New Shoes

Publicerades den 3 nov 2015
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  • LOL so true

  • "Keep a 2 or three meter radius" THE MAN HAS PREDICTED THE FUTURE!

  • Homestly i dont care if my shoes got dirty i pick which shoes to where for a goal which i mostly where flip flops because its quicker to put on.

  • What did I just watch!

  • Bróga nua

  • Me being the huge dork i am is going to point out the sonic shoes

  • WOW

  • 0:27 quarantine be like.

  • Tradition in my school was all nice new looking shoes must be stepped on. Some people got punched lol.

  • 0:34 PREDICTED 2020

  • we could just get new shoes and it will demand 2-3 feet social distancing for us. Shoes will steer corona-

  • Now I finally understand this video.

  • Social distancing predicted

  • 2020 anyone?

  • 0:27

  • Am I the only one that dosnt care about shoes

  • He predicted social distancing

  • 0:27 everyone in quarantine be like

  • Confirms coronavirus

  • 0:28 2020 be like

  • 2:55 social distancing

  • Right when I get a pair of new 11s some a** has to step on em and somehow creases the patent leather horribly :(

  • I knew when he said '2-3 metre radius around me' that the comments were there.

  • Sneakerheads be like:

  • was that a pun at the end?

  • I heard “2-3 meter distance “ and instantly knew what the comment section would be filled with.

  • " LEGacy " Get it ? Cause LEGacy? I'll see myself out;-;

  • is this the voice of steven universe?

  • Nice to see this in 2020

  • Those shoes talking were so creepy 😂😂

  • should've put a disclaimer telling me this was a horror movie

  • I lowkey dont care about shoes i never buy the expensive ones because im going trough puberty right now so i always buy one of 60$ ,75,50

  • It's amazing

  • my- my leg I see

  • Ha, leg-acy

  • everyone should just buy new shoes, that should help with the pandemic in ways the govt. never could

  • 0:28 2020 be like

  • 2:40 who else got the joke? My LEG-acy (shoes and legs go together ;))

  • 1:36 best horror movie could be made out of that scene

  • Evereybody in coronavirus right now: 0:28

  • コロナ

  • SoCal distances before 2020

  • 2020 be like 0:29

  • Bro what the heck this was so depressing

  • lol my shoes got a scar before i even wore them

  • Watching this as a filipino student my classmates will INTENTIONALLY step on my new shoes

  • Nah its differnt kind of pain when someone steps on your white air forces...

  • My classmates: "Are those new shoes?" Me: "Yeah, I bought them with my 6 months saving" My classmates: *You have violated the law (steps on my shoes)*

  • 0:30 how did he predict this, 2020 life!!

  • covid 19 be like : 0:28

  • See you next time the algorithm gods bring us back together in a few years

  • 0:31 2020 be like

  • The same with a new phone

  • me on birthday in school: *gives treats to ppl* my bff: New shoes ? me: ye Him:* stamps it*

  • 4 Yeats later. This man predicted covid 19 with the 2 to 3 meyers away🙀😱

  • JOJO'S REFERENCE?!?!?!? 0:54

  • 0:08 wait are those sonic's shose on left or not

  • 0:26

  • This is the guy who invented the virus so that no one would step on his kicks.

  • 0:33 yep gotta keep that in mind right now

  • 1:42 paranoia in a nutshell

  • 0:34 thats covid in a nutshell

  • 0:39 *🎶no ones gonna harm you, not while I'm around. No ones gonna hurt you, no ones gonna dare. 🎶*

  • 0:31 ME: 2020 vietnam flasbacks

  • 0:56 so u have chosen death

  • I love how the dude went If yOu DoNt CAtcH tHiS I CAN keEP YoUR Dog

  • Buy new shoes, wear them for the next 2 yrs, repeat.

    • As a skater it’s buy new shoes, wear them for 2 to 3 months, repeat

  • 0:29 social distancing be like in 2020

  • 0:27 everyone going outside in 2020:

  • Screw those blue shoes give me the sonic the hedgehog shoes pls

  • 0:31 I mean, yeah.

  • 0:35 me during quarantine

  • COVID with new shoes

  • 0:29 Guy: Wo wo wo, you’re getting a little to close there COVID: I just want to say, I’m a big fan

  • “2-3 metre radius around me”

  • 0:30 coronavirus

  • "2 to 3 metere radius bub thank you" Hmm I wonder what that reminds me of

  • This video is underrated lol

  • 0:30 Perfect for this day and age

  • I used to have a friend who acted like that with shoes.

  • Man this guy has got about social distancing

  • He invented social distancing

  • 0:28 quarentine be like

  • I love how accurate this is

  • people with airforces

  • 2:41 Heh my LEG-acy

  • Is no one gonna talk about the sonic shoes at the beginning? 😂😂

  • Their just shoes just wear a jetpack 😜

  • Finds out 5 years later you actually have to stand 1.5 meaters away

  • 0:28 2015 what a jerk 2020: he is a hero

  • 2 to 3 meter radius around me please! *dom you predicted the future*

  • Do people literaly make such a big deal about SHOES?

  • 0:28 social distening in 2020 belike


  • Why is this so true though

    • A like form a stranger that was unexpected

  • he knew 0:45

  • Me:buys shoes Two weeks later:oh yea I bought them as well!

  • i refuse to believe this was 5 years ago

  • 0:33 this is how social distancing is born

  • thank god i only get shoes if my one shoe was destroyed (and its one shoe I ONLY GET ONE SHOE)