Neighbours [Part 2]

Publicerades den 30 nov 2017
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Music of Domics, Vol. 1 (Music from the Animated Series)
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  • haha

  • 3:55 nala is a chicken disguised in a dog

  • why not just complain to the security :v


  • I can't believe im old and educated enough to understand the formula in the right at 1:11

  • Dominic: start talking about his sponsor Me: AUTOMATIC CLICK OFF

  • Maybe y'all should've taped a note on the door that says "This is not 2506"

  • Your INTRO IS THE BSET domics

  • 2:48

  • If I would have been there I would have simply drawn a small arrow or may be a paper pointing out this is 2505 or maybe FUN RESCIDES NEXT ROOOOOOOM!

  • 3:26 *chicken dog*

  • Why did he make his dog sound like a chicken?

  • Why didn't you put an arrowed sign that says 2506 -> On your door

  • Fun fact: this is the 19,000th comment.

  • lmao

  • 6:28 found it don’t report me pls

  • 7:54 is that mineta 💀💀

  • Why can't people accept the fact that dogs aren't cute and little angles to some ;-; *Literally every dog barks at me and looks like a serial killer.* They are angles in pictures, not in real life U-U

  • Face

  • I saw minetas fave domics

  • I have to say it why did y’all not just put the number of your door ON your door to avoid all confusion and bother???

  • Same No really I have a prostitute neighbour

  • Aquarium Ha aortic

  • i love your videos they are awesome love from india!!!!!

  • Your neighbor is a........fricken wat

  • *Nala sounds like a chicken-* W h y

  • 5:36 honestly dom, he was probably just freaked out that you knew about his piano lessons lmao

  • Mineta you perv

  • My cousin was moving into a her apartment and was still have trouble getting used to it so she did the helicopter thing in the elevator some actually whispered hope you had fun and I heard it this because it was a loud whisper and I said unpacking isn’t that fun

  • 3:54 Is that a dog or a chicken?

  • Can you make a part 3

  • dat mineta face do

  • Domics should've put a number plate infront of his exact house door

  • Why your dog sounds like chicken?!

  • Why did not put a sign on your door


  • So... the music that was playing at 4am from the first part, was a cover-up. If you still don’t get it, stay innocent.

  • Frosty Posty

  • 3:55 Is nala a chicken?

  • Lowkey nobody talks about how good the intro music is 🔥

  • Honesty if I were dom I would put like a sign or something next to the door with arrows pointing to the rooms so the “clients” would know where to go, but I can understand how “messing with them” can be fun.

  • I came to the same conclusion before u told

  • me spamming 1 on my keyboard

  • you don't have hard evidence, you should try it.

  • WHo WOULD bE ScarED OF nalA! shes ADORABLE

  • *Domics* "It's a shame I've could have had nice piano lesson's" *Me*gross🤢

    • badly structured. here’s what you meant: Domics: it’s a shame, I could’ve had nice piano lessons Me: *gross*

  • Y’all had too much fun😂


  • I whis thear was a nala card in yoigyo

  • You should’ve just put a sign that said “THIS IS NOT 2506”

  • part 3 pls ( u dont have to tho)

  • Is that a dog or a duck ?

  • After this video, I decided to start piano lessons

  • all the facial expressions in this i cant

  • cool vid im a big fan

  • "Is it safe" Do a chill dude

  • subscribe to the outdoor gamer

  • Is it just me or 7:54 is a mineta face

  • before i step into my coffin i would like to thank crunchy roll for even making this posible!

  • If someone get in to my house without permision i will call po-po

  • The guy who was scared of nala,ever heard of a muslim

    • What does that have to do with anything am a Muslim and have a dog, btw you cant touch a dog before you eat, and pray

  • 3:55 Is that a chicken?

  • HELP!!!! Somone is sitting on me! Edit: Maybe he has a bad past with dogs? Idk😅

  • don't say aw man

  • The dog is a chicken

  • put up a poster on your door saying "proud employee at NSA"! oooooooooooooooooooooooh!! terrifying sweats!

  • Anyone else think that when dom barked it sounded like a chicken

  • Wouldn't you eventually hear sex noise as a neighbor?

  • Mineta face at 7:50

  • is it just me or nala barks like a chicken?

  • My hero academia reference 7:47 Only true fans will get it

  • 8:06 woah dom chill!

  • 5:45 - 5:57 i think that guy might have cynophobia the 5th most common fears in the world I think.

  • My dog is called nala too . But she is a york Shire terier

  • Dom:says dog was barking Dom doing dog voice: chicken noise x2

  • Bro what im so confused. how can it be legal to sell something but illegal to buy it,im flabberghasted.

  • 2:05 hooker grabbing her customer with a hook😏😏, GENIUS

  • These were wilder times, I'm not used to curse words anymore

  • Why does your dog sound like a chicken

  • 7:55 Mineta?

  • 7:54 lmao Mineta 😂

  • U should have picked a sheet of paper and write : " this is not 2506, f*ck you" (little joke here) and stick it to your door.

  • What he should have done is putting a piece of Paper saying this isn’t 2506

  • Just yell somthing relly rude and kick them out with no exsplnations

  • a sign on your door wouldve solved the wandering johns issue. i mean theyre dumb, but at least a sign wouldve kept you from dealing with it :p

  • OMG your minta face tho 😂😂

  • His nala impression sounds like a chicken

  • i just thought of a little rhyme or something. anyway here it is. "i dont know how all these papers work, OH WAIT I FUCKING DO, CAUSE IM A FUCKING PROSTITUTE AND I'MA FUCK YOU!" (btw im not saying hes a prostitute.)

  • Sex workers are fine don't blame the neighbor blame the illiterate clients

  • What if Dom said Yes?Hmm....What would happen?

  • Domics was that a chicken noise or Idk

  • 7:54 mineta face lol

  • I like the yugioh reference. XD

  • 5:31-5:35 very funny fucking joke dude.

  • This Year, Doms Gonna Be 30.

  • 7:54 nice BNHA refference🤣(if that's what u were aiming for)

  • Nala be sounding like a chicken

  • ok

  • Bro if someone cam into my apartment like this I would have beat the actual S#%@ out of them

  • Person: walks in Dom: YOU PICKED THE WRONG HOUSE FOOL!!