoooooo llllloooooonnnnnnggggg


  • I know math ok

  • Lmao it’s been a year and I still can’t stop watching it every once in a while 🤣

  • Domics only wanted cereal!!

  • The cashier looks like one pain in the a**, I am sure the cashier is also deaf.

  • As a... Malwart employee, I can assure this is just the bare minimum.

  • This triggers me for no reason

  • to the people who have anxiety and feel like someone is watching them ur not alone there's someone behind u


  • So that's why my dad was so much time in the store

  • this is nostalgic and yes i come here with my recommendations

  • Everybody gangster til the cashier says that they're the manager

  • this is my job lmao

  • If she is the Franchise owner, that mean you can still complain to Cooperate

  • sharing cereal is the worst. i should know, im in a family of 50,000

  • As someone who works as a cashier let me tell you that we don’t say any of that because we want to

  • æ

  • how have i never found your channel before, I Fricking love you video LOL

  • *T R I G G E R E D*

  • Lol sick racons 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • I appreciate the details of the animation in this video!

  • The only unnecessary question I ask as a cashier is "would you like the receipt/would you like a bag" if they only have a few items. Because I am required to.

  • me mum and i always get girl scout cookies though bc they're five dollars a box and just delicious :>

  • The cashier is soooooo annoying

  • Tbh the customers are more insufferable

  • I was about to say that BG looks like it was made by gingypapi the I check the description I-

  • Cant believe its a 4 minute video....

  • Anyone else accidentally get signed up for a bunch of store sponsored stuff..... no? Just me then

  • way too exagerated *PERFECT*

  • is true

  • I have a similar story I live close to a Tesco so I go there often just to use the ATM but they had a very weird one you put your card put in pin get piece of paper with numbers on it give it to cahshier and they'll give it but one time the cashier said want to donate to the children's hospital I said no and she said you have something against modern medicine I just stare at her -_- and asks me to become a member for a good 20 minutes and I left 30 euro down the drain cause I donted 3 to hospital 28 a month for card **sigh**

  • Why all raccoons are blind?!

  • This is the first time I'm seen colours in Domics

  • 3:10 i hate when they say that stuff

  • A lot of it is not even ment to be in their.The cash register is to specific.

  • 5:25 don proceeds to become cashier

  • This video gives me such anxiety and anger

  • DIS CASHIER IS VERY DIFFICULT,........ I have one in my local store

  • Geez that's harsh