Childhood Memories

Publicerades den 31 mar 2019
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  • True , Filipinos just don't care about pain

  • When iwas in new born ipeed on my mom and the nurse who was teacing her about dealing with babies and ipeed on 5pepole in the car when iwas 1 so my fogoten history is peeing on pepole

  • this was on my bday

  • My mother is half thailand half japanese and my father is half american half russian

  • Dom's life should just be a anime

  • Actually, we do call them trailers. But portables refers to a building like trailer for office work.


  • In Japan they have something like a tabo Except it’s built into the toilet and there’s a bunch other buttons

  • This is the idea of dreams manhunt

  • Perfect timing you saw a cockroach and then moved half way across the word

  • Tis but a scratch

  • Ik how this feels it happened to me at school the part where someone walked in on you in bathroom

  • Everything we will find de can find on SEnewss as well

  • No use for nord VPN because

  • Tetanus

  • 7:19 Zubadeholish

  • 5:40 Me, an italian with a bidet in the bathroom: Pff, pathetic

  • I do not understand why Americans hate black......if u r not criticizing them then just let me know ....btw cool video

  • I'm indonesian and we use a mix of the 'tabo' method and the indian method of wiping with your left hand

  • 7:19 got me really good

  • We in India also use tabo instead of toilet paper and the vessel looks a bit different and we call it a lota.


  • I live in the Philippines but in mindanao and we wash are buts with water but after that we wash it with soap to

  • 6 million people interesting

  • 7:19 *"HOLY SHI-"*

  • 5:16 I would've been like "that wasnt for you, sorry..." *I'm not satan I swear*

  • Domics: It was- ad: *hEY fl0rIdA*

  • Also Muslims don’t depend on toilet paper , so we wash our b*tts with water.

  • This is how many times nordVPN will sponsor him | | |

  • In Indonesia "Tabo" is called "gayung"

  • lol your birthday is one day after mine

  • Man hunt is basically todays infection

  • here in italy we use the bidet too in a way similar to the tabo but it is separeted from the toilet

  • lol as a filipino we use tap .-. or spray thing

  • In my country the tubo is called gayung

  • As I am Cambodia (Southeast Asia) I also use my hand to clean my butt after done pooping.

  • Bruh who doesn't use water to clean there backside


  • 6:49 That face lol

  • 2:40 Biggest anime fight of all time

  • You wipe your ass with your hands🤢

  • mr. sandal 👡

  • same

  • Dude what was that just coming out of the toilet?!

  • hollyyyy shiiiiiiii

  • Me a filipino and the boiess when im the only guy left that didnt get tag be like 10 VS 1

  • My name is Dominic too

  • 3:29 If you remove the basket ball, then he’s flipping off all the kids

  • are u in canada now

  • Man hunt , Family tag that’s we call it at are school

  • Me an Indian hear the tabo thing -yes someone other yes

  • what are these parentheses in the captions ( )

  • i laughed so hard at this scene 7:06

  • We called it hunter hunter

  • me a black fillipino watching this oh.

  • Omg the “ bede” omg that right there ooohh that scary

  • Two portables part #narutomoment

  • "This is a bidet! HOLY SHI-"

  • toilet paper more like tissues for sipon

  • In America we call the man hunt game infection

  • I remember playing man hunt and a friend was running to hide, a girl bent down to grab something and he ran towards her not noticing her, he fell down face first on pavement and went to the hospital, that was 6th grade, i asked him on 9th grade if anything serious happened, he said he doesn't remember anything after falling

  • he's a Filipino..?! oh wowww

  • 5:55 is the perfect number and the funiest 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I also do it water not paper we also it with 8 years with tabo now water just and it not groos

  • 7:18 italian laugh noises

  • You call it "tabo".. i call it "centong"

  • 4:00 friend:Ben why didn't you passed to me Mark:dom got the shoot Me:whaaaaa!!!

  • Happy very late April foolz

  • Me too, I also wear that thing when I want to wipe my ass,but in Indonesia it's called "Gayung"

  • Hmm, lemme see: Poptropica Club penguin Moshi monsters

  • Im a fillopino too

  • All what i remember from my childhood is...i don't remember anything lol

  • 3:30 is he flicking us the birdie? o.o

  • 5:29 I use the bidet (I'm Italian)

  • so he’s 29?

  • I can really tell you're mostly canadian with the way u said "tabo" but i mostly dont care.

  • imagine watching this after October 2020

  • I remember when I was 6, me and my family went on a short vacation at Singapore... while I was taking a poo, the cleaner/maid/whatevs was cleaning our room, then she accidentally opened the door and caught me took a poo... and damn, that time always haunt me lmao

  • We arabes only use "tabo" we dont use toilet paper

  • We also use the tabo but we call it cebok

  • Do you still know to speak tagalog?

  • Tabo and sabon HAHAHA

  • so are you a filipino???

  • we also had a classsmate named stephanie she was well also pretty but the problem was her teeth she was weird

  • Me when I was old enough to use the toilet I would never use a taboo and I'm filipino dang

  • why does sweet corn taste like corn and smell like corn

  • i wnt to america from grade 2

  • I WOULD HAVE TOLD BRIGITTE THAT IT WASN'T 4 HER, I WOULD HAVE SAID "dude, the song wasn't 4 u, not even a bit 4 u, NOT EVEN A SPECK OF IT WAS 4 U, I AIN'T LIKE YOU AT ALL, NEVER 4 AS LONG AS I LIVE!!!!!!!" that's what I would say.

  • I also used a tabo, and when i was a child,i also depended on my parents to clean me up... such weird memories

  • These words are what Dom said for poop Deliver package Poop Drop mail Load

  • fun fact: I have no Idea how to use a tabo because I'm so used to a bidet

  • the manhunt has also a Pinoy Version of it.. Called "Bente-Uno" Spanish term for 21.. the mechanics is to have 21 participants , 1 is the hunter. The game will reset until all was caught by the hunter team, and the first one caught in last game will be the hunter on next game. and the Tabo Chronicles was awesome shit hahaha!

  • 3:15 I once hid a big rip in my pants that was huge all day during school it went from the top all the way to my shoe and I'm still wondering how I did it

  • You made me laugh

  • This was posted on April fools... ... so was it a joke?

  • those faces!!😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • his voice is going from girly to broly dbs refernce

  • 3:44 racism bad😐

  • 4:25 i just realized that u took the yell from dbs broly movie xd

  • I’m in childhood