Sober Convos 4: Crushes and The Perfect Relationship

Publicerades den 26 mar 2020
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  • This feels like podcast

  • Drunk convos drunk convos!

  • I like bnha

  • Domics: Makes a vid and gets a sponsor. The Sponsor: *AUDIBLE EVERY TIME BABY*

  • Is it a crush if you like them for like 5 years?

  • I'm aromantic asexual which means I don't find anyone attractive but eh I just want some background sounds while I draw lmao

  • Everyone is just saying, "Oh, I just confessed to my crush now we are dating" and I am of my friends told my crush I liked him, I didn't believe he told him, and then he came over and told me he new, and I said, "SO WHAT" and he legit backed away. Yep. I can check "scare my crush away" off my bucket list

  • *I pray whoever reads this becomes successful*

  • This comment is sponsored by raid shadow legends

  • I fucking need 1hr of this on a daily basis, srsly best stuff to vibe in this fucking literal apocalypse

  • I had a crush on this girl in the 7th Grade. I actually told some people that I liked her but also to keep it a secret until the end of the year I said that they could tell her which they did and I got rejected. I still had a small crush on her in the 8th Grade. Currently, I'm in the 9th Grade and I don't like her, or anyone yet.

  • He said: "Or if your playing animal Crossing." Me: "UMMM HOW DID YOU KNOW?!? "

  • I’d want the love of my life

  • racers understand winners are not always first, but generally did well, or enjoyed it

  • Somehow, I missed this one

  • Mmm mmmhmmm

  • i liked someone in 1st grade. Now im in 5th grade and we're dating...

  • I like jdm sports cars

  • Jokes on Domics, I'll just becomes a bad gamming streamer so I'll win in my own way

  • Crush is a BRIEF infacuation me liking the same guy for 8 years now (more than half of my life) : okay nobody cares about this

  • there's only one perfect word for that..... simp

  • The introverts

  • I thought Dom was the shortest one in every group.


  • i might have do the samething what dom said (:

  • Me crushing on ppl through zoom

  • Alright tell me this Would you rather have a mediocre relationship with someone you hate and does things which are down right dangerous or Have the girl you like have great relationship but bad things happen simultaneously

    • Some thing like webtoon "my deepest secret"

  • I want the love of my life to greet me

  • Its funny how their trying so hard to get the guy to change his mind about choosing the perfect relationship

  • Everyone: clicking this video literally because our savior has blessed us with another 9 minutes of entertainment Me: clicking this video to get advice on how to talk to my middle school crush

    • Ye I am.

  • What would happen though if he takes losing at everything. But then someone else intentionally loses instead? Would he just magically like suck even worse that time to compensate or what?

  • Imma send this to my friend to pressurise him to try and approach his crush

  • Why have audiobooks when this is much more interesting?

  • Lyrics: You really think I’m gonna waist my time?

  • POV: ur watching this to understand wut ur thinking cuz ur single af and have a crush 👁👄👁✌🏼

  • still waiting on the podcast it would be sick

  • I wonder if they are actually sober

  • Pls make a podcast

  • Im the green guy lol

  • Is anyone else gonna talk about how the 2 top comments have 6.9K likes

  • Ask the person who has been single the longest. Coach doesn’t play the game

  • Nice intro kind of sounds like a P**nhub intro

  • Dont support jordan Peterson, come on.

  • I’m getting the feeling that Dom just wants Kresh to stay single because he wants to be in a relationship with him (Especially if you look at some of the previous hypotheticals 🤣)

  • I like bnha

  • when you start developing crushes on all the dudes in this video 😳😳

  • Shout out to Jordon Peterson

  • I,m a weeb kinda and my favorite anime is indeed my hero academia so how dare you say bnha is overated 0:37

  • 3:03

  • bnha is overrated? WTF

  • Everything's chill till you realize the girl I like has eaten bull testicles

  • Sober convos 69: kreshes and the perfect racecar

  • i'm sorry BNHA is not overrated it is AWESOME

  • It’s one of those genius

  • You need to ask the single friend, like the one who have been in single for some years and fall for the wrong person, for relationship advice!!!

  • My hero isn’t overrated

  • Kreeshs perfect relationship partner looks like Dead by daylights Susie from the legion and I love it

  • 0:35 never related more

  • 7:47 How did you know!?

  • Of all the books you could’ve recommended you chose the book about cleaning your room written by that transphobic psychiatrist that thinks he’s being cutting edge for supporting conservatism.

  • Ik I sound like some random twelve year old bnha fan, but bnha is NOT overrated

  • Why are most of your videos sponsored by audible

  • Jomm is underrated

  • I’m latterly thinking that dom and Audible are partnered for life

  • LOVE is a chemichal create by brain

  • I confessed to my crush She rejected me But I'm still alive so it in fact doesn't kill you :D

    • It kills your soul and cracks a piece of your heart

  • I accidentally subed now cant unsub

  • This really makes me sad

  • When we lowkey waiting for Break Ups Part 5

  • 0:38 FACTS! Rewatching this again.

  • Wait can someone explain why you shouldn’t depend on someone else for your happiness as opposed to hobbies?

    • Because then if you break up it’ll like ruin your life

  • Jom: "And then they said one thing that vibes with me well..." Me: You think BNHA is overrated D:

    • I was like,, "my crush is from BNHA I didn't come here to be roasted..."

  • I'd lose everything if I could have a love of my life that loves cars too ya kno

  • BNHA is overrated.... *cough* I agree *cough*

  • The way this is filmed reminds me of theRixky Gervais animation with Karl Pilkington

  • i got rejected 7 times. by all my gal friends.

  • 5:54 I know he said enjoyment, but it sounded like "a German". I can find a German in other things!

  • Found the wrong video after I was talking to some girl and she was hella and I mean hellllllaaa leading me on so I was like alright it’s go time and she says “oh I’m talking to someone”bu but but but you was leading me on I thought this shit was going somewhere

  • Dom LITERALLY bullied Kressh into changing his answer XD

  • Perfect relationship and lose every race or win every race but a bad relationship Hmm Idk I want both

  • Shouldn’t Audible just be a channel sponcer?

  • 2:30 CHECKMATE!

  • Me after watching this vid Ugh.. i need a girlfriend The perfect one

  • 7:10 that clip reminds me of Naruto

  • I confessed She left me on read._.

  • Being alone isnt a problem for me.

  • .

  • "unattainable" all my crushes have been my friends :0

  • 3:21- 3:32 wtf is with this anime style animation it’s good in a weird way

  • Kreesh’s challenge just sounds like the song lucky in love to me.

  • I think I need to spread a message *SPONSERSHIPS DON'T MAKE ANY CHANNELS ANY WORSE*

  • Me who never liked doing races and probably won’t do one, I see this as and absolute win

  • In 2020 When someone has a crush on a girl Everyone: thou shall be A SIMP

  • Dom, ur like 30 and you’re lonely, it’s sad

  • Girl: BNHA is overrated Me: unsubscribe, dislike, start binging MHA

  • Bro I asked my crush out today she said yes

  • Btw you can download audible books for free so it’s perfect for times you have no internet.

  • Stop giving me hope

  • when they talked about uh the two "guys" saying witch one should you date with me: wait you guys gay wtf.....

  • Wait if you're first at everything. Wouldn't you be first at- being- in a- relationship-?